Nike SHJ055 Extra Large Speaker Neckband Headphone - Black

General Information

Nike SHJ055 Sport Duro headphones, by Philips, are perfect for active people who don’t like the intrusiveness of in-ear headphones. These headphones are designed with earhooks to stabilize earshells speakers keeping them snug to your ear – even during the most rigorous workout. Swiveling earshells can be adjusted to fit comfortably. Earshells have 30mm speaker drivers – delivering deep bass and big sound performance. Headphones have lightweight neckband with rear cable exit keeping cord away from moving arms and hands. Cord measures 1.2m (close to 4 feet) in length, giving you the flexibility to wear your audio device where it fits comfortably. Designed with neodymium magnet to enhance bass performance and sensitivity creating sound perfection.


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