Musical Fidelity EB-50

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Singe Balance Armature IEM from Musial Fidelity,the ruler flate frequency response

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Pros: Flat
Cons: very tip dependant for bass and isolation
Hi, I've recently got my EB-50, and straight out of the box, I had to adjust my ears to the flat sound signature. the sound is clinical and dry but very true. Coming from the luscious RE-262 (difficult to drive, mid-centric but with extremely great soundstage), the EB-50 were extremely fast and I loved the soundstage that as a out-of-the-head feeling that almost seems not coming from the earphones. Really! Kind of like having over the ear phones. I tried various tips to get the best isolation and also to get a good bass (the right amount of treble too!). I've collected a batch of eartips over time and got some ajays one that are very comfortable and deliver the bass I want. (but I will continue to experiment) I love various kind of music: electronic (minimal techno), rock, indie and classical and these earphones are crazy on imaging the sound with everything. They almost shake (physically) when they reach for lower bass! Impressive. But when the track as thin bass, the earphones won't create more bass. So it is like it is.
All my music is coming from my iphone jack and 320 mp3 to get the best sound and portability possible.
A thing I'm getting used to is that they are pretty long almost coming out of your ears, but with the ear-loops: no problems. They are very easy to drive and I'm adjusting the right amount of volume alot with different albums.
So, I've tried the sm3 (450$CAN) that as a almost flat sound but kind of forgiving with the trebles. The 262 (150$CAN), very complicated because they are hard to drive and very tips dependent. And the use of an amp kind of suck for mobility.

So now, here they are. The EB-50 (230$CAN), my final earphones. With the ruler flat sound (wich was the selling point for me), I cannot complain about these. Just complain about how music is produced! And how rewarding it is to listen to great produced tracks with these. No more searching for custom-costly-colored or complexe earphones. Enjoy!
Update: these are nos good with the DX-50 even on iphone 5s, it feels like a black and white picture almost monoral sound. No dynamics. On my Macbook it feels more alive. Too pricey for what they can do.


2 ¹/² stars?!? Rubbish cr×p
These are superb even or especially from a humble source like a 'smart' phone. Totally neutral and natural, an in ear HD600