Monster Jamz Headphones with ControlTalk

General Information

The best sounding in-ear headphones for the money. We're talking clarity. Punch. Deep deep bass. Crystal Clear Highs. You'll hear stuff you never heard before. Unlike inexpensive plastic buds, Jamz are made of near indestructible solid metal that doesn't resonate, so all you hear is the music, with no artificial resonances that take away from the sound. Plus, the built-in ControlTalk gives you on-cable iPhone and iPod control and clear iPhone/music phone hands-free calling.

Latest reviews

Pros: Cheap to find and offer "good" sound
Cons: Takes a bit to fit in my ears at time
I've had these for a while.  I got them for the mic for my phone.  Before these I used the Lil Jamz, which are the same thing without the mic.  Pricewise they are cheap to find now. Design is nice to me.  Isolation is pretty good, but comfort is a hit or miss for me.  Took me a while to find the right fitting with the supplied pieces.  
My music source is mainly from my minidisc players or my Iphone.  These don't have the bass as the Turbine version, that I also use.  But I can't complain as I won't cry about replacing a set if they break for whatever reason.  I use the Denon player app on my iphone for the the nice EQ that it provides.  The Jamz sound good with the EQ setting that I use.  But they do sound better with an amp attached to the iphone.  The bass gets more intense, but don't go as deep as the Turbines.  
Amps that I use:
IBasso D7
Topping TP32


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