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Mifo F2 Bluetooth Headset

  1. Viber
    A very good overall package at this price point
    Written by Viber
    Published Feb 11, 2018
    Pros - Long battery life.

    Good build quality for the price.

    Soft padding on the headband as well as soft ear cushions.

    Sound quality would please most consumers.

    When used in wired mode the sound gets a bit better\different according to the source.

    Stable blutooth connection.

    Controls and Mic on the headphones allow you to answer\reject calls\talk etc as well as control volume and track backwards\forward.
    Cons - Clamp factor.

    Unnecessary sound bump around 100hz-200hz. Can be fixed with EQ.

    Can get a bit congested in very busy and loud sections.

    Earpads are glued to the cups.

    No carrying pouch included.
    Full disclosure: I got these earphones as a review unit from Gearbest.com.

    Specific product page*: https://www.gearbest.com/earbud-headphones/pp_772910.html?lkid=10690141
    *This link was not generated by me nor do i see any profit from you clicking on it.

    Now on to the review:


    mifo box.jpg

    The F2 comes in a nice colorful box with soft black foam protecting the headphones from the inside.

    Inside the box you can find the headphones themselves, A micro-usb charging cable, 1.2 meters long 3.5mm jack audio cable (with 3pole mic support) and a manual in English.



    These headphones are definitely characterized by a V-shaped sound signature. You can identify right away that the bass is the dominant force, then you notice the warm treble and the mids are not too far behind in the hierarchy. I would say that the presence of the Mids will depend on the song itself and whether or not there's a meaty Kick\Bass drum to take away from it's glory.

    The bass was a bit too dominant out of the box, but after a few hours of burn in I feel as if the sound is more well-rounded now.

    The overall sound is on the dark side for sure, sounds in the mid to treble area are more smooth than detailed.

    I found the sound quality to be surprisingly good though for a sub 50$ Bluetooth set, they sound similar to Beats Studio Gen1 but with better mids If my memory doesn't betray me.

    Definitely a pleasant sound to enjoy while you're out of the house and those who know how to design their EQ would get a bit more out of them.

    While using the 3.5mm wire to connect the F2 to my DAC\AMP, I noticed the sound changes in a few aspects:

    -The sound is less bass-centric.

    -The sound is brighter.

    -Overall quality is up by a bit, maybe 10% better. Biggest improvement is in the lower Midrange region and a lesser improvement is also noticeable in the treble department.

    So the F2 can sound a bit different according to the source it's connected to.


    Big\fun bass, especially for dance music. Sometimes it bleeds into the lower Mids as I find there's a weird bump in the 100hz-200hz region which needs a small EQ cut in my opinion.
    Grade: 4.5/5

    Enjoyable midrange, I find it to be too recessed in some songs, but hooking it up to a good source or EQing down the bass will bring out a bit more of it.

    The midrange on the F2 is definitely more smooth than detailed, but at this price point you can't get much better. I'm satisfied overall.
    Grade: 4.6/5

    I give this region a grade of 4/5 when in Bluetooth and a 4.5/5 when connected with a wire to a decent source.
    When in BT mode, The F2 could use a bit more Treble presence and overall 'body' in my opinion. EQing the Bass down does help the treble shine a bit more.
    Grade: 4.2-4.5/5

    The clamping force was noticeable at first, but it seems that the headband got some flex to it and the F2 become more comfortable as you get use to them on your head.

    The pads are soft. Their shape is round and their size fit somewhere between on-ears and over-ears, they are somewhere in the middle.


    Isolation and sound Leak:

    The F2 isolates well when music is playing, it did a good job in blocking out city noise.

    The F2 does leak some sound, I listen in high volumes and people next to me told me that the leak was at a volume of someone talking quietly.


    The box says play time of *up* to 50 hours as the F2 use a massive 1050mAh battery and indeed the play time feels very long.

    Because of technical reasons I can't measure a continuous play time of over 10 hours, but I did use these for over a week and got more than 16 hours of play time on it and the battery is still alive.


    I can get about 20 steps away from my device before the sound is cutting on and off.



    The Mifo F2 offers a very nice overall package of headphones which sound good and isolate well for the price. They feature a long lasting battery, nice build quality and soft cushioning on the headband and earpads.

    The sound is not 'perfect', but it's enjoyable when you don't have to over-analyze it for a review. The sound quality is more than I expected for this price.

    A solid product overall and one which would have been impossible to find under 50$ just a few year ago.

    Final Grade: 4.5/5

    mifo box2.jpg
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