Logitech Ultimate Ears 600 Noise-Isolating Earphones - Dark Silver

General Information

Ultimate ears 600 noise-isolating earphones produce extended high-frequency response and a fuller soundstage, so you feel as though you are experiencing the quality, energy and emotion of a live performance.

Latest reviews

Pros: everything , my fav under $100 .
Cons: lacks stress relivers at both ends .
should have added a cable clip , fitting is awesome , sound quality is just what i like , bass is fast , hits with a punch , really nice mids , highs are lively too . thick and dark signature , my fav sig . secoend in command of my line up , might let the xba-3 creep in between , but xba-3 lacks sound stage , come on xba-3 , being a $200 phone you can not lack sound stage . but xba sounds fine with comply t-200 foam tips .


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