Lawton Audio lite LA2000

General Information

There’s nothing “light-weight” about our new LA2000– except the price! The ideal solution for the headphone fanatic who wants to get all the benefits of our LA2000 headphone, without spending a fortune on the cable, yet still desires an upgraded wire.

The LA2000 “Lite” gives you all the advantages of our basic “markl Mod” (chassis damping and ear pad enhancement), along with our superior custom wood cups that improve tone and enhance soundstage size and depth, plus the excellent D7000 stock cable. The D2000 stock cable is frankly quite poor and should be replaced if you have a mid-fi or better system. The D5000/D7000 stock cable, on the other hand, is well-known to be of outstanding quality (for a stock cable). These stock Denon cables are in high demand from DIY-ers who wish to install them on other headphones. We used to sell them to this market, but we now reserve them exclusively for customers who are ordering our mods and cups as well.

The D7000 stock cable features reference grade 7N OFC (7 Nines – 99.99999% Oxygen Free Copper). It has a relatively warm, and solid sound, very clean and quick with a nice treble sparkle, essential for these phones, which it complements very well indeed.

Latest reviews

Pros: Good bass, detailed bright sound, easy to drive, very comfortable. Also amazing aesthetically.
Cons: Screws inside can get loose, somewhat recessed mids, costly
Until I upgraded to D7000's (which I plan to modify), the LA2000 Lite's were my favourite pair of headphones. They are excellent for people listening to "light" music, but they can get very versatile too.

The detail is awesome, the soundstage is great, the comfort is excellent, the look is amazing. :D


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