1. jawang

    FS: like new LA2000 with J$ pads, Australian Sheok cups

    PENDING SALE - will update if sale falls through...       2/28 - PRICE REDUCED AGAIN   edit: Price reduced.  All modifications were done by lawton audio, I will include their certificate of authenticity     Selling a LA2000 lite with Jmoney earpads and australian sheok cups  ...
  2. fallingreason

    WTB: LA2000 Lite

    Must have certificate from Lawton.  Please have pics =)
  3. nlaudio

    Lawton LA2000 Jena Labs Cable

    This is a Lawton-Audio modified Denon D2000 headphone. The "markl mods" and custom wood cups were done by Lawton. I added my own 5' cable, using Jena Labs' cryo-treated wire, the same as Lawton. The cable is different than Lawton's, however, it is not braided, it is a simple straight pair...
  4. wavoman

    Balanced Lawton Audio LA2000s (Denon D2000s loaded -- see pix in thread)

    The real deal -- genuine Lawton LA2000s with the works -- fantastic wood cups, 10 foot Jena cable, dual Furutech XLRs, markl mod.  Denon D2000s never had it this good.
  5. blur510

    LA2000 Minty East Indian Rosewood Luthier Balanced

    ASelling my beloved LA2000 with east indian rosewood cups. The cups are the new luthier wood cups from Lawton Audio. I has a piano finish.  It is beautiful and it sounds amazing.  It also have jena labs cable terminated with balanced neutrik.  I have an adapter I can throw in. price is $old...
  6. customNuts

    Denon LA2000 Balanced OCC copper with SE Oyiade adapter SOLD

    I have decided to sell my beloved denons and upgrade to the LA7000.   I bought these about 1 year ago off Lee from Cryoparts as they were his personal pair. I just spent a fair bit of money last week on a brand new Balanced (XLR silver pin neutrick 4 pin) recable of Vampire wire OCC copper...
  7. Msulit87

    SOLD: Lawton Audio LA-2000s (Formerly AH-D5000)

    Hello all,   Up for sale are my LA-2000s that I purchased roughly two and a half years ago.  These are in excellent condition and are very well cared for.  They sound just as good as the day I bought them.  The wood on the custom cups is Australian Sheoak, and is regularly cleaned and...
  8. nlaudio

    LA2000 Lawton Modified Denon AH-D2000 with Jena Labs Cable

    For sale: Lawton-modified Denon AH-D2000 headphones. These include the "markl mods," custom cups in Red Cedar (known for a rich, liquid presentation), and a Jena Labs cable that is NOT done by Lawton, but rather a DIY job done by myself. The cable is 5' Jena Labs wire (the cryo-treated wire...
  9. nlaudio

    Lawton LA2000 modified Denon D2000 headphones

    This is a pair of Lawton Audio-modified Denon D2000 headphones, known as the "LA2000." They have the "markl mods," custom Lawton wood cups, and a D7000 cable. The cups are red cedar, known for a "juicy, liquid" sound. Price includes shipping and paypal in US48. Reviews of the headphones can be...
  10. thehadi

    Denon LA2000 or markl modded Denon D5000?

    Hello all head-fiers,   I am going to buy used Denon but i can't decide btw LA2000 or modded D5000?   I will use it with iBasso D4 portable amp. Most my listenings are jazz and classical music.   So whats the best option for me?      
  11. thehadi

    Denon D7000 or LA2000

    Hello,   I am looking for in good condition Denon D7000 or Lawton Audio's LA2000.   Anyone who wants to sell, don't hesitate contacting with me :)   Cheers   Edit: Closed
  12. PXSS

    Portable amp/dac for LA-2000 lite

    Hello fellow head-fiers! I started building my setup about a year ago and I think it's time to start making some upgrades. Throughout the past year I spent just under $1000 in audio equipment and would like to keep a similar budget for this year's spendings.   My current setup consists of...
  13. Tyson

    Modded LA2000 vs. Denon D5000 Review

    I've finally got my new LA2000 with Jarrah wood cups fully burned in and figured it was a good time to do a review. I've also got the D5000s (stock) in house, which I'll be doing comparisons with. Here are some pics showing them side by side: Rest of the system is in my sig...
  14. Poetik

    WTS: Denon LA2000 (Beautiful Silky Oak Cups, MarkL Modded, J$ v2 Pads)

    With sorrow and regret, I am putting my LA2000's for sale.  I have owned many Denons in the past and these are one of the most beautiful pair I've owned so far.  As everyone knows, the Denon line was discontinued so there will be fewer and fewer of these for sale in the coming future.    The...
  15. Poetik

    IC: LA2000 (Modified Denon D2000)

    Just looking for offers at the moment.  I just ended up buying a Merlin and a TWag cable so my funds are a bit low.   It includes:   -Lawton Audio Australian Sheoak Cups -Lawton Audio Dampening -J$ v2 pads (Much better quality than the v3) -D7000 Cable. -Lawton Audio Certificate...
  16. munchzilla

    IC/FT: Audio Technica ATH-AD900 for D2000/D5000/LA2000, Canada - SOLD

    Hi, as title says - I'm checking to see if there's any interest in these AD900 I just got. (mostly just to try them out - think I want something closed and warmer instead)   They are in good condition, except for one small thing which the previous seller forgot to mention: a small dent in...
  17. jsohn

    Denon LA2000 lite w/ African Shedua Cups *Price Drop*

    These are the LA2000 Lite with African Shedua Cups. They are recabled with the denon d7000 stock cable.    I would say these are on par with the stock d7000 imho except when it comes to detail. Way better than the d5000 and d600. D600 is way to sterile coming from these. These bring the fun...
  18. suikodenii

    LA2000 Lawton Audio Bubinga Cups + Jena (Germany/EU but shipping internationally) Sold

    Hi, I am selling my LA 2000 w/ Bubinga Cups. They are the complete mod performed by Lawton Audio, including a 5.5ft Jena cable & Furutech plug. They are the most beautiful headphones I have ever seen or owned. None of the pictures actually do them justice. They are in perfect condition...
  19. project86

    Lawton LA2000 Lite (modified Denon D2000) with J$ pads

    I picked these up as a slightly more fun, bassy counterpart to my Lawton LA7000. Now I'm thinning the collection to go Stax. These have Jarrah wood cups, J-Money pads, stock D7000 cable terminated with Switchcraft 1/8" jack. Done by Mark Lawton himself though I can't find the COA. A few very...
  20. sk3383

    FS: Lawton Audio LA2000 Lite / Denon AH-D2000 *MINT CONDITION*

    Hi everyone,   After much consideration and anguish, I have decided to take a huge loss and part with my absolutely mint condition Denon AH-D2000 Headphones. I am the original owner. I have all receipts and warranty information. I primarly use my stereo system at home, and my desktop...
  21. floydfan33

    My Lawton Audio LA7000's arrived today!

    Just starting to listen, but so far very impressed. Will post some observations here once I get through the Pink Floyd Discovery Set and the DSOTM Immersion edition!      
  22. struts

    Lawton Audio LA2000 impressions

    Just received my LA2000s, had them about 72 hours now and had to share my initial impressions with you all. In short, these are quite simply the best cans I have ever heard. For me at least they make discussions of Sennheiser-versus-AKG completely moot. I ordered them unheard based on a...
  23. Ironx

    Custom AH-2000s $400 or less tube amp match

    Hey everyone,   Long time lurker, first time poster. Just started investing some money into upgrading my Dennon AH-2000s, and want to pair them up with a nice amp to round out the upgrades.   I have been doing some research, but haven't found anything that is really sticking out to me...
  24. ohhgourami

    What does you partner think about audiophilia?

    Not sure if there is a thread exactly like this yet, but we seem to be having fun with the "non-audiophile reactions" thread so why not have other about what our significant others/partners/mates think about our beloved hobby.     I will start off. My girlfriend doesn't mind me spending so...
  25. ratbag87

    I'm not exactly sure how to get started with an audiophile setup...

    I don't really know what components I need to buy to get the most out of headphones. As of now, I have Sony MDR-V6's plugged into a 3.5mm jack on my speakers plugged into my computer's 3.5mm audio jack. I know many of you are probably cringing right now, as I don't have fancy headphone amps or...