Koss PRODJ100

  1. SanjiWatsuki
    A Solid Budget Performer
    Written by SanjiWatsuki
    Published Dec 5, 2011
    Pros - Good sound, forward and clear mids, controlled bass.
    Cons - Requires a good seal for bass, coiled cable, mediocre sub-bass
    Like tdockweiler, I'm a fan of forward mids and these definitely bring it. They are excellent for vocals in general, not just for male vocals. They're relatively neutral sounding with a tight, controlled bass that doesn't extend too low. They're far from being "extreme bass" DJ headphones and I wouldn't suggest them to someone who is a fan of real bass heavy electronic music -- I hardly noticed the subbass on these headphones, even when equalizing it up. It is present, but not thumping like I would want for that type of music. One issue I noticed was that if you didn't take the time to get a proper seal, it completely ruined the bass. The DJ 100s were very dependent on being placed correctly on the head to get any bass impact at all.
    I loved the build quality on them -- they were comfortably portable and felt very rugged. Most of the design was very sturdy with the housing being metal. The pads, stock, were very shallow and uncomfortable for people with large ears, but were fine for someone like me. I could listen to them for hours without pain, but they were not particularly comfortable. 
    As for needing an amp, they're fine from a computer audio source, but require amping when coming from a portable source. A Fiio E5 or Fiio E6 is sufficient. 
    Retrospective:  I take back the amp aspect. It really doesn't make much of a difference if you can hit a high enough volume.
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    1. I<3SQ
      This is very good news as I mostly use my cans when listening to music on my PC (listening to new albums to determine what songs I want to keep) and I just recently bought a Fiio E6 to go with my iPod Touch 3g...I never imagined that dinky little amp could or would push my Equation Audio RP-22x cans as hard as it did, to say I was blown away would be an understatement. I just hope it makes these Koss Pro DJ-100's sound as good since I just had to replace my EA's due to my nephew breaking them a few minutes ago. I went ahead and bought a pair of ATH M50 ear pads as well on many suggestions/recommendations, I hope this setup is as good as my previous.
      I<3SQ, Jul 25, 2012
  2. tdockweiler
    Best vocals of anything under $300 i've tried
    Written by tdockweiler
    Published Oct 14, 2010
    Pros - Crystal clear vocals, neutral, lightweight, cheap, LOTS of detail, amazing Imaging, good soundstage, forward mids
    Cons - Slightly rolled off highs, lack of bass to some, needs amp, coiled cable, requires burn-in
    I've tried about two dozen pairs of headphones and I'm always looking for the absolute best pair for vocals. I also want forward sounding mids, but not too bad. My preference is also for highs that are not harsh or fatiguing. Being somewhat rolled off is ok. I find the SRH-840 is what I like in this area.
    The best thing about this headphone is the quality of vocals. It just sounds amazing with both male and female vocals. This headphone is absolutely perfect for Jpop, Cantopop, Imogen Heap and Radiohead. The strange thing about this headphone is that the sound feels like an IEM. You feel like you're right there.
    The highs are somewhat rolled off, but not as badly as the HD-600, but slightly worse then the k240 (55om) and SRH-840. This and the overall sound signature makes them a VERY non fatiguing headphone in every way.
    Overall, this is a very neutral souding headphone. The only exception is that the mids are slightly forward, but not too badly. About the same as the Grado SR-80 or a tad more.
    Here's the strange thing. Koss labels them as having "extreme" bass. They sound like they have a lot more bass out of the box, but after burn-in it gets reduced. I don't find these to be bass light or anywhere near that. The bass is VERY well controlled and perhaps people mistake them for being bass light because of this. It has just slightly less bass then my burned in k240 on an amp. Don't buy these if you like a ton of bass. Overall I find they have about the same amount of bass as the SRH-840 or maybe slightly less.
    Second best thing about these is how natural and accurate everything sounds. Basically, everything sounds pretty similar to what they sound like on my HD-600. These are extremely picky about the source quality. They're VERY revealing of lower bit-rate and poorly mastered CDs. With my HD-600 I feel they can make anything sound good.
    Soundstage is very good for a closed headphone, but not great. What really impressed me is the imaging of these headphones. I basically feel as if I can pinpoint every single tiny thing. Even more impressive then my HD-600. I think it has to do with the closed design, but i'm not sure. My k240 has fairly poor imaging and that's semi-open. Instrument separation is also very good.
    The problem with these headphones is that they NEED an amp. I use them with my E5 and Nuforce mobile and they don't sound as good. Despite the low ohm rating I don't suggest them without a GOOD portable amp. I use them with my Total Airhead and they sound great! With a good amp they also have a bit more bass, but not much.
    Another negative is that my first pair broke due to my own fault. I bought another and they sounded bad out of the box. The mids were very recessed and they just sounded wrong. The mids are nowhere near being recessed normally. I burned them in and after the 1st night they sounded better, but not quite. On the 3rd night they were perfect and just like my last pair. My first pair didn't seem to need burn-in to sound good.
    I also found out these work with the Pearstone Velour pads. They need to be stretched out though and they look a bit goofy, but not too bad. They're now extremely comfortable. Out of the box I gave the comfort a 7.5/10, but now it's a 9.5/10! Luckily they don't degrade the sound quality.
    Another nice thing about these is that they're extremely small. I think they're only 6.5oz without the cable. The build quality is also excellent. The cups are 50% metal along with the internal band and one other part.
    Two other headphones sound very similar in some ways. These sound almost like the Maxell DHP-II, but those are far less neutral and have more bass and mid-bass. The vocals and mids on the DJ100 are far better. The build quality on the DHP-II is also not good. I'm almost positive they share the same drivers or something close. For anyone that cares, Koss has told me that they drivers on the DJ100 are titanium. They're 40mm when I checked my pair.
    The Koss Pro3aat also sounds similar, but has way too much bass for me and too much clamping force.
    These headphones are not for everyone. If you focus on vocal quality and good mids, get these. If you want sparkly and very bright highs or massive amounts of bass, look elsewhere. If you love any kind of Jpop or Cantopop, these are an absolute 100% must have. I would also skip these for rap, classical or metal. Classical isn't bad on them. My k240 are far better for classical.
    My 2nd favorite is the k240 Studio. Those are better for more genres, but the vocals are not as forward and clear. The overall level of detail is also just not as forward. For me, the DJ100's level of detail is a step down from the DT-880 and AD700, but not by much. The mids are like my Grado SR-80 in some ways but without the fatiguing highs (un-modded). The DJ100 has far more bass though, but less mid-bass.
    So, as you couldn't tell, this is my favorite headphone i've ever owned!
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    1. SilentxStatik24
      Great review! I just got my TB's. I can't wait to review those.
      SilentxStatik24, Apr 28, 2012
  3. PacManLives
    DJ 100
    Written by PacManLives
    Published Aug 8, 2010
    Pros - Great Price, Decent sound, Lifetime Warranty
    Cons - High Mids, needs just a little more base
    I have about 12 hours into this set of phones and I am impressed they do just about everything well not great. I have used them on my PS3 playing BFBC2 and I can hear things I have never heard before. I am able to locate where bullets are coming from and when someone is coming up the stairs. They are not the best for gaming but they will do the trick if you are on a  budget and want something well balanced in all areas. I have tried Rock, Metal, and Rap and the DJ100 seem to take them all really well. I have watched a few Blu-Rays though them too and they seem to do a good job wish there was just a little more bass in them for the explosions and when tanks drive by same when I was playing BFBC2
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