Klipsch Image S4i Premium Noise-Isolating Headset with 3-Button Apple Control

General Information

The Image S4i employs a moving coil micro-speaker with controlled damping for smooth, full-bodied sound that’s similar to a more expensive design. A dual neodymium magnet motor structure, in each of the 8.5 mm drivers, establishes the S4i’s damping characteristics. The Image S4i works seamlessly with the iPhone 3GS, third generation iPod shuffle, second generation iPod touch, fourth generation iPod nano and the iPod classic 120GB. The headset features Apple’s advanced three-button microphone and remote system that easily handles the voice and/or music control of Apple products. The Image S4i works with the iPod Classic, 4th-generation iPod nanos, 3rd-generation iPod shuffles, 2nd-generation iPod touch, and the iPhone 3Gs. Furthermore, the S4i remote is among the first to be fully compatible with the Apple VoiceOver feature on the third generation iPod shuffle, which allows you to hear the name of the playlist, song or artist with just the press of a button.

Latest reviews

Pros: Great lows and mids and great value
Cons: Bass is ok, short term wear
I got these about 7 months ago and I use them to listen at work.  I have a very borring job and these really help to brighten my day.  The mids and highs are gorgeous.  The bass is good too but I would not reccommend them to a person who oppsesses about bass.  The ear bud tips are klipsch signature but I would say they need improvement because I have to take them out of my ears often.  They are amazing for the price and I loved them while they lasted.  I had to replace them because of issues I think I caused myself.  I did not use the microphone much and when I did it just felt like I was yelling at someone.  The buttons I would always forget that they were on it which is my fault and not klipsch.  I could never exercise with them because of the noise created by the dangling wire.  I still loved them though.
Pros: Price, bass, ipod controlls
Cons: cannot be worn for long periods of time, missing treble
These were the last in-ear headphones I bought before I decided that I just can use them without feeling like my head is in a vice. That being said, these were the most comfortable vice-like in-ears that I found. Klipsch always prices their products very well and these were no exception, the sound quality for a pair of sub $100 headphones is superb. They were very good at isolating sound as is the way of most in-ear headphones since they're pretty much ear plugs. They were more bass heavy than I would have liked when compared to their tweeter response. The ipod controls were very convenient and always worked for me; I don't recall ever using the microphone. Overall, I would recommend these to someone who won't take them jogging and for whatever reason doesn't want a pair of over ear or on ear headphones. 
Pros: SQ and apple control
Cons: Buds will require careful cleaning
Wonderful headset for quick and painless on-the-go everyday tasks with iphone!


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