Klipsch Image S4i Premium Noise-Isolating Headset with 3-Button Apple Control

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  1. foolsgold1986
    "Great Value"
    Pros - Great lows and mids and great value
    Cons - Bass is ok, short term wear
    I got these about 7 months ago and I use them to listen at work.  I have a very borring job and these really help to brighten my day.  The mids and highs are gorgeous.  The bass is good too but I would not reccommend them to a person who oppsesses about bass.  The ear bud tips are klipsch signature but I would say they need improvement because I have to take them out of my ears often.  They are amazing for the price and I loved them while they lasted.  I had to replace them because of issues I think I caused myself.  I did not use the microphone much and when I did it just felt like I was yelling at someone.  The buttons I would always forget that they were on it which is my fault and not klipsch.  I could never exercise with them because of the noise created by the dangling wire.  I still loved them though.
  2. pmangan35
    "Great Value"
    Pros - Price, bass, ipod controlls
    Cons - cannot be worn for long periods of time, missing treble
    These were the last in-ear headphones I bought before I decided that I just can use them without feeling like my head is in a vice. That being said, these were the most comfortable vice-like in-ears that I found. Klipsch always prices their products very well and these were no exception, the sound quality for a pair of sub $100 headphones is superb. They were very good at isolating sound as is the way of most in-ear headphones since they're pretty much ear plugs. They were more bass heavy than I would have liked when compared to their tweeter response. The ipod controls were very convenient and always worked for me; I don't recall ever using the microphone. Overall, I would recommend these to someone who won't take them jogging and for whatever reason doesn't want a pair of over ear or on ear headphones. 
  3. brunk
    Pros - SQ and apple control
    Cons - Buds will require careful cleaning
    Wonderful headset for quick and painless on-the-go everyday tasks with iphone!
  4. Ajax
    "Klipsch S4i"
    Pros - Great Sound Reasonable Pricing
    Cons - Break. Ship Broken.
    Let me just start of by saying these headphones are great (for the price). They fit well which is rare for my odd ears and really have excellent noise isolation. Again for the price range.
    My one complaint is quality. These are not something for a commuter or jogger etc. These will break if you don't hold them in silk case carried by a man who can't move. The first one I got shipped broken. Left ear did not work at all and the microphone button didn't work. Second time around they were great used them for around a year. I noticed a crack on the mic button and as time progressed it grew larger. Eventually my mic stopped working. I rarely used it since it sucks but it was a shame none the less. Eventually the audio jack couldn't stand the bending and I had to carefully position it to ensure I COULD HEAR. At this point I was disappoint. Eventually the cable started to tear and then with the wires exposed I couldn't stand it. TAPED EM UP. They lasted around two more months and then they died. Great headphones terrible plastic build quality. Maybe if you live in a box or  play COD all day these are your headphones. Good listening. (I didn't really mention audio quality because read someone else's review for that).
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  5. sneaglebob
    "Could be better"
    Pros - Above average bass response, price is just right, great isolation, lightweight, overal clarity
    Cons - The treble may sound fuzzy, to me it did, cheap carrying case,
    *Note I did not purchase the one with the microphone
    Right after I got my Beats Studio stolen, I decided to get a temporary pair of headphones while I get better ones and these seem to be great for that. They come in a tin carrying case (somewhat cheap) and come with medium, large and medium double flanged tips.
    The highs are very prominent in them, however they do sound fuzzy, but this should not be a problem to most as it can be adjusted
    These are also very clear, no bad comments for them
    The bass response on these headphones are punchy, but not booming. The bass is also very clear but they do distort at high volumes.
    overall, these are good earbuds for the price. sorry for the noob review, I am just a kid
  6. Sycho
    "God-like sound quality for $100"
    Pros - Great sound quality, fit in ears
    Cons - Durability, bass
    For $100, I am completely satisfied with the earbud's comfort and fit in my ears (guarantee one of the three sizes will fit), the sound quality (compared to so many headphones at the $200 range, including Beats by Dr. Dre at ~$300), and the controls (now I use the Galaxy S2, only the middle button works).
    Unfortunately, after 8 months or so, my first one broke due to it breaking between the plastic wires and the jack (wished it would be shaped like an L, making it more durable). Humid, static, and cold weather will also mess up the volume and playback control. The bass is also pretty weak (it's not invisible however).
  7. jakev0z
    "Klipsch Image s4is"
    Pros - Sound Quality, bass in particular, in line iphone controls
    Cons - can be a little uncomfortable after a long time (2+ hrs)
    I really like these earbuds. they are a huge step up from the crappy skullcandys that I bought a few years ago. They are a little bass heavy, but that doesn't bother me. I love the in line controls, they come in really useful. I didn't rate the mic, though, because I don't use it. They work great for me and I think anyone would enjoy listening to them.