Kenwood CD423M 200-Disc CD Changer

General Information

The CD-423M offers some truly useful features. You can enter disc titles (up to 25 characters each) for easy identification of loaded CDs. Digital Filter circuit removes unwanted digital artifacts from the signal while it is still in the digital domain, allowing the use of gentler-sloped, better-sounding analog filters. Digital to Analog Converter that converts digital data into an analog music signal. Noise Shaping digital circuitry shifts digital noise (created in the D/A conversion process) beyond the threshold of human hearing, reducing distortion and improving dynamic range.Precision Digital Timing (DPAC) is a high-precision master clock circuit that is isolated from signal-processing circuits to eliminate interference. This ensures that digital information is processed at exactly the same rate as it was recorded, eliminating jitter (time-based errors that make music sound harsh). A jog dial makes it simple to locate the disc you want to play from the unit's front panel. Or you can or just sit back and enjoy direct disc and track access by using the remote. Eight User Files let every member of the household store his or her favorite CDs for playback at a moment's notice. Best of all, an optical digital output lets you make direct digital recordings to MiniDisc or CD recorders.


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