JVC HARX700 High-Grade Full-Size Headphone

General Information

Full-size headphones with deep bass sound reproduction with 50mm neodymium driver unit and ring port structure. Pressure dispersion mesh head pad for comfortable long listening.

Latest reviews

Pros: rugged, decent adjustable headband, flat but airy sound
these where my first over-ear headphones and i liked them alot they are very flat but sounded good and had decent comfort the cable was WAY to long, but was a decent cable that was hard to break. kinda wish i could have amped these since they was 48ohm 
Pros: Good Soundstage, Deep and Visceral Bass Reproduction Without Shadowing Mids&Vocals, Durable.
Cons: Needs Solid Amplifier/DAC , tend to be bright in some genres
  1. Deep bass sound reproduction with 50mm Neodymium driver unit and ring port structure.Neodymium proves its exellence in low budget. Nothing to argue about.
  2. Ring port structure provides high-quality dynamic sound- it is really highly dynamic even with usb sound card-amplifier. Asus Xonar u3 and Fiio E17 very satisfied. May compete with above 500 cans with high end amp/Dac.
  3. Wide head pad for optimum comfort- sometimes it can be hot after 2 hours in summers.I have small ears.generally very comfortable but a bit heavy.
Performance: With amplifier, it ''really'' shines, it responds every tweak you make with eq settings. The soundstage is neutral just slight emphasize to basses, vocals are nearly crystal clear has space between frequencies., mids and trebs are all balanced and at bright side. Mids are warm and  has smooth texture with good timbre. It has much more potential than stated. In amplifier's exiter modes, lows are easily predictable and support bass reproduction viscerally.With even low budget DAC like Asus (also it is  p/q monster) and Fiio E17 cans gain considerable resolution and very wide sounstage (expecially force it to exciter modes above 64 Ohm or give gain +12 db if u want) 
+Funky heads like me will definitely love it.Listening Jazz, Soul, Blues,R&B and Acid Jazz is a huge joy. Cans show outstanding performance with all kinds of music but they are best at deep-low bass ones with front mids. It provides balanced- easy listening.without fatigue.(I do not like to pass sound level above %60 I like it around % 40 ) You can customize Your listening with your Amp/Dac's potential. Driving them needs juice.
- Trebs are not that crisp&bright as Grados. Personally not like Grados harsh trebs response. JVC's are all OK.
- Cans can be hot but not that much apart from summer. They are not comfortable as Sennheiser HD 518 (Which has similar performance with dark colored soundstage.)
 Price/Quality ratio is oustanding. Can not be easily matched.(even if you have budget)


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