JVC HAFX34A Marshmallow Headphones

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Soft Marshmallow Headphone

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Pros: Hardly any microphonics, cheap
Cons: Sound is a bit tinny, uncomfortable with stock tips, fatiguing
These headphones are cheap bargain bin headphones. They're nothing spectacular but they're cheap enough to not care if they break making them a good workout IEM. They actually feel quite durable all things considered. Isolation is decent, it was actually pretty good with Comply T400 tips, which I recommend to improve comfort. Hardly any microphonics were heard either.
The sound is what's to be expected for IEMs that can be found as low as $5. Boomy bass, shrill thin highs and thin mids. I did find them to be fatiguing after a while so they're not good for long work out sessions. 
Overall they're cheap headphones. Don't pay more than $10 and don't expect much out of them.


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