"Stream Woofer" by Kelton-method reproduces rich and real deep bass sound with carbon diaphragm...

JVC HA-FXZ100 In-Ear Headphone

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  • "Stream Woofer" by Kelton-method reproduces rich and real deep bass sound with carbon diaphragm unit and the stream duct.

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  1. thelostMIDrange
    "Alot of technology here"
    Pros - valient attempt at something
    Cons - sound, fit
    These must have been designed with some singular purpose in mind. They did not sound right to me in terms of balance, dynamics and detail. Very bass heavy. A lot of technology but ergonomics and fit suffer imo. I like the attempt and the price of these and recommend for those who like to investigate the extremes of bass heavy sound. They might be just what you're looking for, Give 'em a try,
  2. Techno Kid
    "Not bad for a 3 dynamic driver IEM"
    Pros - SQ, sub-bass is amazing, detailed mids and highs, spacious soundstage
    Cons - size and the fit is a bit strange at first
    Not going into much detail because I've only heard from someone for a little while.
    Bass and especially the sub-bass is outstanding I mean you can really feel the bass from the Kelton sub woofer.
    Mids are clear and detailed and can be forward sounding at time as well, they're much better than the FXT90's mids imo.
    Highs are smooth yet crisp and detailed also which gives the FXZ100 and balanced signature over all.
    Presentation is very good with a spacious soundstage that's very wide and good imaging and separation as well.
    I'll change the review and make it more in depth in a few weeks after I've had more time with the pair I'm getting but first impressions are very good.

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