100+ Head-Fier
Gets a lot of things right
Pros: * Well sized, and not too heavy
* Comfortable pads and headband
* Great bass boost implementation (even though it's not really my thing ... it's still fun!)
* Good hearing test based equalizer implementation (via smartphone app)
* USB C charging, great battery life
* Pretty much all of the features that I'd want in an over-the-ear on-the-go headphone, without any silly stuff
Cons: * Consumer-focused; not an audiophile product
* Controls are a bit complex and confusing for the ambient pass through vis-a-vis the noise canceling
* Built-in mic unsurprisingly struggles to pick up my voice consistently and with an adequate volume
* An effective ear warmer
* Brilliantly designed giant left ear button is useless for me
I didn't expect much, other than a decent Bluetooth headphone implementation from a brand (JBL) that usually doesn't suck. But I have to admit to really liking these headphones far more than I expected to. If I were designing a pair of consumer Bluetooth over-the-ear headphones with a few gimmicks like bass boost and noise cancelling with ambient sound pass-through, and a handy optional wired connection, I would have been quite proud to have come up with this product.

The only issue with the comfort is the heat that is naturally trapped by the well-done passive noise seal around the soft (protein?) but sufficiently foam-filled ear pads. I can wear these for hours, with the only downside being hot ears.

The sound is fun. These are no audiophile headphones; these are just fun toys for some mix of music and zoom calls (and blocking out the world).

I wouldn't normally write a review for a product like this, but since no one else has written a review here for these, I thought that it couldn't hurt, just in case you're considering this model. I've been using them for months, and they've been all over the country with me, and I have zero regrets purchasing these. They aren't going to replace anything in my collection, but they are handy for sitting on the porch (like I am now) blocking out my wife's YouTube watching; for doing a zoom call on the road; or for watching a video without anyone else around me being bothered by the sound. And for pop / R&B / rap music, they're pretty much the sound signature that the music is designed for (which is either a compliment or an insult, depending on your point of view).