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  1. MoonAudio

    Wired vs. Wireless Headphones: How to Choose | Moon Audio

    Wired vs. Wireless Headphones: How to Choose | Moon Audio
  2. MoonAudio

    The Truth About Wired vs. Bluetooth Audio Connections | Drew's Audiophile Tech Tips

    The Truth About Wired vs. Bluetooth Audio Connections | Drew's Audiophile Tech Tips
  3. E

    Dali io-6 vs Wired Closed Back Headphones for Classical Music

    Hi Guys! I was wondering if wired headphones like SRH940 ,AKG K550 ,DT660 with $100-$200 dac would sound much better than the wireless $500 Dali io-6 . If so, what closed back headphones and dac would you recommend for classical music in similar price range? I'm a music student so detail is...
  4. echoleaf

    Need recs for relatively flat phones under $100

    I started dabbling with making beats again. I don’t have any studio monitors, nor do I plan on getting a pair anytime soon. I need some recs for a solid pair of headphones for under $100. I’m not making music for anyone but myself, so they don’t need to be the most accurate phones ever. But I...
  5. corpuschain

    Wired noise-cancelling over ear and TEXTURE!

    Hey folks, I currently have a set of Lindy NC 60 noise cancelling, wired headphones, as shown in the image. While the sound quality and noise cancelling are reasonably good, I am unsatisfied with the texture of them. They have a silicon coating, and I dislike this for two reasons: (1) to me, it...
  6. JBL CLUB 950NC

    JBL CLUB 950NC

    The JBL Club 950NC is a consumer-focused over-the-ear headphones from JBL. Incorporates a Bluetooth 5 implementation (including a built-in mic), rechargeable battery with 30 hours play time, noise cancelling, optional ambient noise pass-through, optional wired connection, optional bass boost...
  7. N

    wireless In ear or over ear help and recommendations

    Could you guys help me? I’ve been doing some research and I can’t make my mind up on what to get, or if I’m making the rite decision in the first place. I’m looking for some new wireless headphones, I would prefer in ear, but would get over ear if needed. I would like them to be able to play hi...
  8. A

    Recommendation for Portable, Travel, Wired Headphones

    Hello I am somewhat at a loss trying to find a quality pair of travel headphones. Something that I would use for travelling (with a mobile) and something easy to use with a mobile for listening to podcasts, music while around the home. I prefer wired, collapsible and a carrying case would be a...
  9. OVC, World's First Vacuum Tube Headphone

    OVC, World's First Vacuum Tube Headphone

    Incredible Sounds Tube headphone sounds better is because of the euphonic distortions they added to the music. It acoustically optimized to produce the smoothest, most extended frequency response for an immersive listening experience. Built-in Vacuum Tube * Tube miniaturization: Each...
  10. Ladytron604

    BEST Wired Closed Ear Headphones for Electronic Music Genre

    Hello all, I am a newbie looking for expert advice on what are the best closed ear headphones under $300 to buy for the R3 Portable HiFi Music Player Bluetooth MP3 Player High Resolution Audio Player. Right now my setup: FLAC files on my Hi-Fi Walker using Beats Studio 3 Wireless Closed...
  11. toofee

    Wired and wireless headphones, which is for you?

    To me, I am using wireless headphones more and more often, especially when I work out. It's convenient and can avoid the hassles of dealing with cords. And the sound is not bad for me, after all I use mobile phone to listen to music mostly. So what's your lifestyle? Do you use wired or wireless...