bass boost
  1. jb2unique

    Sony ULT Wear (WH-ULT900N)

    Sony Introduces ULT POWER SOUND®, A New Series of Speakers and of course Headphones bringing Massive Bass and the Ultimate Vibe ULT WEAR – Boost the bass. Feel the music. With exceptional bass and improved noise canceling, the new ULT WEAR headphones let listeners bring their favorite...
  2. Y

    Bass boost eartips for OG Zetian iem

    The pervious owner lost the stock one (aka the clone of Acoustune AET08) so I got the KBear 08 which is supposed to be the same thing but I was not satisfied. I found the bass not strong enough for me and the overall sound a bit shouty. I found the Moondrop Spring tips having the same issue but...
  3. MainScentAuthor

    Can you damage your headphones with bass boost trough EQ when plugged directly into a motherboard?

    So I accidentally ran my new HD 560S with an insane sub-bass boost in EqualizerAPO for about 2 days. My headphones are plugged in directly into my old gigabyte motherboard, no amp whoever volume is not a problem normally my Windows volume is somewhere between 10% and 20%. I didn't know much...
  4. Zennheiser

    Looking for the best and most powerful portable amp that is analog input capable BUT includes a Bass Boost switch

    The header pretty much sums up my question. I also have have older portable players (various formats) that have analog only outputs. I've ordered the NX7 on approval, but in general, I prefer to listen at lower levels with a more traditional "loudness curve" bias for the lowest four or so (if...
  5. bassheadnewbie

    Bass Booster Portable DAC/Amp Under $200

    A few days ago, I had sold my hipdac v1. And maybe now I'm looking for a replacement for hipdac v1, is there any suggestion? Since I am a basshead, the port 4.4mm and extra bass feature is very useful for me. Thanks
  6. HiFiGuy94

    Best warm and bassy IEMs under $1000? Bonus if it has good vocals.

    So i'm looking for an IEM with good warmth and bass under $1000. Im currently considering the Kinera Nanna 2. Please let me know wether this would be a good choice for me or not and feel free to recommend better IEMs for what i'm looking for. Thanks.
  7. podnosimyszafe

    Did the Harman Curve research involved shape of a bass and treble regions?

    I have already seen numerous videos about the research conducted by Harman that concluded in coming up with famous Harman Curve. Regarding methodology, I only recall something like "participants had two sliders to increase/decrease bass and treble". This makes me think, that while the results of...
  8. 05.vishal

    Helm DB12 Portable AAAMP

    Guys, I just got hold of Helm DB12 AAAMP, a small device that adds more power to your source. The main purpose of buying this one was to enable my trusty Sony Discman, to drive a few of my power-hungry IEMs. This can be used with any source that has a 3.5mm audio jack. I tried it with my...
  9. JBL CLUB 950NC

    JBL CLUB 950NC

    The JBL Club 950NC is a consumer-focused over-the-ear headphones from JBL. Incorporates a Bluetooth 5 implementation (including a built-in mic), rechargeable battery with 30 hours play time, noise cancelling, optional ambient noise pass-through, optional wired connection, optional bass boost...
  10. Sma0815

    DAC buying advice

    Hello headfiers, I'm looking to upgrade my DAC. Currently I'm using my ifi idsd micro signature, but I'm looking to an upgrade (around 1000€). I already searched a lot, but maybe you have some good advice. Preference: warmer sounding and specially good (sub) bass, I like the xbass function on...
  11. mas2pek

    Bass Boost Sound Colouration [DAC vs AMP]

    Hi there, I have a rather simple question regarding sound colouration pertaining to the Bass Boost feature found on IFI Zen Dac and IFI Zen Can. Im currently running a Topping E30 Dac + L30 Amp combo and whilst I enjoyed the sound transparency, its does leave me craving for some extra deep bass...
  12. Takstar GM200

    Takstar GM200

    A bass-heavy version of the famous Takstar Pro 82, providing great bass response all the way down to 20Hz. The bass is very close to Fostex TH900 MK2 in both quality and quantity. Perfect comfort for long listening and gaming sessions. Features: • Ø40mm NdFeB driver unit features high...
  13. Random Lunatic

    Replicating the ALO Audio bass boost - advice needed

    Hey there, I've owned an ALO Rx Mk3b for 7 years now probably (Since release), and it was the trusty companion of my ipod classic for most of that time, until I got tired of such a big brick of gear in my pocket, and got an Astell & Kern AK240... However, ever since then, I've listened less and...
  14. BounceHouse420

    Is there any software I can buy that will improve my listening experience?

    Software that provides features like bass boost, virtual surround, sound equalization, bass management, and possibly others. My audio setup is a desktop with a Sound Blaster Rx/5 sound card which is hooked up to an amplifier and a 5.1 speaker system (I am also saving up for headphones my...
  15. DonChuy

    Headstage Arrow 6TX, long wait...

    Anybody knows anything about when the 6TX will ship? I placed my order back in November 2016 and hasn't ship yet. We used to get updates on the headstage website under the headstage club but now the link is not working. I don't have a good feeling about this long wait and just hope that I...
  16. Basshead Paul

    Why is it considered bad for sound quality to add more bass (with bass boost or equalizer) to accurate, neutral headphones such as AKG K7xx?

    I own a few sets of headphones and one of them is AKG K7xx. They're great headphones for a lot of reasons, but bass is their weakest characteristic. I've seen other audiophiles with similar issues, and I'm wondering why people don't just add more bass with an equalizer or bass boost function...
  17. R

    Headphones without enhancement and boosting features

    Good morning, I'm trying to find headphones that will last a long time and requires an external equalizer play with the sound quality. How do I know which brands have enhancement chips in them so I can avoid them at all costs? I'm trying to get these kind of headphones to listen to binaural...
  18. R

    Headphones without enhancement und enhancement

    Good morning, I'm trying to find headphones that will last a long time and requires an external equalizer play with the sound quality. How do I know which brands have enhancement chips in them so I can avoid them at all costs? I'm trying to get these kind of headphones to listen to binaural...
  19. Takstar Pro 82

    Takstar Pro 82

    Takstar Pro 82 Review, impressions and discussion thread Features: • Ø40mm new NdFeB driver features high sensitivity, wide response range and large dynamic • Adopts high polymer coating diaphragm, pure bass, penetrating mids and exquisite highs • Soft and comfortable headband and ear pads...