Jade Audio EA1

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  • [Flagship-grade beryllium-plated diaphragm driver]With JadeAudio's typical flagship-grade headphone technology, the EA1 headphone dynamic driver is made of high-end beryllium, known for being light, thin yet extremely rigid. It brings you a sense of movement and power, shaping majestic sound performances. That means 4 times more rigid than steel, three fourth lighter than titanium,and sound velocity up to 12KM/s.Extraordinary configuration just perfectly matches with you.
  • [Two-way magnetic circuit design,powerful driven capacity]The EA1 earphone dynamic driver is designed with an N50 two-way magnetic circuit having a 55% magnetic flux promotion and nearly 1 Tesla of magnetic field intensity compared with the traditional single magnetic circuit. The double magnetic flux activates forceful driven capacities that enable energetic, robust bass performances and even full and delightful transient responses.
  • [Patented balanced pressure relief technology,for long-time wearing]The beryllium diaphragm coupled with the two-way magnetic circuit design allows improved bass acoustic pressure and deeper bass explosion. Plus FiiO patented balanced pressure relief technology, the pressure is able to stay in a balanced state after precise counting and adjusting.You can comfortably enjoy hi-res music for a long time with no burdens.
  • [Gold-plated retaining ring, stable vocalization unit]The EA1 earbuds is meticulously designed with a gold-plated aluminium alloy retaining ring and sound tube for each unit, beautifying the EA1 and simultaneously providing way stable cavity for the audible unit, achieving incredible sound quality. The loose and atmospheric bass, clearly transparent mids and high-resolution treble, are specially tuned with relatively balanced distributions.
  • [Higher-standard upgraded accessory,4-stranded high-purity monocrystalline copper cable]Included with the EA1 is the cable made of braided Litz wires, 24 cores per strand, 4 strands in a total of 96 cores. Each Litz wire is insulated from each other, ensuring better audio transmission performance under the naturally-occurring yet .

Latest reviews

Jade Audio EA1 ❤️🔥🔊
Pros: Be coated dd driver for 29.99$ !!!
Kills any dd in its price range
Cons: None for cost
JadeAudio(FiiO) EA1 Review

Awesome detailed bass and low end

Clean detailed mids

Clean detailed extended treble

Dynamic fun energetic iems

Not harsh or shouty

No holes or gaps or off sounding

Great accessories for the money

Only $29.99!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow

These rock

Great fit and shell

Nice silver plated cable

Responds to EQ well

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