HT OMEGA Claro Halo

General Information

CLARO halo designed to deliver the best audio quality for owners of headphones including high impedance headphones. It uses a built-in high fidelity headphone amplifier IC to carry out this performance. CLARO Halo also delivers incredible audio to your existing receiver/amplifier through high class RCA connectors. Transform your PC into a powerful and high quality audio system which outclasses any other onboard sound card.

* Headphone output with TPA6120 AMP IC
* High Quality RCA connectors for Front output
* Swappable OPAMP for Front Output

(1) Sound Processor

* C-Media CMI8788/PCI-8Ch PCI chipset
(8ch Audio Chipset with Dolby Digital Live real-time Content Encoder and dts CONNECT technology enabled PCI audio chipset)
* Full-duplex ultra high 2ch 24-bit/192DAC (AK4396)
* 24-bit/192kHz Stereo ADC (AK5385)

(2) Interface

* Proven circuit design for Enhanced Microphone input
* High Quality RCA connectors for front output (2ch)
* Stereo Headphone output connector.
* Onboard Optical output (up to 5.1ch)
* Onboard optical input
* Front Panel Audio with fully automated muting feature.
* MPU401 (with optional cable)


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