Overview Rock out in comfort and style with these House of Marley Legend ANC EM-DH013-MI...

House of Marley - LEGEND ANC

  • Overview

    Rock out in comfort and style with these House of Marley Legend ANC EM-DH013-MI headphones, which feature soft leather ear cushions and FSC-certified wood material. Active noise-canceling technology helps immerse you in your music.

    Key Features

    Over-the-ear design with soft leather ear cushions for comfort during extended listening sessions

    40mm dynamic moving coil drivers deliver powerful audio

    Neodymium magnets provide sound reinforcement

    Active noise-cancelling technology helps immerse you in your music by blocking out ambient sound

    USB Cable for charging

    Detachable, tangle-free braided cable with 3.5mm connector ensures durability and hassle-free storage

    In-line microphone and 3-button controller let you easily make and receive hands-free phone calls

    FSC-certified wood for environmental friendliness and a stylish appearance

    Collapsible design enables compact transport and storage

    20Hz - 20kHz frequency response for faithful sound reproduction

Recent Reviews

  1. White Lotus
    Uncomfortable, far too much bass, noise cancelling isn't great.
    Written by White Lotus
    Published Jan 26, 2015
    Pros - Nice aesthetics, cheap for an ANC, plenty of bass
    Cons - too heavy, sweaty, strong clamp, expensive for what it is, ANC feature doesn't work very well
    I'm a production manager, but focus mostly on sound engineering. I install and tune a lot of P.A equipment, and also mix live acts in :

    - live venues,
    - concert halls,
    - bars, and
    - nightclubs.

    I've taken a huge liking to headphones, and IEM's in particular. I like the idea of having my own personal PA system, that I can take with me anywhere. Especially with Rockbox being in such advanced stages, and such great low-impedance portable amps coming out, you can really seem to get any sound signature you wish out of a portable rig.

    Couldn't find much on the internet about these, so I took the plunge.




    1. Nice aesthetics

    2. Solid build quality

    3. Cheaper than Bose equivalent, looks and feels nicer, has a bassier signature.

    4. Great packaging and accessories

    5. Nice cables, feel durable



    1. Heavy

    2. Pads are not comfortable, will make you sweaty before too long

    3. Pads sit "on" the ear, are not true over-ear headphones

    4. Whilst cheap for an ANC headphone, still too expensive for what they are

    5. The noise cancelling seems to do very little

    6. I have a feeling the wood panelling is actually fake, I was able to bend and peel it with ease

    7. Far, far, far too much bass

    8. Hollow, lifeless mids

    9. Dimmed, strange highs

    10. ANC feature crushes dynamic range, and raises the noise floor to an audible level

    11. Same Micro USB port for both charging and listening - you can not use these whilst charging.

    I just returned these to the store for a full refund.

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