HiSoundAudio Live Earbuds

General Information

The Live are earbuds designed to have a neutral, flat, accurate response like monitor speakers. This says it all; quoting from the manual,

"Live are the first earbuds to feature backwave harmonic dissipation technology. This controls backwave harmonics by frequency shifts and removes backwave interference. This ensures that the stereo image presented has all the correct directionality of hi-fi speakers."

The earbuds are stabilised to feature smooth dynamics free of backwave interference (energy going into moving the enclosures instead of moving the drivers) and are extremely accurate with a warm presentation (warmth from precision, not bass-boost warmth).

Great earbuds, possibly among the best there are. But they will let noise through on the street and don't go that loud. If you're OK with that, then you can have all the detail and accuracy of professional monitor speakers in earphones for $100. Amplifier or powerful player recommended. Also: boost the 200 or 250-Hz slider in your player's EQ by a notch to compensate for the 3rd octave "Asian" drop.

Type: dynamic, open.
Driver size: 16 mm.
Nominal impedance: 32 ohm.
Sensitivity: 105 dB/mW.
Maximum sound pressure level, at 1 KHz sine tone, 1 VRMS: 125 dB.
Frequency response: 16-22 KHz.
Plug size/type: 3.5 mm. stereo miniplug.
Cable length/type: 117 cm., 6N OFC cable.

Latest reviews


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Neutral, detailed and open sound. Price.
Cons: Cable is a bit flimsy. Pretty heavy. Straight plug.
This is not going to be a long review scrutinizing every aspect of how it sounds or other features. I will try to keep it to the point. 

Very balanced out between the lows, mids and highs. The upper midrange and highs are nicely detailed but possess no harshness or sibilance. Very clear sweet sounding midrange. Not sweet sounding as in colored but transparent. Bass have good punch for an earbud and is nicely layered. I have found this earbud to work well with pretty much anything I have thrown at it music wise. Everything from hiphop to classical is sounding great. The above average size soundstage makes it good for "audiophile" type music. Overall I think it sounds a bit like a HD-600 just not as refined. 
Some how my left ear is loving these a bit more than the right one but on a whole I found them to be great in this aspect. The solid metal housing and large driver makes them a bit heavy so if you are sensitive to earbuds this could be an extra problem.  
Quality And Looks 
The heavy duty metal housing induces confidence in durability, but at the same time the cable is tangle prone and a bit flimsy. Hisoundaudio call this an audiophile grade earphone of which I can agree. The cable is however anything but audiophile grade quality. They are also pretty funky looking. 

For the price I really believe this to be an excellent and all-round earphone. If this was 150 USD I still think it would be a fair deal.
hehe...since u brought in the HD600...i would throw in the HE5 blend into the hd600, layered, fluttering, palpable...
geez, what am i saying....just go and buy a pair...a good alternative to an iem to bring along to town really.


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