HiSoundAudio E350 Earbud

General Information

Copied from the Hisound website:
The HSA-E350 is the earbud of choice, with an "audiophile grade sound quality" In mind. Its features include a uniquely clear and detailed sound signature. The E350 delivers strong and punchy bass, clean mids, and smooth highs. The E350 is everything you hoped for in a set of high quality audiophile grade earbuds.
Size of the driver
Maximum SPL
Φ 16mm
118db(1khz,1 Vrms)
Frequency response
Type of the jack
The length of the cable
The Hisound’s company grade
20-20 khz
3.5 mm
Angled jack
Open / earbuds
Grade C1

Latest reviews


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Solid Bass, Clear Mids, Non-tangle Cable
Cons: Bass Bleed, Rolled Off Treble, Not Many Accessories
First of all, I would like to thank Jack Fu of Hisound Audio for generously sending me the E350 and 2 other models for me to review.
Recently, Hisound Audio has really impressed me with their entry level, budget minded IEMs and earbuds and the E350 is a new model that Hisound has just put out. It is priced at $25 and is the model above the PAA-1 and under the PAA-1 Pro that I have also reviewed. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much for such a modestly priced earphone, but I was quite surprised. While it doesn’t reach the PAA-1 Pro level, it does get very close for half the money. Due to the low price of this, I won’t be writing a full length review on these.
**Disclaimer** I am in no way affiliated or against Hisound Audio in any way. These were given to me as a review sample.

Unboxing & Accessories
The packaging really wasn’t much – just a triangular plastic box. It’s the type that you throw away right after you take the earphones out, but these are $25 so it’s just about what I expected.  
The E350 comes with 2 pairs of foam things that goes over the earphone and there is also a
Chinese manual or something which I can’t read. Like many other budget minded earphones, these come in very minimalistic packaging and accessories to keep the price down. One gripe I have is the way the cable is bent in the box leaves marks on the cable. Not a huge deal, but worth mentioning.

Design, Isolation & Comfort
The design is quite nice and I like the flat cable since it doesn’t tangle in my pocket.
As with all earbuds, there is just about no isolation.
They are a bit uncomfortable with the foam things so I took them off and they are very comfortable now. I feel like the sound brightened a bit, but I’m not entirely sure. Those things are a pain to put on and after 10 minutes I just gave up.

This will be split into 3 main sections – bass, mids and treble. I won’t be writing about all the other more detailed things though. Listening was through a DX50, but it isn’t source dependant at all and there wasn’t much improvement over my Sansa Clip+.

“Another bass monster from Hisound” was what I first though when I received these. On the back of the box it says “Extreme bass and detailed sound” and they were certainly not wrong. The bass isn’t fast and I suppose that you could call it bloated, but it does have a very fun sound and I feel like the highlight of these is the bass. These should satisfy the bassheads out there.

I feel like the midrange is very nice, just like the bass. It is very clear and not recessed at all – quite in your face really. Vocal clarity is excellent for it’s price, but I do feel like the bass bleeds a bit into the mids. Midrange separation was also pretty good, but a step down from the PAA-1 Pro. Overall, the mids are clear with an aggressive and in your face sound signature.

The treble is, to me, the weakest part in the E350. It does not have a lot of extension and the roll off is quite obvious. Cymbals don’t sound as good on these as they do on other earphones. This can sometimes result in an earphone sounding boring and dull, but not in this case. The treble is enough to stop it from sounding boring.


I will include some of the things that I didn’t in the sound section in the summary. Soundstage is decent and imaging is quite good for the price Detail levels are good, but not the best choice in it’s price range. Smaller details are drowned out by the big bass.
Overall, this is a great earbud, an I heartily recommend this to bassheads.


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