HeadRoom Balanced Max Amp

General Information

HeadRoom’s flagship Max amplifier is nothing short of an all-out assault
on the world of headphone audio amplification and serves as the gleaming
culmination of HeadRoom’s 13-year quest to create the finest headphone amp
available. We employ a painstakingly high-quality build design that utilizes
only the finest audiophile-grade components regardless of cost concerns to
produce an intensely liquid, transparent and accurate sound rich in exquisite
musical detail and jaw-dropping dynamics. The sense of space around the
notes and the emotional nuances of the performance become vivid, expressive entities with the Max amplifier. The balanced version takes the Max
amp’s performance up another notch by driving headphones via stereo XLR
cabling and further improves the imaging, transparency and overall soundstage clarity. The Balanced Max delivers the ultimately refine pure audio
resolution we feel exists only on reference headphones. Let the Balanced Max
become your personal route to transcendent sonic bliss and get it perfectly
right between your ea



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