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eXemplar Audio eXception Headphone Amp

  1. shyamwanne
    Amazing 3D Sounding Head Amp
    Written by shyamwanne
    Published Apr 3, 2018
    Pros - Very transparent sound with the best 3D imaging I have ever heard.
    Cons - It is a rather large box, which is not really a negative, but something to keep in mind in your rack.
    I had a chance to listen to this headphone amplifier in my system, and I had to buy it. It bested all the other head amps I had tried by far.

    The Exemplar has an incredible 3D presentation of the soundstage. I just love the feeling of wanting to reach out and touch the instruments, and that is what this headphone amplifier does.

    Even though the amplifier says it uses 6H6Ps tubes, I found tube rolling has a nice impact on the sound, so I was able to dial in the music to my liking. I tend to like a lot of detail, so I ended up using Telefunken CCA tubes. I'm personally a big fan of CCA tubes and they work flawlessly in this amplifier.

    For reference I am using this head amp with the following gear:

    1. Audio Technica ATH-ADX5000 headphones with Plus Sound silver/gold cables w 4 pin XLR
    2. Pioneer SE-Master1 headphones with silver/gold cables
    3. Euphony PTS Server with Uptone Audio LPS,
    4. Matrix X-SPDIF 2 USB to SPDIF Converter
    5. Exemplar Audio Modified Oppo Sonica Tube Dac with LPS
    6. Duelund 1.0 interconnects
    7. Anticables 3 power cords
    8. Shunyata Research Denali D6000/S Power Distributor


    1. IMG_6383.JPG