EarFun Air Pro Hybrid ANC True Wireless Earbuds

General Information

  • QuietSmart™ Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation up to 38dB
  • Customized Noise Cancellation Algorithm for Clarity Call
  • 10mm Composite Dynamic Drivers Deliver Powerful Sound
  • 32-hour Playtime: 9 Hours + 23 Hours with Charging Case
  • Fast charging, 10 Min Charging = 2 hours Playtime
  • IPX5 Sweat & Water Resistant
  • In-ear Detection Technology
  • Single Earbud Mode-Right or Left
  • Transparent Mode Allows Ambient Sound
  • Activate Voice Assistant

Latest reviews

Audio Fun

100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Price to performance ratio
Clean yet musical sounding
Detail and clarity
Stable single and connectivity
Extremely functional and well responded touch panel
Great ANC & ambient mode
Single earbuds mode
Automatic pause when remove them
Battery life and quick charge
Fit and comfort
Cons: Thin midrange
Bass may be tighter
No assess to previous track and volume control on the touch panel
EarFun was established in 2018 by an experienced group of industrial designers, acoustic engineers and music enthusiasts who shared the goal of creating next-generation wireless audio devices. Today I am checking out the Air Pro active noise canceling TWS earbuds, which retail for $99.99USD.


I would like to thanks Gabrielle from EarFun for given this opportunity, and the review will be based on my honest opinion through the music I listen to.

Package & accessories
The Air Pro come with the compact sizes box, there are the image of the Air Pro at the front cover with the brand name, model name and other information, whereas the specifications at the rear side of it. After open the cover from the side, there is the black box on the top, which contain the manual. After removing it, the Air pro with its charging case are sitted in the foam, there is the ear tips and charging cable housed inside the box next to it.




Accessories list:
1 pair x EarFun Air Pro TWS Earbuds
1 pcs x EarFun Air Pro Charging Case
3 pairs x Silicone Ear Tips (S, M, L)
1 pcs x USB A To USB Type C Charging Cable


Design & Build & Comfort
The Air Pro has unique and futuristic design, it is finished in black color with the pearl grey faceplate. There is the EarFun logo located at the front faceplate, while at the rear side there is the L&R indicator to show left and right. There are three microphone located on faceplate, internal shell and bottom of each earbuds.



The design on the charging case is simple and compact. The case are finished in matte black color, at the top of the case there is the EarFun logo sported. The USB C charging port is located at the back of the case, along with the LED indicator. For the internal, the button at the middle used for pairing, and there is the LED indicator next to it. There is the L&R labels in the case for indicating.



The build on both of earbuds and charging case are pretty good for its price range. It is made with plastic, but it doesn’t feel cheap or plasticity. The earbuds and charging case are well rounded and their is no sharp edges at all. The earbuds has the plastic filter on the nozzle to prevent the dust. The charging case has really great open and closing experience. The female USB charging port are well constructed. The earbuds themself are IPX5 rating, which can fully prevent from dust and raining water.



The comfort on the Air Pro are really good. The Air Pro has ergonomic design in the inner shell, so it can fit in the ear canal pretty well. The nozzle are slightly short, and it provide the average isolation, with the ANC mode on, it can reach up to above average isolation.



Control & Paring
The controls of Air Pro are touch controls and it is well responded.

Left earbuds:
Tap two times: Active the Google/ Siri assistance
Tap three times: Switch around normal/ANC/Ambient modes & ignore a call

Right Earbuds
Tap two times: Pause/Play & answer/end a call
Tap three times: Next tracks & ignore a call

The first time paring require the users to pair it manually. By putting the earbuds in the charging case, and press the button in the charging case for 3s to enter the pairing mode, then you can connect the earbuds through your devices. After this, the earbuds will automatically pair to the devices once you open the charging case, the paring speed is really fast, it will be connected before you put it on your ears. The Air Pro can be used in single earbuds, but the functionality is not good as the both earbuds on.

ANC(Active Noise Cancelling)/Transparency mode & microphone
The Air Pro provide the ANC and transparency mode, which is great to see for its price range. The users can switch mode around by triple tape the left earbuds. Both of the ANC and transparency mode are pretty successfully done, thanks to the Quiet Smart Hybird ANC Technology that feature two microphone on each earbuds(inner and outer).

The ANC mode can reduce 38db of noise which EarFun claims. After I test it, it can reduce about 70% of low frequency noise, and 40%-50% of mids to high frequency noise. The Transparency mode allow the users to hear the surrounding. Which is the great feature to make sure you can still hear ambient sound while wearing it, and the result is surprisingly good.

The Air pro feature the 6 microphones call technology, which claims to provide crystal clear vocal with out background noise. After I test it, the microphone catch the human voice clearly without any noise from surround. The voice have good amount of fullness without sounding robotic.

Connectivity & Latency
The connectivity are really stable, they are no significant single lost in most of cases. There are no single lost or not stable situations on the public transports or shopping center as well.

The latency on Air Pro are quite significant while gaming, but not at all when watching movie or listen to music, probably just about a millions seconds.

Operational distance & Battery life
The Operating distance on the Air Pro is around 7-8 meters. It has stable connection until 7 meters, after that the single will not be as stable as before 7 meters.

The battery life are really successfully done for its size and price. The earbuds themself have 9hrs of playback times, plus the 23hrs on charging case, so you get totally 32hrs of playback times, which is impressive. After I test it out, the earbuds themself can play about 8.5hrs (6.5hrs for ANC/Transparency mode) for single charge by using 35% of volume, while the charging case can a least fully charged for 3 times.

The charging process of Air Pro is pretty fast, you can get 2hrs of play back times by charging it for 10 minutes. The earbuds can be fuller charge by less than a hours, whereas the charging case can be fully charge by less then 2 hours.

Technical specifications
Bluetooth version: V5.0
Bluetooth frequency: 2,402GHz-2.48GHz
Bluetooth profile: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Maximum working range: 15m(without obstacle)
Battery capacity: 60mAh x 2(earbuds); 500mAh(charging case)
Charging time: 1.5 hours(for earbuds); 2 hours(for charging case via USB-C)
Playtime: Other Mode--Up to 9 hours, Totally 32 hours with the charging case;
(varies by volume level and audio content)
ANC Mode--Up to 7 hours, Totally 25 hours with the charging case;
(varies by volume level and audio content)
Input: 5V---1A
Dimensions: 67mm x 55mm x 31mm
Weight: 53g



I pair the Air Pro to the iPhone 12 and Fiio M11 and play through my music library.


Overall tonality
The Air pro has mildly V shape tonality, with clean yet musical presentation.

The bass is full bodies with moderate amount of texture. The sub bass has average extension with slow decay speed. It has average amount rumble, impact and punch. The bass has moderate speed with good levels of control. The detail retrieval and clarity are just average.

The midrange is slightly recessed but remaining the good balanced. The lower midrange has moderate amount of bodies presented in clean manner. The upper midrange are emphasized with good transparency levels, it is presented in vividly yet engaging manner. The midrange show really good levels of detail, clarity and

The treble are extended well and relatively bright. It is clear and detailed. The upper treble has good amount of sparkle and airiness. It has good levels of crispness on the top end. The detail retrieval and clarity are above the average.

Soundstage and imaging
It has average width and depth.
The imaging are average.

Compare to my relatively more objective Head-fi star ranking, this ranking will be more subjective based on my personal preference and it doesn’t take price into my consideration.

Score system:
4/10 and below: Waste of money
5/10: Average
6/10: Above average
7/10: Good
8/10: Great
9/10: Excellent
10/10: OMG

EarFun Air Pro:
Overall tonality: 5/10
Bass: 5/10
Mids: 5/10
Treble: 5/10

Overall: 5/10

The EarFun Air Pro is the well build TWS earbuds, for its price range, it is extreme functional and easy to used during everyday life. Both of the ANC and transparency modes are great, and the touch control panel are well responded. It also has the automatic pause features when you remove them, which is awesome. The sound is typical V shape, but it is well balanced yet detailed. The Air Pro are definitely worth every bit you paid for, really great everyday carry TWS earbuds overall. Thank you for reading and Happy Listening!!

EarFun official website: https://www.myearfun.com
EarFun Air Pro product page: https://www.myearfun.com/headphones/earfun-air-pro-anc-true-wireless-earbuds-black



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100+ Head-Fier
Great ANC Bluetooth Earbuds
Pros: - lightweight
- long battery life
- Good active noise cancellation
- decent isolation
- great sound
- good bass without sounding muddy
- Aware mode
- great price
Cons: - No APTX
- Cannot change volume on earbuds
- no way to choose different sound profiles

I was excited to try out the EarFun Air Pro after I had read about them on some audio websites. I liked the styling and they seemed very compact and looked like they would work well for me at the gym, on the go, and at the office. I decided to take a chance and ordered them. They arrived the next day thanks to Amazon’s Prime's fast shipping.


USB C cable and case

Accessories -

When I got the earbuds they came nicely packaged in a petite box. Included in the box is a USB C cable and 3 sizes of ear tips, small, medium, and large. The Air Pro themselves came fully charged in the very small charging case, the charging connectors on the earbuds had a small protective film that needed to be removed before using them.


Features\Build Quality -

The earbuds use an accelerometer to allow for touch controls, for example two taps on the right earbud starts\pauses music, 3 taps on the right bud advance a track, 3 taps on the left ear bud cycle through hybrid active noise cancelling, transparent mode, normal mode etc. I found it easy to get used to the controls and found they performed well.


I like the angular\modern look of these

The earbuds have hybrid noise cancelling. The hybrid active noise cancelling worked quite well at the gym, quieting the roar of the fans or the pounding of someone’s feet on the treadmill. I found that it also worked well to quite the air conditioning and the constant drone of the servers at my work place.

10mm composite dynamic drivers are utilized and the EarFun Air Pro have an IPX5 sweat\water rating that comes in handy for those that use these at the gym or outside. They have a total 32 hour playtime, 9 hours on the earbuds and 23 hours with the charging case. I found that the earbuds sometimes exceeded their advertisement play time even.The Air Pro also have noise cancellation for calls and single earbud mode for when you only want to use one earbud.


No sexy ear models, just my own freckled ears....

The Air Pro are very light and are made of a durable black plastic. They are very light and I did not feel any fatigue from having them in my ears for hours. I like the angled nozzle because it fit my ears well and with the included tips also provided good passive noise cancellation. I want to mention that these are very glasses friendly and for those who wear masks to protect themselves during this pandemic.



I want to touch on how nice and compact the case is, it is to carry in your pocket and seems well made with a USB C charging port, with a charging indicator next to it. The case also has a charging indicator light within the case and is also used for pairing. the earbuds fit magnetically in the case and they felt very secure. Speaking of pairing, these were very easy to pair to both my LG G8 ThinQ and my wife’s Iphone 11. After being paired, the next time I took them out of my case, they were instantly paired and ready to play music. I also like the way they paused the music if I took one of the Air Pro out my ears. I also wanted to mention that I had no dropouts, I would leave my phone on the window sill at the gym and walked 40 ft or more and they stayed connected, I also had no problem when I took them on a hike with my dog, they never disconnected when used outside.

Sound -


The EarFun Air Pro have lots of bass, but it is controlled and not bloated. They seem to have a V shaped sound signature, with crisp mids, lively vocals, and they do not lack in treble. I really like how they sound. I listened to a variety of Flac and mp3s in a variety of genres from thrash metal, acoustic, jazz, and so on. The Air Pros performed admirably in all the genre’s I threw at them. I also liked how they had a wide soundstage, they did not sound congested, all of the instruments were easily heard in all the songs. I found myself looking forward to listening to music on my EarFun Air Pro, they were that good.

Calls -


I took several calls with these, both personal and for work. I called my 79 year old mother and she said I sounded great, and that was with a 15 mph wind when I was out on a walk. I used them on some zoom calls and nobody said I sounded robotic or anything. I also thought everything sounded great on my end. I used them both on my Imac and pc during Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings\calls. I can see that the advertised noise cancellation was put to good use for taking calls.

The only thing I would like to see in the next iteration of these would be the use of AptX, the ability to change volume on the earbuds, and maybe an app to give me the ability to change sound signatures, and an equalizer.
Overall, I would highly recommend these. They are priced very reasonably and offer a lot for your money. They have great sound, hybrid active noise cancelling, and a great sound signature with sufficient bass for those those that want their songs to hit hard.


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I recently acquired a pair of Earfun Air Pro's. There's a lot to like about them, but one feature seems extremely frustrating(but perhaps mine could be defective?).
When you pair the Earfun Air Pro's to a device, does it always open up a music player and begin to play music(even if the music player was closed to begin with), my pair does this with iphone and android... extremely annoying, I've tried unpairing-repairing them and they still do it. I understand that these earbuds are supposed to pause/resume music playback when you are listening to music... but these play music every time they connect.

Is this normal? Does your music player open up and play music as soon as you pair your buds and put them on(be it for the first time, or every time)?
Let me check and see..... I am restarting my LG 8 ThinQ to make sure the music player is off etc, mine does the same as yours.
Thanks for getting back to confirm. I reached out to Earfun and they confirmed it was normal behavior. They told me for the initial connection, it can be blocked by putting the earbuds on first, then turning on the bluetooth on the phone, which worked for me. But the subsequent/temporary removal of an earbud will still trigger them to open up a music player and begin to play music. Wish the feature was programmable/switchable on an app, but oh well.

Another issue I find with my EAP sets is the inconsistency with performance on the mics.... sometimes I'll fire them up and make a call and it'll work fine, other times it'll severely make my voice robotic/echoey/overly bassey/snubbed all at the same time... haha... to the point where the person on the other side tells me they can't make out what I'm trying to say, so I hang up and redial using the phone's earpiece and they can hear me just fine.


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