Slip on Denon's AH-D7000 reference headphones and instantly transport yourself to the world's...

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  • Slip on Denon's AH-D7000 reference headphones and instantly transport yourself to the world's finest concert halls and recording studios. Blending old world style craftsmanship with the latest transducer technology, the AH-D7000 features real mahogany wood housings that are custom-crafted for superior acoustical performance. The elegant and comfortable over-the-ear design assures hours of listening comfort, aided by the lightweight Duralumin headband, along with soft leather ear pads and headband cover. Denon's exclusive Acoustic Optimizer technology equalizes the sound pressure in front of and behind the Microfiber driver diaphragm for the most neutral and uncolored tonal balance. The elegant mahogany housings feature piano grade satin sheen finish with magnesium fittings.

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  1. dan.gheorghe
    "Very engaging, energetic & fun"
    Pros - Full bodied, energetic & fun, good build quality, very comfortable
    Cons - loose bass, congested, lacks transparency and clarity, poor imaging and instrument separation

    The Extinct Denon D7000

    Posted on August 4, 2013by HeadMania
    Hey guys,

    I’ve been waiting for a long time for an opportunity to listen to the famous D7000 and I am really happy I have a few days with it.

    In one of my visits to Jack-Fi, I found a pair of forgotten Denon D7000 there, as they are specialized in speaker systems mostly. After 3 weeks I’ve been there again and found them in the same place and same position. So it was clear they would part with them easily for a few days [​IMG]

    I like its’ overall looks, but it feels a little cheap compared to other headphones at that price. They are very light weighted and very comfortable though.


    One thing that popped into my attention was the fact that the cable is not detachable, and at the price was selling, I don’t find that ok.


    Sound Impressions

    The first time I have listened to them I liked them very much. They have an interestingwow factor because of their fun and engaging tonality.


    The bass is very present in these cans, especially the mid bass. However the bass lacks some punch and is a little loose. Overall I like the bass presentation, but sometimes there is too much bass leaking into the mids.


    Some of the instruments are a little in the background but still enjoyable. However, the mids bring the vocals forward. I just love listening to Leonard  Cohen, Frank Sinatraor Lana Del Ray on D7000.


    I’ve heard people complaining the D7000 is bright. I found the treble quite on the smooth side, even recessed on some ocasions.

    Fun Tonality

    I like the  fun tonality of the D7000 a lot. It has a meaty & full sound.

    Transparency & Openness

    What I felt was missing is clarity,  transparency & openness in the sound that made me putHD800 on, just to take a “breath of fresh clear air”.

    Transient response & decay

    I find that the transient response is not that impact-full as I would like. The decay is a little slow in my opinion. I feel this could be a little improved with a good silver cable.


    The positioning of the instruments is not so clear, the sound being somehow congested, instruments tend to blend in on the same layer.



    Overall the sound of the D7000 is very engaging, energetic and fun. They are absolutely brilliant with rock.

    I also love both male & female vocals with it.

    So in the end loved to listen to rock, electronic music, vocals, pop and even some jazz with it.

    Even-though they have a lot of cons, I think they are my favorite closed cans now for the music genres above.

    I am quite sad Denon discontinued them. I am very curious how D7100 stands near it.


    1. full bodied tonality
    2. energetic & fun
    3. excellent with vocals
    4. good build quality
    5. very comfortable


    1. loose bass
    2. congested
    3. lacks transparency and clarity
    4. poor imaging and instrument separation
    5. the cable is not detachable

  2. jbarr1989
    "Great sounding headphone"
    Pros - Great bass, Great treble, Beautiful look
    Cons - Recessed Mids, non-detachable cable, storage case, price
    Really good sounding headphone with incredible bass.  I owned these for about six months.  They sound powerful for lack of a better word.  Definitely a V-shaped sound signature.  The bass can be a bit much sometimes, a bit sloppy, but I usually find it quite enjoyable.  Just a really fun headphone to listen to.  That being said I don't feel that they quite compare to some of the other $1000 offerings from competitors (in terms of overall sound quality) or really outperform less expensive models by that much (Pro900, He-400, dt990 for example).  I also didn't care for the headband, the earcups always slid when I didn't want them to and I've read a few stories of the cups falling off at the hinge, which I don't find hard to believe since it's attached by one small screw.  Overall I enjoyed these, but I do prefer a "colored" sound signature.  These certainly aren't neutral, but a very fun listen.
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  3. Fido2
    "Great fun phones"
    Pros - Great bass weight and detail
    Cons - flimsy headband swivel
    Fun cans. Very enjoyable warm and bassy but good detail. Not as fleshy and forward in the mids as some but a very good sounding phone. No complaints.

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