Cute Curve amp

General Information

Cute Curve Specifications:
Amplifier Structure : Coupling capacitor less, Push-Pull with Class-B
Power Structure : Virtual-Ground power supply
Gain Control : Low (attenuation 20dB) / High (normal)
Volume Control : Series / shunt mode selectable
Headphone Impedance : 32 ohm to 600 ohm
Circuit Protect : Output short / over current protect
Main OPAmp : TI ¡V OPA2604
Servo OPAmp : TI ¡V TL072

Power output:
600Ω - 60mW
300Ω - 120mW
120Ω - 300mW
75Ω - 480mW
32Ω - 320 mW

Latest reviews

Pros: TBA
Cons: TBA
Picked this beastie up from fleabay.... great value!
I happen to alread have an audiophile 24v PSU - the Creek OBH2 which I use with my Creek phono pre...
So I matched these together and started listening
I have no baseline for comparison yet, but it is driving my Revox 3100 (1986 Beyer DT880's) HP's very well, and making very nice sounds
..... Review and comparisons to come....
Update - the power supply makes a noticeable difference.... 


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