Revox B795 Linatrak Turntable (Linear tracking Direct Drive)

General Information

Superb linear tracking direct drive turntable.

Ultra short light weight tonearm designed for very high compliance cartridges

This is a high end turntable of the early 80's (81-87) and sold new in the US for circa US$900, Germany circa DM2500 and in Australia for circa AU$2500.

Changing and adjusting cartridges is difficult/painful if you do not have the original cartridge mounting kit with the mounting gauge.

With the mounting gauge - assuming the arm itself is still in alignment - you bolt the cartridge into place, with the right shims (supplied in the cartridge mounting kit) for the total cartridge height to stylus to add up to 21mm (which is I believe an IEC or DIN standard for 1/2" mounts!) - slide the cartridge a little until the needle is centred in the marked hole and the sides of the cartridge align with the straight lines on the gauge, tighten the screws - then put the turntable back right side up, and use the Tracking force gauge to adjust VTF. (screw driver turns the VTF screw until right weight is achieved)

You also have an adjustment for maximum drop distance of the needle/cartridge, which allows setting it up in such a way that if someone tries to play it without an LP in place, the needle stops just before touching the Mat. (This is one of very few truly safe for children and incompetent friends/family turntables!!)

Once done this is a fit and forget system - as easy to use as they come.

Without the Cartridge mounting gauge it becomes more involved .... instructions have been written and posted by the Revox afficionado's online.

Cartridge mounting kits have recently (Late 2010) been going for between US$200 and US$350 on ebay - where only a few years earlier they were going for US$50.

The tables are also optionally remote controllable, either using the original B212 unit and cabling, or using one of the third party pseudo B212 units available out of Germany. (search the German Revox Forums - sells for around Euro 180 I believe)

Well nigh identical to the B790, B791, B291, H9. (B291 and H9 have remote control built in, and in some cases also Phono Pre-amp built in.

Latest reviews

Pros: Plays vinyl as it was cut on the mastering lathe... straight across the middle.
Cons: Difficult to setup new cartridge without proper gauge. Service center still in Nashville, TN
I have a B795 and B791, which has variable speed.  I purchased the B791 new in 1983 and still have it.  I just purchased the B795 from a user in Switzerland and had it serviced and setup for use in the US (120VAC).  The B795 is listed for sale.
Nice for lazy listening w speakers.


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