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Lightweight in design and ergonomically fitting, Aurvana Live! is perfect for music on the move or enjoying your entertainment at home. The cutting edge bio-cellulose driver technology and acoustic tuning deliver accurate, high-definition audio. Sharp transients and dynamic passages are handled with effortless fi nesse. The premium soft leatherette earpads and headband allow you to immerse comfortably into your music for prolonged periods. With Aurvana Live! you will experience music so realistic, you’ll think it has to be Live!

Latest reviews

Pros: Balanced sound
Cons: Average sound all across the FR
Bad comfort
No isolation
Non-removable cable
Currently overpriced compared to competition
I don't get it.
I really don't get it.
Why is CAL! so popular?
It's even on Tyll's "Wall of Fame" - for "Over-Ear Sealed" (!?). How can it possibly be "Over-Ear"? The pads are very small, how can Tyll file them under "Over-Ear"?
He has a large head with man-sized ears - these pads are definitely not built to surround an adult man's ears.

Comfort is definitely an issue, but isolation is an even bigger one - according to Tyll's measurements, there is no isolation whatsoever under 1kHz.
CAL! can't even handle A/C noise in the office.
Small pads will do that to you...

As you can see, the entire CAL! pad is only slightly larger than Takstar Pro 82 pad's opening
Difference in material quality is obvious too.

HM5 pads are even larger, and much thicker than Pro 82

Headband padding is very thin and narrow, doesn't cover much of it

Pro 82 on the left, CAL! on the right.

CAL! has an L-shaped FR, but it sounds U/V-shaped, not dark at all.
It doesn't really excel at any range of FR, but the sound is very well balanced all over the FR, and this creates an illusion of a very good headphone.
This illusion disappears very quickly when you start A/B-ing them with better headphones.

Here is a comparison with Takstar Pro 82:

Bass - Pro 82 is extended down to 15Hz, CAL! stops at 20Hz, and has a lot less energy there than Pro 82 at 15Hz.
Quality of CAL!'s bass is mediocre at best - its pads don't seal.
Pro 82's much larger pads play a big role in its amazing bass quality - it has a much greater impact and better decay.

Mids - CAL! has a slightly warm veil. It's not as thick as HD600's, but it's there.
Pro 82 removes this veil, and adds A LOT of detail.

Treble - CAL! has a very polite treble. It doesn't go very far, but it's still not "dark" - it's just missing some detail and energy.
Pro 82 adds the missing parts, while not getting "hot".

Overall CAL! sounds quite small and congested.
I can't help but think that using larger pads from a better material could improve CAL!'s SQ, but this comparison is stock.

CAL! doesn't scale up well - it doesn't sound any better through Oppo HA-2 than through a Rockboxed Sansa Clip+

Current price of CAL! on Amazon is 62$, and it has spent most of the past 6 months between 60$ and 70$, even though last December it was under 45$.

Takstar Pro 82 is currently 67$ on Aliexpress - only a 5$ difference.
And this difference disappears when you add the sales tax.

I bought CAL! last year for 50$, and still I'm disappointed from its value proposition.
At 62$, it's moving in the wrong direction - It belongs in the 30$-40$ area.
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Arthur Li
Arthur Li
There need to be more de-hyped reviews like this on Head-fi. So many mediocre stuffs got hyped, especially in the "budget-fi" segment. I think many people hyping these uninspiring products are new to the hobby, coming from Bose, Skull-Candy etc. and haven't heard any decent sounding cans before - hence over-estimating their new toys.
Pros: Sound quality; comfort; weight
Cons: Subbass; build quality; isolation; cord length
Sound quality
These are the headphones that showed me the difference of the sound of headphones driven by an integrated audio card and the ones driven by a dedicated one (in my case, Asus Xonar D1). Needless to say, it was absolutely massive. CAL! have fantastic mids, which make every uplifting trance track SHINE (try e.g. Phillip Alpha - Sudden Changes or Andy Blueman - Neverland). But in order to experience that, a dedicated audio card is a must. I'm pretty sure that they'll satisfy anyone that listens to ambient or orchestral music, at least as long as you're looking for fun-sounding headphones (they're V-shaped, but only slightly - at least to a basshead like myself).
They have rather decent midbass but little subbass which, I guess, is a price that needs to be paid if you want great mids. If you listen to dubstep, well... stay away from those, lol.
Comfort and isolation
They're decently comfortable. The cups are too small to cover my ears completely, which worsens the isolation, and probably the comfort as well.
Build quality, cord and looks
The build quality is bad. CAL! are made of plastic that has questionable quality, and after a couple of months I had to tape one of the headphones to the headband (where they join). The cord is also of questionable quality and is way too short for my taste (forget about using these with a PC that has the audio card inside the case). I think it'd also be better if CAL! had one cord that comes out of one of the headphones, rather than two cords that join below (in my case, a bit too close to my chin).
To me, CAL! look decent.
As I said, if you're looking for reasonably cheap and fun-sounding headphones for uplifting trance (possibly also ambient/orchestral music), these are the ones.
Pros: Sound quality, value, comfort
Cons: poor isolation
Overall: Best sounding headphones that you can currently get on amazon for $39.99 if you don't care for isolation. 
Build: I wouldn't say it's very durable looking and it is mostly made up of plastic. C rating
Comfort: The cups are large enough to cover my ears and the pleather earpads feel very soft and comfortable. A

Isolation: Isolation is very poor for a closed headphone. D
Sound: These sound pretty amazing for what they are worth. These sound very clear. A+
Value: I have no idea how durable these are and don't plan on breaking these to find out. If you don't care for isolation, A++, if you do, I would suggest looking somewhere else.


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