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Brainwavz BLU-300

  • BLU-300 WIRELESS SPORT EARPHONES are an advanced headset with super long battery life that gives you extended, flawless performance when you need it most. These powerful earbuds, with up to 10-meter range and excellent noise isolation, are the perfect exercise partner - block out the world around you and get in the zone with the BLU-300 sports earphone.

    SWEATPROOF: The BLU-300 come with built-in protection when taking part in sports and other sweaty physical activities, also water resistant to IPX7 rating, safeguarding the earbuds when out and about in all weathers.

    A PERFECT SOLUTION FOR AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: Built in neckband is super comfortable, can be worn for hours without feeling fatigue. It gives you outstanding stability and support without being restrictive or biting into your neck. Get more enjoyment from your workout, walk, hike, or commute.

    We take care of the sounds while you take care of yourself.

    Simple and precise tactile controls, with a built-in microphone, give you full control over your mobile device at all times, control your music and answer calls with convenient one touch buttons. A perfect solution for an active lifestyle.

    WIRELESS SUPPORT with a convenient 10-meter range. The In-ear design of the BLU-300 provide excellent noise isolation for a purer sound with no distractions – just you and your music. Use the Built-in Mic / Remote to take calls and control music without having to stop your activity.

    WORK HARDER FOR LONGER: A long play time of up to 8 hours for all day enjoyment. An impressive 250 hours on standby, then fully recharge with the included USB cable in just 2 hours.

Recent Reviews

  1. Johnny Mac
    Brainwavz BLU-300 Realview.
    Written by Johnny Mac
    Published Dec 15, 2018
    Pros - Superb BT stability, great neckband design and weight, warm sound is ideal for casual everyday use.
    Cons - Minimal accessory set.
    Brainwavz has always prided themselves as being the alpha male when it comes to 3rd party earpads since most would think that when you say Brainwavz, it’s automatically, Earpads. So when they offered me to realview a divergence from the usual line that I realview from them, then and there I agreed. That divergence came in the form of a Bluetooth earphones, the Brainwavz BLU-300.

    The Brainwavz BLU-300 is a wireless Bluetooth sports earphone designed and made as the perfect exercise partner. It features Bluetooth 4.1, 10mm Dynamic driver, IPX7 water resistant rating, inline mic controls, magnetic earphone clasps and an 8-Hr battery life.With the BLU-300 utilizing Bluetooth 4.1 which allows for a guaranteed stability for a 10m connection range and a 24MBs connection speed which I hope will hold its ground later. The Brainwavz BLU-300 is priced for only $39.50 which at the moment is currently on a holiday season sale for just $33.58, you can head out to the Brainwavz Official Site and their Brainwavz Amazon and Brainwavz Amazon UK counterparts to check out the BLU-300 and their other audiophile offerings.

    Specifications and Packaging

    Brainwavz BLU-300 Spec sheet:
    • Drivers : Dynamic, 10mm
    • Rated Impedance : 16Ω
    • Frequency Range : 20Hz ~ 20kHz
    • Sensitivity : 102 dB at 1 mW
    • Rated Input Power : 5 mW
    • Bluetooth Version: 4.1
    • Pairing : Single & Dual Pairing
    • Operating Range : Up-to 10 meters
    • Voice Prompt : Yes
    • Play Time : ~6-8 hours
    • Standby Time : ~250 hours
    • Charge Time : 1-2 hours
    BLU-300 Accessory set, basic.
    The Brainwavz BLU-300 came in a simple white cardboard box white the BLU-300 silhouette printed on the front and the products’ specifications with bullet points to highlight its most notable features. Opening the box immediately reveals the BLU-300 which is stored appropriately in a way that doesn’t stress the neckband and protects the actual earphones and the inline mic controls, this is probably the only time I can remember now which the BLU-300 has been stored since I started using it. The accessory is as basic as its gets with only coming with a set of silicon ear tips(S, M, and L) and the charging cable.

    Build quality and Mic Controls
    BLU on Green
    Marketed as the perfect exercise partner, the Brainwavz BLU-300 is mostly made of smooth matte rubber with touches of metal for the magnetic clasps and then an unverified hard plastic or maybe metal earphone housing and inline mic controls housing. No other color option is available and anyone is stuck with black which might push away the trendy and flashy gym bods and audiophiles.

    The neckband utilizes the flat rubber cable which isn’t sticky and did great when used with a collared shirt as it contours well with the curves and when used with sports jerseys leaves a lighter impression on the neck although it is indeed very light as opposed to a round cable even when lightweight. It also allows for an easier storage solution since braided cables are welcome to be absent on sports earphones after all.

    The BLU-300 utilizes a neckband design to house the inline mic control via a standard 3-button configuration, one used to turn on/off the BLU-300,initiate pairing, activate “hey google”, play/pause while the other 2 buttons are for the usual volume controls as well as doing the forward/previous controls. The buttons are easy to spot and has good identifiable shapes which worked really great, I didn’t find any issues with navigating the numerous BLU-300 features with it.

    Connectivity and Stability
    Brainwavz BLU-300 Bluetooth 4.1 x OnePlus 3T.
    Utilizing the already old 2014 released Bluetooth 4.1 for its connectivity needs and you might be wondering why the choice and we’ll dig into that. The BLU-300 features a single LED light indicator which toggles between red and blue. Charging is signified red while battery full is blue, turned on is a quick blue blinking, turned off is quick red blinking. Pairing mode is with quick red/blue blinking while intermittent blue blinks at around 8 second interval signifies paired and connected mode and volume changes doesn’t have LED light indicators although it uses a 15-step volume control independent from the source which was great when adjusting an already locked volume source.

    Pairing and connecting the BLU-300 was an easy task and had never encountered any issues with connecting and pairing for the full month I used it daily to pair with my mobile phone, laptop and DAP. Stability was also top-notch, all daily tasks that required an earphone that I do regularly was improved when using the BLU-300 from watching movies, streams, taking in calls and listening to music. The advertised 10m range was on point and only encountered hiccups when I moved to a room separated by a concrete wall, the 10m was to be found but audio was cutting out already. Taking out for a jog was also a joy although the neckband bouncing around was a bit annoying but not straining to the neck. It did well with backing its IPX7 rating although the rubber flap protecting the charging slot wasn’t as snug as I would expect.

    Sound Quality and Battery Life
    The BLU-300 was advertised to pump out 6-8 hours of wireless audio connectivity and it is accurate, my average usage time for the BLU-300 clocked in at 5 to 6.5 hours with source swapping at around 4-6 times and at 9-12 volume steps. 8 hours was to be achieved if you stick with a single source and at 5-9 volume steps. Charging time was an average 2 hours maximum which I’m fine with given it was very stable and was really able to eke out all the minutes worth my charge.

    The BLU-300 was never marketed to give an overall excellent sound experience but a powerful bass was marketed. With a dynamic driver to its name,I gave it all the time in the world for a full burn-n which after around the 100-hour mark indeed showcased a great fat bass response which although lacks in attack delivery was compensated by a soft decay presence that doesn’t congest the midrange but instead complimented it. The midrange performance of the BLU-300 was its best aspect soundwise which is just perfect for those voice call quality and video watching session, not to mention that latency was great and no delay was too great for the BLU-300. The midrange was natural sounding with a touch of the subtle lower frequency bleed. Timbre is a tad off with a lean towards the lower spectrum. The Highs are mediocre and at this rate is already no-brainer since minute details are still distinguishable enough to say yeah, there’s those highs.

    The Brainwavz BLU-300, although not the perfect exercise partner, scratched off all my Bluetooth 4.1 worries away, this wireless earphone is the perfect example of a greatly implemented BT4.1 with zero connection and stability issues and still provide a sound quality that is both warm and smooth sounding. The build quality is top-notch and the choice of the flat cable neckband is a standard to be observed, round cables just doesn’t sit right on the neck. Did I mention that the 6-8hour battery life is already just an added bonus for how stable the wireless connection was? Yeah, you got that right, the Brainwavz BLU-300 is and will be staying on my neck from now on.

    More realviews on my site, http://audiorealviews.site/
  2. suman134
    Better Than most (at its price)
    Written by suman134
    Published Nov 26, 2018
    Pros - Plenty of Bass, Engaging sound signature, Good vocals, Nice range and connectivity, good call clarity.
    Cons - As usual it lacks Treble and micro details. Lacks any type of accessories.

    Unless you were living in a cave for some years, everyone has heard about Brainwavz and most of us have owned them too. The are one of the most active brands in the market. With plethora of products under their belt they have reach from $15 earphones to $250 earphone. Let have multiple flagships let it be their DD or BA earphones or Headphones. They usually target the mass market with mouth watering prices. Tempting to the limit and maybe beyond when in sale.

    Their BLU series has seen couple of very successful earphones. The BLU-100 left everyone awe inspired when launched with a lowly price tag and the BLU-200 improved on the 100.

    Here I will look into the BLU-300, the 3rd and the cheapest member of the lineup. With an mop of just under $40 it looks sleek and has a neck bend design with a magnetic clasp and with its IPX7 rating it is bound to get attention from gym goers and everyone else.

    The market is flooded with plenty of BT earphones in this price, but we will look into a couple of other BT modules to see if the BLU-300 is really worth it or not.

    You can get yours from here:-




    P.S. I am not a BT guy, but I will be very lenient with my words.


    The BLU-300 is very lowly when it comes to accessories too. It doesn’t come with the trademark Brainwavz red/black case, there is no carry case in the box, and only one pair of tips. The charging cable and warranty card sums up the list of accessories.

    Possibly because it will not fit into the box, but putting in some tips is something they could have done.



    The BLU-300 is built very well, it feels very sturdy and solid in hand. The all metal housing brings plenty of confidence about its durability. The neck bend rest on the collar and is built with good quality plastic, unless you go hard at it, it will last anyone for couple of years at least. One has to take a bit of care of the cables, as they are the biggest reason why BT earphones fail. (few years ago I suggested Brainwavz to go Removable cables, but it went in vain).

    The cable is long enough and is fairly comfortable. The remote is well built too. This time around it has separated power and volume buttons. The bigger power/call answer/end button is easy to reach and operate.

    The power button works as answer/cut for calls, does work for pause and play for music too, but one has to manually initiate the music app first. The volume buttons work as usual. Holding the volume buttons for a couple of seconds changes the song.



    It nearly takes 90 to 120 minutes to charge from battery low to full. It shows red lightly while charging and blue lightly when charged. Holding the power button for a couple of seconds turns the device on, a blue light starts blinking, holding it for another two seconds initiates the pairing mode, blue and red light blink simultaneously.

    The range is said to be 10m and it is around 8m even with a wall in between, the reception quality has improved considerably and the amount of lag has recued too.

    I will never be able to test the Stand by time, but the playback time is respectable at around 7 and half hours depending on the volume. Calling will reduce the life by a couple of hours. I can't be on call for that long to test it, so.. bite it.

    You cannot pair another device while streaming from another. If a call comes from the other device, the music will stop and will resume once the call is disconnected.

    The MIC quality is good with good amount of clarity, picks plenty of back ground sounds too.


    Paired with my Pixel 2 and A7 2016.


    The BLU-300 relies on a 10mm dynamic driver for the heavy lifting and BT 4.1 for connecting, it's not the latest and might struggle while streaming Loss-less files. To me, its baseless to stream Loss-less files over BT anyway. For general listening one will be very pleased with the performance.

    Its bass heavy sound with good amount of mid range emphasis gives it a very engaging signature. It’s a L shaped signature with plenty of warmth and a bit of coloration.


    It’s the driving force of this earphone. Older models were slightly more mid bassy with a slower decay, the 300 focuses on the sub-bass rumble and gives plenty of vibrations at around 60-90hz, it feels pretty satisfying compared to older models.

    Bass has a nicely rounded body with a punchy and airy bass. The slam feels more natural thanks to faster decay. Lower end extension is pretty good. One cannot be critical about of details here but the 300 has good amount of details and texture. Notes don’t feel overly attacking or flashy and are well rounded. It has good amount of resolution but as usual density is missing.

    Bass is well within limits and delivers a sound signature enjoyable for everyday use. Yes its nearly bass head level of bass, only if it has slightly bigger body, I would have labeled it bass-head.

    Mid bass is nicely controlled with good amount of decay speed. Upper bass too is pretty clean. The driver handles the bass like a champ. I will not call it the best but yes It can be the best for an BT earphone in this price.


    Whenever I hear BT I lower my expectations considerably. I just simply cant expect it to pick up wired level of micro details and clarity. What I can expect is a signature easy on ears and acceptable levels of transparency.

    The 300 is better than 100 and 200 in this regard. It has better details and clarity. The timber feels more natural and notes have better sharpness with more accurate body. And more than everything, it doesn’t sound hollow.

    The vocals are the focus here and both male and female vocals sound natural, female vocals sound slightly off, just slightly. They have good amount of texture to them.

    Instruments do have some clarity but as we go deeper into the spectrum thighs get more gloomy and they tend to lose intensity. Layering and separation is acceptable. Stage size is better than some wired earphones.


    The nicer the lesser you talk about it. It's not like it's totally missing but it lacks extension, there is some upper mid energy which extends up to lower highs, but that’s it, over that its muted, lacks enough energy to be clear, but till that slump its got more than enough energy, more than S0 to be precise. And it's not bad, it just lacks much needed extension. Cymbals are okay, guitars are good, but when you get into some fast paced music with some serious instrument work, it falls on its back, everything sounds pretty much veiled, giving up much details, so play some slow jams, with lesser instruments, some POP, trance and house is just okay as they just use synthesizers in the track and it is just fine. If the track has few more things playing in the background, it just feels very bust lacking any focus or transparency.

    So stick to pop, and hip-hop, not rock, if rock don’t expect details.


    In recent past I have tried some other BT cables from KZ and TRN, the KZ costs around $10 and TRN costs around $18 but they don’t have earpieces, What I can conclude though is that the Brainwavz Has better Reception and Vocal clarity. Trn has slightly better upper mid presence with a bit more extension but that’s it.

    The one with best extension is the BLU-Delta, but it sounds thin and lacks the bass thump. Which in a gym session feels very dull and uninspiring.


    If you will ask me, I am satisfied, my last few reviews were some $500 earphones with up to 5 drivers so I simply can't expect that level of performance here.

    1. I expected an engaging sound signature, and I got it.

    2. I expected very good reception and I got that with very clear voices at both ends for calls.

    3. And more than those, I wanted lesser amount of mid-bass, and the BLU-300 delivered in that front.

    Yes it doesn’t have much treble presence, you can't expect that from an BT device any way unless you are spending $1000. It is a very good option for gym goers, commuting use, jogging use in the park, and for casual listening to Netflix to Amazon Prime episodes.

    That’s it guys, have fun, enjoy, cheers.
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