Bose® On-Ear Headphones

General Information

New Bose on-ear headphones deliver clean, rich sound in a small, light, on-ear design. Just slip them on and enjoy high-performance audio--engineered exclusively by Bose.

You'll hear deep lows. Clear mids. Sweet highs. Distinct separation of instruments. Try them with your favorite tracks and you just may discover subtleties you never heard before.

You may also find yourself forgetting you have them on. Bose on-ear headphones weigh less than five ounces. Their earcups are softly padded with memory foam that gently conforms to the shape of your ears. And they're designed to rotate from front-to-back and top-to-bottom--for an enhanced fit that reduces pressure points. You can wear them comfortably for hours on end.

Bose on-ear headphones feature proprietary Bose technologies that produce high-quality audio in this compact on-ear design. The unique TriPort® acoustic headphone structure provides excellent low-frequency output and helps create a wide range of audio from such small, lightweight earcups. There's no need to push buttons or adjust knobs, and no batteries are required. You just plug in and experience full-bodied, well-balanced audio that brings out the details in your music.

These headphones make great commuting partners. They include two detachable audio cables of different lengths. Use the shorter 16-inch cable with armband or shirt-pocket connections, or link it to the standard 43-inch cable when you need added reach. Both cables attach to just one earcup, so there's less tangling than with conventional Y-cables. Bose on-ear headphones also feature a collapsible headband and fold-flat earcups. A protective carrying case is included with purchase.

What's in the box
--Bose on-ear headphones
--Detachable audio cable - 45 inches
--Detachable audio cable - 16 inches
--Carrying case

Latest reviews


New Head-Fier
Pros: comfort, detachable cable, comes with a nice hard case
Cons: thin cable, price, disappointing sound quality
i think Ultrazone summarized it nicely, so i'll do it short
those are very comfortable little headphones, the pads are soft
easy to carry and fit in any backpack. the case is quite durable
detachable cable is a big plus, the cables not so much
the biggest minus in those phones is the sound itself. lack of details everywhere. narrow soundstage and low resolution


Now known as HuoYuanJia
Pros: comfort, isolation, portability
Cons: price, sound quality, microphonics
The Bose was a gift from my wife, which, at first, I gladly accepted. But the sound dissapointed after some while.
Putting these on my head, I couldn't believe the comfort. They are very light and the ear cushions are soft as a cloud. The ear cushions somehow suck onto the ear resulting in a better isolation than with some IEMs I've tried. I've fallen asleep many times forgetting I'm wearing them. I also wore them in loud places without having music playing. I then noticed the strong microphonics which are actually rare for a headphone. It's not the cable, actually, but your very own foot steps. However, it's not an issue with music playing.
The also fold up nicely and the included pouch seems robust enough. I count the looks as a plus, too.
The first thing that you'll notice with music, though, is the strong bass and the warm and smooth presentation. The bass has its very own signature and it's difficult to compare it to other headphones as with the Bose it seems to be a completely different dimension. It's very boomy and dark. I guess it works well with Pop but fails with all other genres - at least from a hi-fi perspective.
The rest dissapoints completely. The mids are taken in from the bass (Corinne Bailey Rae's voice sounds way too dark and even vibrates like coming out of an uncontrolled subwoofer) and the highs seem like they're cut off. Hi-hats sound very annoying as a "Tz" sound results in a "Tsh" (like it's also the case with Sennheiser's CX series). There's no soundstage at all (the sound is projected right into your ear without even trying to be anything but flat) and the resolution is very low. You will definitely not hear new things in your music that you haven't heard before!
Also, the sound is very colored. It's very difficult to tell an acoustic guitar apart from an electric guitar.
Many people critisize the build quality, but I'm not one of the people that throw their € 160 into a bag so I didn't have the slightest issues.
Short, if you feel comfortable paying $ 150 for comfort, which I'm sure many non-head-fiers are, you'll be alright. But if you want to enjoy music, like emotion in voices, prefer the bass to be precise or have any music with highs then stay away!
I just hope that other brands copy the portable design as there's no portable headphone as comfortable in the same price range.
Compared to other 'phones though, the Bose does actually sound much better than the AKG K450 (another failure) but has absolutely nothing (sound-wise) on the much cheaper Hippo VB, for example. Nothing!


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