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Universal fit IEM

Blue Ever Blue 2000EX


Recent Reviews

  1. H T T
    THE IEM for music lovers with hearing issues?
    Written by H T T
    Published Oct 14, 2017
    Pros - Lessens the psychoacoustics of tinnitus-HDSS works
    Fantastic instrument separation
    Pleasing sound signature
    Cons - Not much to speak of...
    Blue Ever Blue 2000EX

    TL;DR: If you have tinnitus or auditory discrimination issues, look no further as these are the earphones for you. HDSS works. If you don’t have hearing issues, the Blue Ever Blue 2000EX is a worthy candidate for your hard-earned money.


    Due mainly to my hearing issues, Bentley Plummer, from Blue Ever Blue, contacted me requesting me to review the Blue Ever Blue 2000EX and in exchange I could keep the test model. I felt that such an arrangement would probably bias me. I then counter proposed that I purchase the 2000EX, but at a discount. To date, the 2000EX is the most expensive pair of earphones I have purchased.

    I am aware of two other Head-fi reviewers with much more experience with reviews that have reviewed or will review the 2000EX. I would recommend you also read their reviews of the 2000EX for more eloquent, and probably more accurate to the average or better ear, descriptions of the fidelity of the 2000EX. I will keep my review brief with a major focus on how the 2000EX is applicable to people with hearing issues.

    My Hearing Issues

    I have mild to moderate tinnitus. Usually my tinnitus has a hissing quality. I have had this condition as long as I can remember, even as a young child. The volume of the hissing is above a whisper, but lower than a conversation. At times, the tinnitus develops an increase in a resonant peak, sometimes becoming a short-lived ringing in my ears. My tinnitus is there 24/7. The functional impact of the tinnitus is difficulty listening to another person talking to me when other noises, especially voices, are in in the environment.

    Before I set out to put the 2000EX through its paces, I did two separate online hearing tests using a fairly neutral pair of headphones. Both tests had similar results. I cannot hear past about 9.5 kHz. I can hear down to about 35 Hz. As you can see, I can’t talk about treble extension.

    Most Head-Fier's Hearing

    My Hearing

    My Musical Tastes

    I have varied musical tastes, tending toward classical music, JPop, 80s music, and classic rock. I rarely listen to rap or metal. I tend to prefer an earphone with a bit of increased low end, but can appreciate other sound signatures in an earphone.


    The contents of the 2000EX’s box were middling: earphones, seven pairs of tips including three pairs of SpinFit tips, carrying case, three pairs of earhook thingies, and a balanced adapter.


    The body of 2000EX is well-constructed of plastic with no sharp corners. Finish is excellent with seams lacking ridges or sharp edges. The removable, replaceable cord is sleek and is fairly tangle-resistant. It terminates in a 45-degree connector (my favorite angle for mobile devices).


    The 2000EX is quite comfortable. My ear canal is wonky. True with all earphones, I need to angle the nozzle so neither down or up for over ear works well. Even with the base of the earphones sticking forward at a 30-degree angle down from horizontal, the nozzles stay in my ear canals well. I was able to get an excellent seal immediately with the stock silicone medium tips. I never bothered to tip roll.

    Sound Signature

    The 2000EX’s sound signature is one of detail, a mild lower bass rise, a midrange that has presence, and a treble that extends at least to 9.5 kHz. The soundstage for the 2000EX is very wide L/R and moderate to the foreground. Instrument and voice separation are the best I have ever heard. If I can find a fault in the 2000EX, it is also a strength for someone with ears like mine, it is the instrument and vocal separation and detail. At times, the instruments and vocals tend to “stand alone” within the aural environment. This helps me immensely as other earphones have a way of smearing everything for my hearing situation. YMMV.

    I found the 2000EX capable of handling any genre I threw at it.

    Instead of focusing on frequency ranges, I will try to relate the quality of the 2000EX’s response via description of how it handles instruments. The 2000EX is excellent with percussion. The transient attack is handled well. The decay of snare drums is pleasing and accurate. Bells and mallet instruments are presented wonderfully. The 2000EX shines with acoustic, bass, and electric guitars. Pick attack and technique is easy to hear. Acoustic guitars, if recorded properly, have a natural woodiness. Keyboards are handled very well. Here again, transients and initial attack are pleasingly and accurately rendered. Synths, especially, strings stabs, and pads are fantastic. Pianos are reproduced with precision with transients, decay, resonance, and hammer noises being present. The 2000EX does an absolutely fantastic job with classical strings: violin, viola, cello, etc. Brass and horns come across well. Vocals, both male and female, are handled well. Unlike some IEMs, the 2000EX does not favor one or the other. If there is sibilance in the recording, the 2000EX will render it. The 2000EX does a very good job of allowing vocals to pop out of a mix, without being heavy-handed. If I can find a fault with the 2000EX, is that the earphone doesn’t romantically sweeten vocals like I generally prefer. I think this may also result in the 2000EX rendering brass less than deliciously than say the Massdrop X Final Audio Heaven III. The 2000EX seeks to “define” while horns and vocals are very legato instruments mainly. For strings, the 2000EX can seize upon the definition of the bowing action and body resonance of the instruments, making up for the legato nature of string instruments.

    The 2000EX is easily driven by an iPhone 6s. I have tried other sound sources with mild improvement in the lower midrange, but it sounds so good out of the phone.

    How the 2000EX helps my ability to listen to music

    I briefly skimmed some the explanation of the High Definition Sound Standard (HDSS). I did not want to read too much about the technology to minimize the power of suggestion. From my experience with the 2000EX (and the 1200EX), the earphones are excellent with instrument and voice definition and separation. To put it simply, with the 2000EX I hear the instruments, not just pleasing sonic mush. The other benefit of the HDSS technology is that the earphones decrease my perception of my tinnitus. Depending on the day, it can be that I don’t even notice my tinnitus at all. It was almost like it is gone! On other days, when my tinnitus has more of a resonant peak, the decrease in perception is not nearly as dramatic.


    Sonically, to give others a common reference, the 2000EX is like a significantly improved Havi B3. The earphone is comfortable and well-built. The accessories that come with the earphone are respectable. For someone with hearing issues, like myself, the Blue Ever Blue 2000EX is an amazing audio device with a technology that greatly benefits my ability to listen to music. It will probably be a boon to other music fans with hearing issues like tinnitus. The 2000EX was well worth my money. I highly recommend them.
    1. jeffhawke
      Hi, due (also) to your nice review I got a pair of 2000ex. I don't have hearing issues, but I'm very happy about the choice, so thanks for the heads-up! The only thing that bothers me is the cable, it has bad microphonics and gets entangled always. I don't know if you feel the same about it, but I was wondering if you knew of any better quality replacement cables. Those stupid 2.5mmDC connectors don't make the task easy... Thanks!
      jeffhawke, Jan 22, 2018
      H T T likes this.
    2. XP_98
      The difficulty is to know which brand sells aftermarket cables with that connector...
      XP_98, Jan 23, 2018
      H T T likes this.


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