Budget dual driver earphones with microphone; excellent bargain!

BlitzWolf BW-VOX1 earphones

  • BlitzWolf-BW-VOX1-Hybrid-Driver.jpg
    Dual driver (dynamic driver + balanced armature)
    1.2m TPE cable
    3.5mm 24k gold-plated jack
    Three button wired control

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  1. Jesus Follower Daniel S
    Great sound (and looks) on a budget.
    Written by Jesus Follower Daniel S
    Published Dec 10, 2017
    Pros - Clear treble
    Solid, well-controlled bass
    Lifelike soundstage
    Durable and aesthetic design/materials
    Very good price
    Cons - None
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    Introduction to the review

    I have been privileged to obtain a free pair of BlitzWolf BW-VOX1 earphones in exchange for a review, courtesy of Banggood.com (the earphones can be found here). This is the first time that I have reviewed any audio gear before, and so actuated only by my love for beautiful, excellent-sounding audio, I will attempt to give as honest and candid a review as I possibly can. But first, a bit of my history in the world of audio…

    My audio history in brief

    My first phone that I could listen to music with was a Nokia 2700 Classic, then through a Nokia Asha 302, Huawei Ideos X5, Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, to my current audio phone, a Meizu Pro 5 (which has excellent audio, by the way). The earphones I have used before are Nokia’s WH-205 earphones from a Nokia E7, and the Samsung EHS64 set that came with the S3 mini.

    In my family, there has never really been a notable enough home theatre system to write home about. There are and have been cars, however, with very good audio systems. The best two so far are a BMW X6 M (Bang & Olufsen sound system) and a Mercedez Benz V250 (Burmester sound system). So although I am not a seasoned user of high-end audio equipment, I am not a stranger to what quality audio sounds like.

    The review – BlitzWolf BW-VOX1 earphones

    Externals and aesthetics

    The earphones came in a very nice, rectangular black box with a hinged lid. Upon opening it, I was greeted by a white rectangular plastic sheet with the BlitzWolf logo on it. Removing the sheet revealed a user manual, a warranty card, and an earphone case in a foam surround. The case is oval shaped with the BlitzWolf logo on top, and it has a small elastic at the hinged part of the case to hold the zipper against the case when it is zipped closed. This elastic is a small but thoughtful addition; I have found it to be very useful. The whole case is black in colour, aside from the red of the actual zip portion (this colour combination provides a very nice contrast, and it is even more striking when the case is open).

    Inside the case was the earphones, held looped by a Velcro cable organiser, and a small, zip-lock plastic sachet containing two extra sets of eartips, S and L (the M’s were on the earphones already). The sachet was under a netting that occupies the right half of the bottom “shell” of the case.

    The earphones themselves exude an air of quality and exquisiteness. The cable is made TPE, and it feels very durable and hardy. (In fact, it has happened once or twice that while listening to music, my phone has fallen out of my pocket, and the only thing that kept it from smashing itself on the floor was these earphones attached to them (I am speaking of the Meizu Pro 5, which being a phablet, is not too lacking in weight)). In addition, I have not had issues with the cable tangling. The jack handle is beautifully slim and has the BlitzWolf logo on its side; the four-pin jack itself is 24k gold-plated.

    Moving up, the three buttons are incorporated into the surface of the microphone unit; they are not separate like on Samsung earphones. The buttons are distinguished, though; the top one is a plus, the botton one a minus, and the centre one is a circle. It is virtually impossible to press these buttons accidentally; they require a firm press to engage them. A cable slider sits above the microphone unit, the latter from which the cable is now split into two. The earbuds are grey and barrel-shaped, the rears having a CD-like finish. A black, patterned plastic “tread” encircles each barrel just ahead the rear, and the way it is shaped means that the earphones can only be used comfortably placed in the correct ears. The earphones are quite comfortable to wear.

    The sound

    The earphones have a very good, balanced sound signature. They have a fantastic, stunningly lifelike sound stage; the bass is clean, solid and present but not overpowering or bloated in any way. The treble, especially in its higher echelons, possesses a beautiful sparkle; this would be courtesy of the balanced armature drivers (by the way, these are dual driver earphones). These earphones sound especially good with music by Bethel.

    I once had the opportunity of listening to a pair of LG B&O Play H3 earphones. The BlitzWolf earphones are comparable to them, although the LG’s sounded more refined, especially in their midrange. But the relative brightness of the BlitzWolf pair is something that I like above the LG pair.

    I am a seasoned user of Viper4Android and other excellent audio mods/applications. The earphones respond well to equalisation, and with the aforementioned software apparatus I have exploited the potential of these earphones. The resulting sound that I enjoy is clean and natural; yet it has good, driving bass impact and a richer, fuller, more present sound.


    In summary, the BlitzWolf BW-VOX1 earphones are an excellent buy. They are sturdy and rugged, they have a beautiful sound, and to top it off they are very aesthetic. I would certainly recommend these bargain earphones.

    IMG_20171016_185354.jpg IMG_20171016_185425.jpg IMG_20171016_185555.jpg
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