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Audiophile-level portable-use 'on-ear' headphone from Germany. 32 Ohm impedance perfect for use...

beyerdynamic T50p

  • Audiophile-level portable-use 'on-ear' headphone from Germany. 32 Ohm impedance perfect for use with portable player devices of all kinds. Astonishing frequency response of 10Hz ~ 23,000kHz. (description from HeadRoom)

    >>> T 50 p received the EISA award “European Mobile Headphone of the year 2010-2011” <<<

    The T 50 p opens up new dimensions with its highest demands in sound quality and superior materials.

    The Tesla technology newly developed by beyerdynamic is now also used in headphones for mobiles.

    Whether on your way to work, college or travelling by train or airplane, the supraaural T 50 p shields external noise with its closed design.

    The efficient Tesla transformers provide extraordinarily precise and detailed sound. They even perform well with low-spec mobile players. With their slimline shape marked by simplicity and elegance, the smooth lightness of the T 50 p is also a winner for its appearance. There is no longer anything standing in the way of ultimate music enjoyment on portable devices, wherever you may be. iPhone compatible & MP3 ready.

Recent Reviews

  1. gotak
    Good, even if other people say bad things about it
    Written by gotak
    Published Sep 12, 2014
    Pros - Treble, mids, size
    Cons - Design, cost cutting in areas, hairs get stuck when adjusting, bass will not quite some people
    On clearence as there are T51p and dt1350s now so I went ahead and got these for use on the road and in the office. The other phones I own right now are the over ear momentums so this review is in some ways a comparison. 
    I was a bit apprehensive due to the negative reviews here on head-fi from some owners. But I was somewhat pleasently surprised when I received them.
    Build, looks and comfort:
    The momentums win this one hands down. The T50ps has more of a raw industrial look to them, while the Momentums looks like (to me anyhow) a set of classy headphones. This is sitting on the desk, wearing them I have to say the T50p looks better while being worn. Comfort wise the momentums wins, they are so light and well designed they almost disappears when you put them on. While the T50p are not uncomfortable as such, they feel fiddly to adjust, has more clamp pressure and feels less secure on your head.
    Materials wise I think Momentum are better, the fact that the T50p uses a set of bare rivets for the ear cup pivot make them look a bit cheap.
    Design wise you have to wonder who approved a the T50p where adjusting the head band length will almost always (on a guy with shore hair) result in painful caught hairs? 
    Well as a newbie I don't know how much my impression would mean to the old salts around here. Anyhow, I found them to be quite good. Yes, the Momentum has better sub bass and better bass in general. But the T50p are not bass-less as some might lead you to believe. And in some tracks I found more details in the bass in the T50p than the momentum.
    Overall the Momentums are better overall with a more "effortless" presentation. But the T50p does some sounds better in the mids and treble. 
    For what's it's worth I never encountered that tricky positioning issue that maybe only the early production models experienced. The only way I can reproduce the nasal vocal description was to move them into a postion where it is very clear to me they weren't sealing. In fact they sounds perfectly good the first them I put them on my head without fiddly adjustments.
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  2. kungmarten
    What did I just buy?
    Written by kungmarten
    Published Nov 18, 2011
    Pros - Nice fit
    Cons - Audio quality
    DISCLAIMER: I've not listened more than 20 hours on them.
    If these headphones doesn't tur water into wine during the next 80 hours of listening, I declare these headphones as the worst buy ever. 
    The first time listening to these headphones left me with an impression of bad bass and great vocal quality. My hope was that the bad bass would turn into at least acceptible levels after a while. This has not happened. Also, the vocals, to me, sound like played through a tin can. 

    Do not buy these unless you only listen to bad music. 
    EDIT: After two weeks I finally squeezed some bass out of them, but only after careful placement on the ear. 2 millimeters off and they sound like crap again. So I nudge the sound quality up one step, but still, they are not very good.
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    2. RevC
      I have been using a pair of these for about a year now so I guess they are well run in. I would agree that they need careful placement on the ear and if you get them slightly off then the SQ suffers but I have also found this with other on-ear designs so I can't necessarily fault them for that.
      Provided they are on ear I get a perfectly good bass level and I listen to some very dark ambient sounds from the likes of Lustmord that would be practically silent without some bass. Maybe they are slightly more picky about how they sit but I don't experience any of the problems that some of you seem to have. I enjoy the sonic signature they give me and I think they compare well against my HD-600s at home.
      RevC, Jan 25, 2013
    3. NotAnAngel
      All Beyers I owned required very long break-in to show their best; and yes, out of the box none sounded good.My DT990/600 Ohms only stabilized after 350+ hours (harshness was gone, bass increased to the level I did not think they would ever have, clarity improved, etc.).My T90 are even more so; at this moment I have somewhere around 150-170 hours and they just started sounding with almost no harshness (bass is still weak but keeps improving - very slowly).Other than that, *right* headphone amp is extremely important; Teslas are notorious for not accepting some amplifiers. For example, only my Musical Fidelity M1HPA can drive T90 properly (extremely well to be more precise). MF V-CAN II cannot; even new Asgard 2 produces somewhat muddy sound with them (although none are broken in yet so that's not set in stone).For comparison, Asgard 2 makes D990/600 shine (the best sound I could ever get out of them), so does MF V-CAN II.So if you don't like sound - try a different amp. You might find you would have to go to better amps until you can hear them sound right.I am expecting T50p tomorrow so will update on how they perform in a while.
      NotAnAngel, Mar 1, 2013
    4. Savant
      Hmm, where is the Unlike button? :frowning2:
      Savant, Jan 12, 2015
  3. headed
    Better than expected
    Written by headed
    Published Jan 12, 2011
    Pros - Has it all
    Cons - Need to EQ the curve and add an extra ear pad on to the existing one.
    Hi, just want to tell everyone wondering over the sensitivity of the t50p regarding positioning over the ear. I was initially disappointed with this peculiar behaviour of the ear phone when I first got them. Also, there were particular "standing waves" at certain frequencies that disturbed, at least, me.
    I bought mine slightly used, and the guy selling them contributed an extra pair of ear pads. These were also softer than the original ones, also a little bit thinner.  I got the idea to mount these ear pads straight on to the original ones, to get a little bigger "acoustic room" than before. And, behold (!), the positioning sensitivity was gone! The "standing waves" were also gone! With this little tweak I am listening with great satisfaction.
    I really suggest anyone having these ear phones to try this out. It was a "new" sound to me.
    It would really be nice to hear from any of you, if you had the same experience as I did.
    Also, using EQ to dampen the big spike around 10-16 khz, dampen the mid 250-1000 Hz a little and and increase a little around 4 khz gave extra life to them. 
    Hear you later  :)
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  4. Twinster
    My Favorite office Headphone
    Written by Twinster
    Published Dec 8, 2010
    Pros - Detail, Clear, Precise
    Cons - So far so good.
    I'm using the T50P with my Centrance Dacport in my office and I'm in paradise. I did the usual burning of about 150 hours and used them every day since and can only praise for the amazing SQ I'm getting. I was a bit afraid of the sizing issue but didn't have any problem finding the proper adjustement and positioning is not an issue. listening to Radiohead, Jesse Cook, Yo-yo Ma or Marillion is just fantastic. I even favor them to my DT990/600 at home.
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    1. kungmarten
      I just wrote a review of these cans where I complain on the low levels of bass and the "tin can" sound. How long did it take for you to praise these cans the way you did? I've listened for about 20 hours.

      Thank you,
      kungmarten, Nov 18, 2011


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