PA2V2 uses a pair of rechargeable AA batteries, with each charge lasting more than 100 hours....

Electric Avenues PA2V2

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  • PA2V2 uses a pair of rechargeable AA batteries, with each charge lasting more than 100 hours. Its dimensions are 2.2x2.2x1.1 inches thick.


    - Frequency Response from 5 Hz to 40 KHz
    - Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) of 100dB
    - Variable gain from 0 to 610% (Amp numbers 5000 and below)
    - Independent left and right channel gain adjustment screws (Amp numbers 5000 and above)
    - Enhanced EMI shielding case (Amp numbers 8000 and above)
    - 100+ Hours of battery life
    - Dimensions are 2.2" x 2.2" x 1.1" thick

    Other noteworthy things are the rechargeable design and a lifetime transferrable warranty.

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  1. Cameron Suino
    " "
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  2. asymcon
    "OK amplifier for low-impedance headphones"
    Pros - Excellent customer support, good value for entry amp, incredible battery life
    Cons - Inverts phase, low-end distortion, not enough voltage for high-impedance cans, DC-offset on output when turned off, channel volume imbalance
    I owned two PA2V2 and while it's good value amp, it had far too many flaws to my liking.
    Gary however provided excellent customer support throughout the whole time.
    Ended up with O2 and I'm happy so far.
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  3. robertkstephen
    Pros - sound quality, unbelievable value for the price, battery life
    Cons - no bass adjustment
    current use is for watching movies / series on netflix on a nexus 7 tablet , though occasional use with a vintage sony 818 mp3 player.
    utterly spectacular analog-sounding output  via koss porta-pro´s , which makes a match to rival much more expensive stuff -  at least the porta-pro´s beat my other headphones , namely shure 530 , and sennheiser 280, which despite similar specs sound thin and lifeless , and gary explains why, and i quote him from an email (one of many always courteous, patient, prompt, unfailing) : "The copper wire that is used to wind the coil for the driver, they picked the right type of copper, thickness, and number of windings for the wire. The mylar material they used for the driver, (titanium coated mylar in later versions) much have been light weight enough yet still rigid to reproduce accurate audio. The holes in the back of the driver were enough to let the right amount of air pass through. Everything seems to have worked out pretty good with the Porta Pros, especially for the price. [ditto for the amp ! (my comment)] " .
    my wish for a bass adjustment is so that finicky headphones like my above-mentioned might be thus ass-kicked to produce decent sound :)

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