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PA2V2 uses a pair of rechargeable AA batteries, with each charge lasting more than 100 hours....

Electric Avenues PA2V2

  • PA2V2 uses a pair of rechargeable AA batteries, with each charge lasting more than 100 hours. Its dimensions are 2.2x2.2x1.1 inches thick.


    - Frequency Response from 5 Hz to 40 KHz
    - Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) of 100dB
    - Variable gain from 0 to 610% (Amp numbers 5000 and below)
    - Independent left and right channel gain adjustment screws (Amp numbers 5000 and above)
    - Enhanced EMI shielding case (Amp numbers 8000 and above)
    - 100+ Hours of battery life
    - Dimensions are 2.2" x 2.2" x 1.1" thick

    Other noteworthy things are the rechargeable design and a lifetime transferrable warranty.

Recent Reviews

  1. asymcon
    OK amplifier for low-impedance headphones
    Written by asymcon
    Published Sep 2, 2015
    Pros - Excellent customer support, good value for entry amp, incredible battery life
    Cons - Inverts phase, low-end distortion, not enough voltage for high-impedance cans, DC-offset on output when turned off, channel volume imbalance
    I owned two PA2V2 and while it's good value amp, it had far too many flaws to my liking.
    Gary however provided excellent customer support throughout the whole time.
    Ended up with O2 and I'm happy so far.
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  2. robertkstephen
    Written by robertkstephen
    Published Dec 9, 2014
    Pros - sound quality, unbelievable value for the price, battery life
    Cons - no bass adjustment
    current use is for watching movies / series on netflix on a nexus 7 tablet , though occasional use with a vintage sony 818 mp3 player.
    utterly spectacular analog-sounding output  via koss porta-pro´s , which makes a match to rival much more expensive stuff -  at least the porta-pro´s beat my other headphones , namely shure 530 , and sennheiser 280, which despite similar specs sound thin and lifeless , and gary explains why, and i quote him from an email (one of many always courteous, patient, prompt, unfailing) : "The copper wire that is used to wind the coil for the driver, they picked the right type of copper, thickness, and number of windings for the wire. The mylar material they used for the driver, (titanium coated mylar in later versions) much have been light weight enough yet still rigid to reproduce accurate audio. The holes in the back of the driver were enough to let the right amount of air pass through. Everything seems to have worked out pretty good with the Porta Pros, especially for the price. [ditto for the amp ! (my comment)] " .
    my wish for a bass adjustment is so that finicky headphones like my above-mentioned might be thus ass-kicked to produce decent sound :)
    1. cardeli22
      Great review.
      cardeli22, Jan 1, 2015
  3. shak85
    Great sound quality, battery and portable size
    Written by shak85
    Published Jul 21, 2014
    Pros - Great neutral sound, nice detail and wide soundstage, great battery and price
    Cons - Bass boost would be welcome, slightly bulky
    This amp has really sound quality , neutral side and wide soundstage . It could have a little more bass with bass boost switch but no complains here since i do prefer a neutral sound to get the natural performance from my iems. Battery is great , i still haven't charged it yet . I like the volume knob it is very easy to adjust . The output could be a little easier to use. For example when using my pk1 it demands some force to put it , and get it out of output . The size is portable but could be less bulkier. These are just very minor details but the conclusion is that for the money , this amp has amazing sound quality , amazing battery life and best of all the best support you can get with Gary being a very friendly persons that offers lifetime warranty for his product , either if it is your fault or not :wink:
    Honestly what else could you ask for ? 
    Very happy customer here 
  4. Rosario
    Great amp!
    Written by Rosario
    Published Nov 15, 2013
    Pros - Strong minimal efficient amp with long battery life.
    Cons - No options to alter the sound (tone control, bass/highs control)
    Have had this small amp for a year or two and I use regularly with good sound quality, ample amplification, and satisfying listening through it. Gary, who builds these amps by hand is always ready to answer any query, and that is very re-assuring. Have also other portable amps, such as the JDS Objective O2 (which is my top amp and my very favourite), the Fiio E11, and the Little Bear 2.
    However, even though the Objective O2 is my favourite for its clean sound, I never have any regrets when listening to the Electric Avenues PA2V2, as it has a very satisfying sound for its asking price, is strong and sturdy, and, at least in my opinion, quite good looking.
    Battery life seems to be phenomenal, the batteries are easily rechargeable, and even when the batteries die out through frequent recharging (which will take quite some time, say years) they are easily replaced by new rechargeable batteries without any difficulty whatsoever.
    The adjustment screws inside the amp are also very helpful to adjust its output according to what headphones you are using. Have used by AKG550 and Philips Fidelio X1 (both having relatively low ohm resistance) on this amp with good results - even though they both do not really require any amplification from my MP3 players, the sound does benefit and gain more punch and authority from utilising this amp.
    So definitely highly recommended by me as I find it to be an enjoyable and not too expansive amp.
    1. Rosario
      Have used by AKG550 and Philips Fidelio X1 should read "Have used my AKG550 and Philips Fidelio X1". Sorry for the typing error!
      Rosario, Nov 15, 2013
    2. saxon48
      Ordered one of these last week. Excited to hear how these will work with my ATH-M50s and HiFiMAN RE-262s!
      saxon48, Nov 17, 2013
    3. Rosario
      I would say that this amp should work well with the ATH-M52s as it has low impedance. Cannot confirm regarding the HiFiMan Re-262s as their impedance, if I am not mistaken, is quite higher, but it should be OK too.
      You would probably have to adjust the two blue screws inside the amp to get an equivalent volume level for the HiFiMan. Hope you enjoy this amp. I think that for its price, it is a bargain. 
      Rosario, Nov 17, 2013
  5. westinlennox
    Phenomenal Amp, Unbelievable Value
    Written by westinlennox
    Published Apr 20, 2013
    Pros - Excellent Bass, Easy to Use, Minimal Hiss/Interference
    Cons - Edit: A little hard to tell where the battery life is, although it lasts forever.
    First and foremost, let me say that Gary (the owner of Electric-Avenues) is seriously the friendliest, most helpful guy I have spoken to in a long while.  He was so helpful throughout the question/ordering process.  He made sure to answer every question I had very quickly, and even preset the gain on this amp for my Grado SR-80s (great pairing, btw).  As for the sound quality, I can not describe it as well as others who have reviewed this amp here, but I can second everything they have said.  This amp does an amazing job of bringing out the detail and resolution in music; I have listened to classical, jazz, techno, vocal, and it has performed quite well with each (through SR-80s AND ATH-M50s).  I encourage you to read through these reviews of the PA2V2, and if you have any questions whatsoever, just email Gary! Overall, this is a great amp, and, at $70, you can't beat it.
  6. nimbostruck14
    delete this review
    Written by nimbostruck14
    Published Aug 15, 2012
    delete this review. sorry
  7. no cans
    Don't hesitate, it's first rate!
    Written by no cans
    Published May 18, 2012
    Pros - Build, audio, portability
    Cons - gain adjustments inside, could use a big brother
    The PA2V2 is an ideal candidate for a portable headphone amp.  It works extremely well for my low impedance, inexpensive cans. And once I figured out the gain control adjustments (blue screws inside), it also works equally well for my high impedance, expensive cans. I listened to jazz, female vocals, crooners, classical, rock, country and new age and found it handled all. I don’t miss a DAC or sleek design.
    One odd thing: I listened to it without batteries and heard noise in the background. I put batteries in and no more noise. I found out this is a known issue that fixes itself.
    So, try it. For $60 it’s wonderful. The proof? The smile on your face when you turn it on with your fav headphones.
    Impressive amp, incredible price.
    Written by AFRUITPIE
    Published May 1, 2012
    Pros - Small and light, punchy bass, long battery life.
    Cons - Rather flimsy feeling power switch.
    DSC03303.jpg The PA2V2 was my very first experience with any headphone amplifier. I was not expecting it to make any difference, because the concept of an amp sounded silly to me. My ATH-M50s sounded fine running right out of my laptop, or my iPhone! After just a few minutes, the PA2V2 showed me just how wonderful amplifiers are. I have been rocking the PA2V2 for two months now, and I never leave my house without it.
    BUILD & DESIGN: To start off, the build is fantastic. The plastic feels incredibly tough, and can definitely handle months of abuse. The only part I was worried about was the power switch on the top. It doesn’t feel weak or loose, but it’s much thinner than any part on the body, and sticks out very far. The PA2V2 is small enough to put into any backpack or laptop bag, and it’s so light that you’ll never feel it. Unfortunately, it’s too thick to slip in your back pocket. The design of the PA2V2 is exceptionally boring. It’s just a black box. I’m not saying it’s ugly, but it’s definitely not something that takes your breath away from the first sight.
    SOUND: The first thing I noticed in the PA2V2 was the colorful bass and lows. It eliminated the muddy “womp womp womp” sound of the iPhone’s headphone jack, and allowed the bass to open up and really shine. Bass drums were punchy, synthesizers tickled your eardrums, and bass guitars were incredibly clear. The bass was punchy and fun to listen to, but never overpowering. The mids were very impressive, and brought out clarity in my music that my laptop could never do. I could hear fingers sliding down strings, loud slams coming from floor toms, and very rich vocals coming from almost any song. The highs were slightly disappointing. They still sounded great, but sounded as if they were coming directly from the iPhone jack. The soundstage was improved, but it would have been great to see the sound opening up a little more.
    FINAL THOUGHTS: I could go on-and-on about every small detail about the PA2V2 and scrutinizing every aspect as carefully as possible, but I see no reason to. The PA2V2 a fantastic amp for the price, it’s that simple. I highly recommend the PA2V2 to anyone who owns headphones that cost over $100, you’ll never regret purchasing it.
  9. mikek200
    Excellent amp...Great Price...Outstanding Support...
    Written by mikek200
    Published Feb 3, 2012
    Pros - Good build quality ,small....warm sound stage.
    Cons - None
    I contacted Gary,the owner of Electric Avenue,and had many,many questions for him,as I am new to head-fi,and using headphones .
    He guided me through all I should need to know,and answered all my questions promptly.
     One of the forum members suggested I get the Fiio e-10,which I did,,as it also has a dac feature,and a bass switch.....I still use it occasionally,when I/m listening to the internet radio.
    The  main amp though, is the PA2v2..it just seems to have a sound quality ,that is a little warmer,and stronger.
    If anyone is considering a portable amp,I urge you to contact Gary at Electric Avenue,he makes a great product, and is a pleasure to deal with.
  10. theblackfox
    Astonishing PA2V2 Portable Amp!
    Written by theblackfox
    Published Jun 21, 2011
    Pros - Read review
    Cons - Read review

    Headphone Amplifier Review - PA2V2


    A Portable Headphone Amplifier: Introducing the Pocket Amp 2 - Version 2 (PA2V2) - Joseph Kendall
    Creator and owner: Gary Ali
    Price: $60CAD delivered in Canada, Confirm with Electric Avenues as these prices might change with exchange rate and delivery location.

    G’day follower and Welcome!

    I first heard about the the PA2V2 more than a year ago from a friend on the Australia Stereonet Forum (stereo.net.au).
    Sometime later I had the chance to have a quick listen at a local Audio get together (GTG) which intrigued me greatly.

    Since then as many of you know I have become somewhat of a nomad travelling the world, so I now had the calling to put together a decent portable rig.

    I'll be honest normally I’m not huge on doing reviews since there are so many talented individuals out there, who do an amazing job but every once in a while something comes up that I must share.
    Once I received my amp I decided to use it for a period of time before completing this review to ensure proper “burn in time” if you believe in such things for solid state electronics. So after approximately 100 hours of daily use its time had come.


    Test system:
    Audio-Technica ATH-A900 Headphones
    Sansa Fuze 8GB + LOD w/ Gold plated Pailiccs 3.5mm
    Panasonic 2600mAh NiMH Batteries.
    All testing was done off battery without the power supply connected.

    I was in the market for a higher quality portable amplifier than the small Fiio E3 which I bought for $20 on fleabay. So I contacted Electric Avenues through their website and promptly received a reply from Gary Ali the owner and creator of the PA2V2.

    After a few weeks of corroborating my interest through emails back and forth I ordered my amp.
    I recommend purchasing your amp directly from gary through his website as it is cheaper than fleabay and definitely a lot easier. I must attest that he has hand built over 8400 units and delivered to more than 60 countries to date. If this doesn’t speak volumes then stop reading here and go back to hunting some kangaroos :)

    Less than a week after payment was received by Electric Avenues I surprisingly received my package in the mail. Call that a fast turn around!
    It arrived in a heavy duty Padded satchel which had inside a zip lock bag with all the goodies inside. The amp was then again protected within its own bubble padded bag.
    A nice personal touch was the hand written sticker saying “Enjoy the Amp Joe” by Gary affixed to the ziplock bag.


    Included items:
    1. PA2V2 Amplifier
    2. AC wall adapter with wire twist tied all packaged within an OEM box within mini headphone mono jack (US socket 110v)
    3. A headphone splitter cable, Stereo 3.5mm Male to two 3.5mm Female adapter
    4. Gold plated 1' Male to Male 3.5mm cable to attach source to the amp

    Amplifier Build:
    The amp looks to be built into a DIY ABS plastic black case which is extremely rugged and sleek. After initial inspection it is evident that attention to detail and design have not been overlooked.
    Over the past few months it has taken a couple of falls and not even a single mark is present. The only issue is after being dropped I found was the batteries sometimes became dislodged from the holder. I handle my equipment with uttermost care but with something so small and with my very long headphone cable, tripping on it or catching the cable on things unfortunatly happens.

    Next  the connections and volume potentiometer are set into a clear red coloured piece of acrylic plastic. Personally I wish the power connector was located on the rear but due to the battery holder being on this side it was not possible.

    The other reason why all the I/O’s and volume are on one side is for manufacturing simplicity and having the shortest circuit paths as physically possible.

    Upon internal inspection everything is well laid out. By the look of it the components are surface mount and some extremely large capacitors which are high grade.

    The volume potentiometer is Swiss made and extremely good quality as is the knob is of professional quality much like the ones found on professional a/v equipment. The pot moves smoothly but also with weight like a high quality motorized volume control on an AVR or Preamplifier.

    Compared to many DIY and manufactured amps this is one a great size as it fits in the pocket of my dress pants with the Sansa Fuze mounted together. Definitely smaller than a number of mobile (cell) phones that I have used over the years.


    Now to insert or change the batteries the amp has to be opened by unscrewing the two countersunk screws on the bottom. Only requiring two rechargeable NiMH AA batteries I thought was excellent (compared to popular CMOY amps that need dual 9v batteries)
    Ease of use:
    One of the strong points of this amplifier is the ease of use. With only two 3.5mm jacks for input and output, a smaller jack for power, a power switch and volume pot I cannot see my Oma (Grandmother) even having issues. Once all the connections and made you only need to turn on the amp and toggle the volume to your liking.

    Many have spoken of having to set their Digital Audio Players (DAP) to around 60% or whatever works the best for them. I never had this issue as I am using a LOD which disengages the volume functionality of my DAP and bipasses the internal headphone section.

    Audition Music List:
    For many years I have been using a list of specific songs as follows:
    Sarah McLauchlan - Angel
    Andrea Bocelli - Con te partiro (Time to say goodbye)
    Alison Krauss - It doesn't matter
    Cascada - What hurts the most (Yanou's Candelight Mix)
    Blue October - 18th Floor Balcony (Within hidden track at the end)
    Coheed and Cambria - Wake Up
    Princess Superstar vs Mason - Perfect Exceeder
    IIO - Rapture (At the end)
    Dirty Vegas - Days go by
    Bass Hunter - Dota
    Vivaldi - Summer

    The headphones I am using for this review are the Audio Technica ATH-A900
    These are rated at 32ohms which while not extremely hard to drive (Like the Sennheiser equivolent eg HD600) but it isn’t a 'walk in the park' either as lower impedance In Ear Monitors or standard earbuds. The rated output power is up to 200mw depending on the headphone impedance.

    Volume was adequate and rather loud. Definitely loud enough for people passing by to hear my music even with the A900 closed backs. Although still not ear splitting levels like I am used to from a desktop amplifier but who am I kidding it's portable!
    Listening to my all time favourite audition song 'Angel' by Sarah McLauchlan was a blissful experience. It sounded as if she was sitting in front of me performing a personal rendition. The piano was lifelike and no discernable colouring was present. The low notes of the piano that dip down to to 30z are evident with minimal to no roll off.

    Next I moved onto testing with male vocals by Andre Bocelli. After about 1 minute I slowly stopped analysing the equipment and was happily enjoying the performance. This alone speaks for itself. The treble was never shrill but definitely present possibly a little forward for my liking. The midrange is accurate I would have to say it is presented in a recessed or relaxed manner. Not too relaxed to be unrealistic or flat sounding.

    For midrange testing I have always made use of the dance song Rapture (At the end) by IIO from 2003, in this song there is a constant melody line almost like an xylophone. The unique tonality of the xylophone usually creates oscillation in the midrange on most systems. The PA2V2 with Audio Technica ATH-A900 ROCKED MY WORLD! Better than eating kangaroo cooked on a campfire. Throughout this song it also has  the low bass note that rumbles every four bars is present and well defined.

    I wanted to listen to a song that would put this little amplifier through its paces in the bass response.
    After recently having the honour of visiting the annual Movement Electronic Music Festival 2011 (DEMF) in Detroit, Michigan I discovered an amazing artist who doesn’t hold back on his bass mixes. Song by artist is definitely hard work for the PA2V2 at high levels. I had to lower the volume a couple of decibels in order to have enough headroom to ensure the amp wasn't pushed to audibly distorting
    Having heard this song live on a line array system sporting 16 separate 18" high powered horn loaded subwoofers I must say I am somewhat biased. Amplifier performed better at lower levels for the deep extension. Rolling off at around 30hz with my Audio Technicas in tow. I must clarify that many have said the A900's are bass light but I  digress that only major bass junkies would have an issue. Myself, I have never had any quelms with their bass capabilities.

    I completed the rest of my audition list and then went through the same process with my home audio system. For most of the songs I actually preferred the sound of my headphones! They just felt so personal and close to the musicians. The PA2V2 only somewhat trailing behind when I turned up the wick on my Electronica music with bass hungry beats. The treble could benefit from a little bit of taming (aussies are used to taming things haha).

    Predominantly being from a purist Hi-Fi, High end Home cinema and money is no limit PA installation background my appetite is what you might call hard to please.

    I have to admin I was surprised with this little guy. I cannot expect amazing SPL or drive capabilities from a portable amp powered with only 2 AA batteries that lasts so long. The clarity and honesty of this amplifier are excellent. A little on the large side in comparison to my Sansa Fuze but I have to commend Electric Avenues for being able to fit so much into such a compact device.

    Now after a couple of months of daily usage (3+ hours of travelling) I am proud to say I do not have a dingos breath of buyers remorse. I absolutely love the fact that people ask me regularly what on earth is “that” and then I give them a listen. Even just with simple comparison tests a number of people have purchased their own from Gary!  The PA2V2 is an amp that just keeps on giving. I can honestly say I am proud to have this amp in my pocket and it has become my daily mate.

    Home Audio Followup of the PA2V2:
    I was looking for a good easy to use Digital Audio player for my home system. The Sansa Fuze just doesn’t have the oomf for line level input that my Outlaw 990 Home Theatre Processor/Pre Amplifier requires. So purely out of curiosity I tried it with the PA2V2 (Sansa Fuze V1, + LOD).

    I went straight to my critical song, Sarah McLauchlan - Angel. All I could do was smile. I have found the digital audio player that I have been looking for. I have used Creative X-Fi, M-audio Audiophile and duo, E-MU, Edirol, plus many other computer sound cards. I enjoy the PA2V2 with the Sansa Fuze just so much more. Less clinical but never overly “warm”. I think I will have to purchase another one now to be permanently installed  in my listening room for the 2ch system.

    For integrity reasons I must explain that I have not been endorsed, biased or coerced by Gary of Electric Avenues in writing this review.
    With all audio components there are trade off's and compromises. Portability vs power output vs battery life are all aspects involved in the balancing act of headphone amplifiers. While there are downfalls with the PA2V2 I am personally happy as a whole with this piece of equipment.

    I must also thank you for reading my review. I hope I have been a help in some way in finding your audio nirvana.

    Keep those tunes spinning!

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    2. RJ Smooth
      Hey Fox, i'm kind of a newbie and just had a question. I'm going to be copping a pair of Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro's and was wondering how well this amp would serve these headphones? I will be using an iPhone 3GS as an MP3 Player.
      RJ Smooth, Dec 4, 2012
    3. Insatiable One
      How would the PA2V2 compare to another affordable amp such as the Magni by Schiit Audio? This may be an inappropriate comparison as the Magni is not a very portable amp because it needs to be plugged into the wall but it is one of the other options I am considering to be my first amp as it is priced at $99 USD. Thx.
      Insatiable One, Jul 19, 2014
    4. Tang Arlen
      Thanks for your review and recommendation.
      Tang Arlen, Jul 14, 2016


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