Bellari HA540

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  1. skfktkwjs
    "Best tube under 600"
    Pros - Planty of power, Low Heat, wormth, SQ
    Cons - Pakaging
    I was surprised that I can get this quality of sound out of under 400 dollors amp.
    Its truly amazing that this has fast tight response even though it is tube amp and yet it capture all of
    harmony that tube amp has.
    I was expecting a lot of heat because it is Class A type amp and yet it doesn’t have much heat.
    I can even touch the tube while it’s fully running.The power is plenty so with my gs1000i, I only need
    to raise one ~one and a half has almost no background noise and when I starts music it
    disappear.Greatest tube amp under 600~700 and i do recommend this to all of Grado user and
    people who are looking for amp with great price
  2. Ronnietron
    "My first AMP and loving it!"
    Pros - 2 source inputs; very low background noise; heaps of gain
    Cons - none right now..
    Being new to the hifi scene it's a little hard to think of what to say but I'll do my best. My experience with this tube headphone amp has been great and is only getting better as I use it. It gave my K702's a really nice warm sound with a great soundstage. It's 35dB gain is just crazy and enough to run some of the most power-hungry headphones out there. There are two source inputs, one for low powered devices like iPods and another for high powered devices such as CD players or DAC's. All in all its a great piece of kit for the price you pay and is great to couple up with headphones that may sound a little 'thin' as it adds a little body to the overall sound. :)