Beats by Dr. Dre Tour In-Ear Headphones

General Information

Beats Tour delivers sound so big; you would think you had speakers in your ears. Newly developed in-ear speaker technologies reproduce clear natural vocals, detailed highs, and deep powerful bass without distortion. Wired with high-performance Monster Cable, Beats Tour delivers sound performance never before achieved in any earphone. Beats Tour also features the world's first tangle-free earphone cable. While earphones are convenient, taking the time to untangle them is not.Most in-ear headphones simply cut off the low end of your music because they simply can't reproduce low audio frequencies. It took well over three years to develop and fine-tune the technology that makes Beats Tour bass so big, you'll think we put a subwoofer in your head. Dr. Dre would have it no other way.Beats Tour in-ear noise isolation cuts external noise for a better music experience than traditional earbuds. Beats Tour includes five pairs of earbud tips: three pairs of cone tips and two pairs of triple-layered tips for the most comfortable, secure fit that isolates you from unwanted external noise. With Beats Tour, you'll hear everything no matter how loud the rest of the world is. Most earphones don't have the power to play music at the volume some music lovers like us prefer. The large high-efficiency drivers and magnetic technology have been custom engineered to play loud without distortion so you can hear every note. Beats Tour delivers power and clarity that reveals the emotion in your music. The Sound Check feature on your iPod balances playback levels so all your music tracks play at a consistent volume. But if the volume difference between tracks is large enough, ordinary earbuds may not play tracks with Sound Check loud enough. Beats Tour drivers were engineered so you have all the power you need to rock out even with Sound Check on.The Beats Tour cable features Monster's patented magnetic flux tube and Mi

Latest reviews

Pros: cheap
Cons: everything else but cheap
Bought these when being on vacation the past weeks, since "argl" I missed to pack my in-ears and thought, ok, for 2 weeks on the beach, let's pick the first ones I came across.
What I learned now, and since the first impression always counts, keep your hands back from packages with "Beats" on it.
I expected less, since that brand is well know by poeple with equipment causing ear-cancer, but I still expected a bit more but in-ear which aren't able to represent a clean sound of what the playback device sends them.
Ever heard of what "soundstage" stands for? This was the first ever in-ears which had no stage at all. Looks as if beats tried to produce a headphone set which lets stereo music sound as if being a mono recording.
I simpyl dropped them in the dustbin at the airport, since it wasn't worth thinking about carrying them back home. Each cent spent was for next to nothing.
Beats .... if you don't like crispy clear music.
Pros: Portable, many accessories, good isolation, good design
Cons: Bad audio quality, bad value, okay comfort
So I got a pair of these before i knew anything about audio, and since now i do, i rarely ever listen to these, these have bad sound quality, the comfort is okay, but i really like the design i think its very unique. Also these do isolate very well i could every rarely hear anything when I'm listening to music with these on.
Overall these have bad value, not worth $149.99
Pros: Looks
Cons: Price, Value, Sound, and Durability
For me personally these are okay
Price -- I think these should be cheaper than they are priced. On the Apple website they are marked at $150 still but I think they are cheaper in the store. Anyways, they would be okay if they were $70 just because of the experience I had with them.
They do come with a good carrying case, and a decent amount of tips to choose among.
They are good looking ear buds for sure. They look nice, color scheme is good. I love the red, white, and black. However that's about it.
The main problem for me was comfort and sound.
Comfort: For me they stuck out of my ear too far and were constantly falling out.
Sounds: They sounded slightly better than the current apple Earpods, which cost less than 1/3 than the beats.
Cost: Overpriced
Honestly you are paying to have something that looks pretty. If you want to pay to have something that works and has the beats logo go for it. If you want something that sounds better, for less there are many options.
hahahaha this is interesting, theres a thread where the earpod users rave about how good earpods are and now you claim the beats in ears sound better. lol just for kicks, maybe you should go post on that thread and watch for responses :wink:


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