Auvio In Ear Armature Headphones

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What's in the box

AUVIOTM In-Ear Headphones
ComplyTM Foam ear cushions (3 pair)
Black leather storage case

Latest reviews

Pros: attractive, metal housing, stable cord, nice case
Cons: Comfort, Sound Quality, Comfort, Price
I was trying to be generous with this review, I had these for fewer than two hours because of the comfort, They ACTUALLY cut up my ear canals, there is no exaggeration, my ears bled, and I've never been a fan of foam tips. Foam tips get ripped up, and really feel insecure in my ears, plus the plastic tube can become exposed and creates a level of discomfort greater than that of the silicon tips, AND they don't seem to block pout any noise for me. When I was using the silicon tips, after I found the best fitting but still ungodly uncomfortable fit, i found that the isolation was rather disappointing, when the music was on I could hear people talking around me, and I keep my volume pretty high, usually around 40. Now some people may be frustrated by my poor review of sound quality, but to be honest, with comfort this bad, I was actually taking stars out of the other categories to compensate for the low limit of 1/10. These headphones produce little, thin bass which turns out muddy and lacks clarity. Mids are also fairly low on clarity, these 'buds smoothed over notes that were not supposed to be smooth, things like the opening section of "trail of insects" by bloodbath was noticeably smoother than the artist intended, I get the cracking sound with every other pair of headphone I own, not with Auvio though. And finally, highs. Rolled off, sloppy, unclear. Do you follow the pattern? On a brighter note, the construction was fairly rugged, and would have gotten a four if not for the ear tips. And the case that comes with these IEM is the nicest I've seen. Overall bad in the ears, great out of them. If your looking for a pair of earbuds to sit around, collect dust, look nice, and last a long time, these are for you. If you plan on listening to your music, these are not for you.


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