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Previously known as Wretched Stare
warm and safe like a blanket
Pros: It is very enjoyable and safe tuning, very nice cable and build quality.
Cons: It Is not the most detailed and technical IEM

The Rose Technics QuietSea is a IEM that has a excellent build quality, its accessories are good, but more tips would have been appreciated. The box was simple and contained the basic information. Inside one finds the QuietSea , a nice cloth square case, a set of tips in various sizes and the thick twisted braid on the cloth cable that looks amazing.
The unit is made of magnesium with some resin.


Sound Characteristics:

The QuietSea offers a relaxing and warm sound with a balanced tuning.
Its treble is smooth and laid-back, contributing to a very pleasant and relaxing listening experience.
The midrange is warm, coherent, and has good layering with very good note weight.
Bass is warm and fuller sounding. The Mid-Bass is the focus here with good impact and texture, Sub-Bass is there but further in the background, it is more of a neutral presentation compared to the Mid-Bass.
The technical performance is only slightly above average, with soundstage being decently wide and average placement.

In summary: the Rose Technics QuietSea offers a warmish relaxed and satisfying sound that most audio enthusiasts will appreciate. Whether you're enjoying rock or classical, the sea offers an enjoyable listening session without harshness.

The Quiet Sea with EPZ Q1 pro: the sea is more relaxed and mid-bass focused while the Q1 pro is more fun and sub-bass elevated. Both offer a good price to performance and are much different in presentation. Equipment used the ifi Diablo-2 , GoBar Kensei, questyle M15 and Tempotec V6

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Previously known as Wretched Stare
Safe smooth one
Pros: A safely tuned IEM with no sharp edges to the sound, built light and feels sturdy.
Balanced sounding with almost neutral mid-bass, average soundstage and details.
Good accessories.
Cons: Not the most revealing IEM, looks are plain as with most Heygears IEM.


The Letshuoer Cadenza 4 is an intriguing set of hybrid in-ear monitors (IEMs). Let’s dive into its specifications and features:

Price: The Cadenza 4 is priced at $229.
Design and Unboxing Experience:
The unboxing experience is classy, reminiscent of the more expensive S15 model.
The earphones come in a multi-level box with a magnetic clasp.
Inside, you’ll find a plastic travel case, a high-quality cable (made of high-purity silver-plated monocrystalline copper), and various eartips.
The earphones themselves are made of 3D printed resin with a CNC-milled aluminum faceplate, finished in a matte texture.
The design ensures a comfortable fit for the average human ear.
Sound Quality:
The Cadenza 4 aims for a non-reference / non-offensive sound with a deep but balanced sub-bass rumble, tame neutral Mid-Bass and smoothly detailed highs with a fair extension. The Midrange is unique as it has a forward but centered placement and while not the most detailed it has a very neat response with a thinner than average note weight but still has a nice warm and rich sound I find pleasant.
Soundstage is slightly above average in size and has decent but average imaging.
It uses a four-driver array for its frequency response.
10mm beryllium-coated dynamic driver (DD): Provides natural sound and spacious low-frequency reproduction.
1 Sonion balanced armature (BA): Contributes to the overall sound signature.
2 Knowles balanced armatures (BA): Enhance clarity and detail2.

In summary, the Letshuoer Cadenza 4 offers an enjoyable and safe sound quality, with very good accessories at a reasonably accessible price point, making it a strong contender in its category as it is a safe tuned IEM that goes well with multiple genres of music.

Gear used for the review are the ifi Diablo-2 and ifi Gobar Kensei , the Surfans F28, and Tempotec V6

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Previously known as Wretched Stare
Bass head with style
Pros: Powerful Bass but not too intrusive to the other frequencies, treble is well controlled comfortable 3D printed shell, good fun signature
Cons: Not for neutral lovers, Bass can be fatiguing with certain music. Mids are warm and thick


The QKZ-HBB Hades comes in a very cool graffiti style box, inside is the Hades, a little white plastic case, a cable, a set of tips and a commemorative medallion. The build is good a soft resin with a wavy resin faceplate that changes from blue to tan depending on the light, it's a nice-looking set for sure. I found them very comfortable. Good isolation and good looks round of the qualities of the shell design. The tips and cable are adequate and nothing too special about them.

Sound impressions: The QKZ Hades is a bass centered IEM warm thick Bass extends outward with an almost stereo Sub kind of feeling to it. Sub-Bass is warm and there is bleed into the midrange but for Bass lovers it's a really fun set.
The Mids are as expected recessed. Midrange and treble are more towards a balanced tunning. Mids practically the lower are thick and warm but not overly so. they still are very nice and pleasant with male vocals sounding full.
Treble has enough sparkle and details but could have more energy.
Soundstage is decent it's not the most detailed and open but fits well in the fun mix of the hades, it's not intimate there is some width there it's just so much bass here technicalities sit in the back seat.
Overall, the QKZ-HBB Hades is super fun with Pop ,Hip-hop, Rock and Kpop and any bass driven music. I wouldn't recommend metal with this though.

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Previously known as Wretched Stare
Nice effort
Pros: Fun sounding, good looking, and build is good.
Cons: Not the most resolving even in the KZ camp, mids are scooped, Bass is boomy and treble might be too uneven for some.

Model:KZ Symphony
Plug type:3,5mm
Pin type:0.75mm
Cable type:Silver-plated cable
Cable length:120±5cm

The new KZ Symphony is an in-ear monitor consisting of a 13.2mm Planar Driver + 6mm Dynamic. It is on the larger size and may not fit all ears well, that said it was not a problem for me. I found it reasonably comfortable, and isolation was decent. Build quality is good as expected of the Black box flagships from KZ. I do wish they included one of their better cables instead of the classic silver dual one that basically is in every box. I really liked the one that came with the ZAR. Look wise the Symphony is very modern looking with its angled grill. The smoked resin back allowing you to see the planar in a certain light. Included in the box is the typical cable and tips.


Sound wise:
The Symphony is a decent performer with Bass and mids are of course recessed, the vocals are clear and have sufficient weight and details but are far from focused upon this area and treble hits and rolls off quickly. there is a wide soundstage with good placement and air. This is by far not the worst IEM i have heard but I rally was hoping for them to level-up from the amazing Rhapsody. Instead, what we got is an IEM that has a fun signature that for casual listening is fine. Many will of course not like the midrange because its lacking. It also should be noted that this is a fickle IEM and on certain sources it sounds much better than others and fuller and less scooped. on the Gryphon it was much more enjoyable than on the M15 dongle. its not a power thing because it doesn't need much power. I think there will be a split between those that hate it and those that will enjoy its non-serious nature.
All and all its not as bad as many have said, it's fun and can be enjoyable with certain types of music. I personally like the D-Fi better.

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Previously known as Wretched Stare


Impedance: 15-20 ohms
sensitivity: 101-103dB
0.75mm QDC two pin
Silver plated cable 120cm

Equipment used to test:
ifi Diablo-2 , ifi Gryphon, TempoTec V6, Questyle M15, Hidizs S9 pro +, Fosi DS1, Simgot DEW4X, ETC.


The CCA Trio came in pretty Lunar New Years wrapping paper.
Inside was the simple box that we are used to from KZ products. Documentation was excellent.
Inside is the unit, their standard silver-plated cable, foam tips and Starline tips in three sizes.
The Trio is made well the body is on the chunkier side like the rhapsody, made from resin and with a nice-looking metal faceplate. I found them comfortable, but I can't say they will fit smaller ears well. I switched from the default foam tips to the medium Starline as I like them better myself. Isolation was very good and above average for its price. The Trio uses three 8mm legendary dynamic drivers with two being housed inside a black holder and one near to the nozzle. It has 4 switches that mildly change the bass and mids but it's not as noticeable as other models.

Sound Impressions:
The Bass: The Bass on the Trio is not as deep as others from the company but has a good, controlled impact, there is a nice rumble when called upon but is by no way a Bass-head IEM, I found the Sub-Bass less prominent than the Mid-Bass that had a nice slam with good speed and more than adequate texture. Bass in general is well balanced and natural sounding.
The Midrange: The Mids present nicely, there is a mild warmth and texture to them. The vocals both male and female are forward and smooth with no shouty or peaky spikes. I found them pleasant, and they had good clarity and decent separation. While not as technical as the Rhapsody the Mids here sound very pleasant to the ear.
The Treble: The Highs on the Trio are excellent on various levels of enjoyability. They are extended to a safe level, have a mile sparkle and air to their presentation and are not peaky at all. while not the most details they do sound organic and open.
Soundstage: The Trio has a nice open sound to it while not huge its big and organic sounding, placement is very good and defiantly could work for casual gaming.

In Conclusion:
I like the Trio, its made well looks very good and has a natural and pleasant, and without harshness, U-shaped signature, it is not as technical as the Rhapsody and yet sounds amazing. I think KZ/CCA are heading in a good direction with their latest creations and the Trio is a enjoyable well-balanced IEM.


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Previously known as Wretched Stare
Great little dongle
Pros: Neutrality, details and a hint of warmth
Cons: Nothing much would have liked the indicator to be on top and not inside the two jacks.

Technical Details
DAC Chip: Dual CS43198
Decoding specifications:
- PCM: 384 kHz/32 bit
- DSD: Dop 128/Native 256
Body material: Aluminum alloy sandblasting oxidation black
Interchangeable Line Design: YES
Cable material: High quality OFC wrapped shielding layer
Connector: Type-c
Output plug: 3.5mm, 4.4mm


The Simgot DEW4X is a successor to the DEW line of dongles not very well known by Simgot. The package is silver and shiny with good documentation on it. Inside is a manual, cable and A- to- C adapter. controls are simple two buttons on the side control volume, high and low gain and gaming mode.

Build quality is superb, it's made entirely of aluminum and so small, making it easy to fit in your IEM case. I like the large easy to see and feel buttons.

The DEW4X performs quite well, a fine almost Neutral performance with good dynamics and resolution. The dongle has a little warmth and excellent details throughout. Volume is a noticeable upgrade as well as better clarity and the DEW4X has good staging too.
This sounds very good to me, and it's become one of my favorites.

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Previously known as Wretched Stare
Same but better?
Pros: Not offensive safe tuning, colorful tips
Cons: Build is ugly and weird, cable is thin

Lets talk about the "improved" zero. The new Zero two comes in a simple box, inside is a new designed cable, its much thinner than the original the connector says salnotes while the little round logo on the splitter says 7hz, the two-pin connector has a weird bend to it but it doesn't hinder performance or comfort. It's the same look wise as the OG, the shape is an angled shape resembling a marshmallow peep to me. plastic is thick with a large seam being shown, look wise it's not impressive at all and ugly in my opinion. Still it seems to be made okay for the cost.

The lower end on the Zero2 is well emphasized with both the sub and mid being prominent. Bass is warm and thick with just okay speed and control. This is not the worst Bass, but it is not the best I've heard, and I honestly think while the quantity went up the quality went down. Bass is enjoyable for casual listening though.
The Midrange has decent weight and okay separation, surprisingly male vocals are just okay while female vocals sounded more energetic. Positioning of the vocals are good with female being more forward but not shouty at all.
The treble is more safely tuned and while it is enjoyable it could really use more energy.
The Soundstage is tight and while it has average imaging it can fall apart with busy recordings.

The ZERO2 is a pleasant and affordable Harman like tunning with nothing to boring and a safe tunning it is sure to be a hit with everyone but that said I'm not too impressed. I think it's good but I much rather like the EW400 better.

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Previously known as Wretched Stare
Another multi driver hybrid with a Harman sound
Pros: Very good balance, comfort and construction
Cons: Basic accessories


PLUG TYPE: 3.5mm

The ZIIGAAT CINNO come in an efficient and small box with eye catching colors. inside is the Cinno a cable and tips.
The Cinnio like some others is a nice smooth medical grade resin very comfortable in the ears and with the right size tips they have good isolation too.

The Cinno presents with a well-controlled lower end , Bass is responsive and tight with good speed and average texture. Bass is north of Neutral and has enough impact but is far from a bassy set. The Midrange is amazingly tuned with good separation and clarity and well-placed vocals forward but slightly and centered perfectly. They are decently bodied but not overly thick, just enough energy to be enjoyed without them being shouty. The Treble is safely tuned with good air and sparkle but more of a smoothed over detail, the cinno is far from the most technical pair but enjoyable with all kinds of music and for a long day of use.

In Conclusion:
The Ziigaat Cinno is another well rounded multi-hybrid with the ranks of the Tanchjim Kara, Simgot EM6L and Turthear Nova. Its appeal is in its non-offensive tunning and while the Nova is more exciting, I think people will enjoy the Cinno for all day use without fatigue.

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Previously known as Wretched Stare
Smooth operator
Pros: Solid Build, good accessories pleasant tone
Cons: Not the most detailed or airy


The D13 comes in a sturdy box, good graphics and no-nonsense details on the back. inside one finds the D13 with its all-metal build and cool rounded looks, underneath that is a typical Letshuoer case with the tips, a very nice cable and nozzles a set of two kinds they look similar to the Letshuoer singer nozzles, so they are probably interchangeable.
Build is very good and while the round shape is unique it is pretty small so it might fit most ears well. in comparison with the ARTTI T10 that has an identical shape the D13 is much smaller. despite being all metal they are not heavy and comfortable to me. Isolation was above average.

THe Letshuoer D13 is a smooth V-shaped IEM.
Lows present with a good amount of Bass impact Sub-Bass has a nice depth to it with a noticeable rumble and natural decay. Mid-Bass is more focused and speedier with good texture and details to both.
Mids are tuned relaxed and warm with both male and female vocals even in their centered position. There is average separation and very good thickness to the mids in general. details are rich but smooth.
The highs sound natural with decent air and sparkle but they are very safe and relaxed, treble sensitive will enjoy this, but I would have liked better energy up top. Still no harshness here just a safe upper tunning.
While the staging is similar to listening in a small club, the positioning and overall imaging is accurate and doesn't fall apart on crowded recordings.

In conclusion: The Letshuoer D13 is a single dynamic with a warm smooth performance, for casual listening and for enjoying pop, jazz, hip-hop or even electronic it could be very enjoyable.

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Previously known as Wretched Stare
Beast of a portable
Pros: Power is good, sound quality is excellent, and it comes with everything you will need.
Cons: the case is a little small for the included accessories, that power debacle I won't talk about any further.
PXL_20231208_193245102 (1).jpg


Packaging and Build:

The ifi comes in a premium box with plenty of accessories as shown above. The build quality is exceptional, soldi metal build, metal knob has a good feel to it and is accurate, switches and buttons are well made no rattling of any kind with usage. At the time I received my diablo2 the power rating was incorrect and has been updated so I will not mention the specs as they are online. The D2 has a good weight to it but for its size I would say it's not too cumbersome for portable use, I actually have a few shirts where it fits nicely in the pocket believe it or not. I like the included accessories the stiff copper cables worked well and are built durable; I would have liked a little more length to them though. The railings are a nice touch and the desktop and portable mode make this the only combo unit needed in most situations. The case is well made and great in most applications, but I found it a bit too small to include everything inside it. What I like is the design and color, the power and sound signature and its feature rich.
I personally don't care if its 2w or 50w as long as it can drive the headphones to their needed parameters.

Equipment, ETC: I paired the D2 with a small variety of devises, including the TempoTec V6 dap, MY Pixel pro phone, Smasung Phone, Nintendo Switch via Bluetooth, Apple iPad, PC windows and Linux and My Andriod TV.

Performance and Sound:
The Diablo-2 presents with a nice wide and detailed signature with warmth and excellent dynamics. The Midrange is very detailed and natural with most of my headphones and earphones. The treble is also detailed and has a nice airy and sometimes sharp but natural edge to it. It ran my 350-Ohms Fiio FT3, Dekoni Blues, HiFiman Ananda, HE-4X and Sundara as well as a pair of 250-ohms studio and others well.
They sounded bigger in my opinion using this Amplifier.
I must say I really like the very low noise floor of the D2, even with all BA and low impedance IEM it didn't hiss or pop.
The New Bluetooth lossless may be controversial but I will admit it is much better than even LDAC and while I'm not a huge Bluetooth fan I can see this as a convenient way to get good quality playback. Even the hard to drive Tinhifi P1 OG sounded better than I remembered on this unit. I being a hip-dac 1,2,3, ZEN can and Dac and Gryphon user can say the only thing I was missing on the Diablo2 was Xspace and XBass, I think that would have made this just perfect in my eyes. Not that it needs it because dynamics and staging are impressive but more, I like the option being there.


Thinking aloud:
The ifi Diablo-2 is a continuation of the original, I liked the OG as well. I think this one appeals to the music listener who wants something that can do a decent job on desk duty but can also travel with them. Mistakes aside it still has plenty of power and yet is also gentle enough for all BA IEM. Ultimately, it's a well-made all in one unit with great sound and features to boot.

iFi audio
iFi audio
Thanks so much for your thoughts on the D2, we appreciate you taking the time!


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Previously known as Wretched Stare
New take on a classic
Pros: Fun V-shaped signature with more mature tunning
Cons: The accessories are basic, cable is meh

Product Information
Product model
Plug type
Pin type
Cable type
Silver-plated cable
Cable length

The box of the KZ ZSN PRO-2 is as expected simple and efficient, inside the IEM, a cable and small, medium and large tips this time they are a translucent white starline tips. The Build of the ZSN Pro-2 is actually better than the original with a robust faceplate that reminds me of the classic ZS10 pro. It comes in three color options, Blue with silver, silver and gold. comfort is as always good with nothing to complain about, that classic guitar pick shape is always a good choice. Isolation is good with just the stock tips I found it worked well for me. The tips are fine and a tried-and-true staple in the industry, years ago I'd always keep a set of original starline around. The cable is a good choice for KZ, its simple and it works for most applications and while it is not my favorite from them it works fine.

Sound impressions:
Starting at the Bottom the Bass of the New ZSN-PRO-2 is impactful and deep. Sub-Bass presents with good weight and texture and a nice well controlled rumble that has a decent speed and decay. Mid-Bass has an excellent punch and speed to it. While the Bass in general is powerful it is by no means overpowering and Bass head levels, maybe just a little under Bass head. Just a well-controlled and powerful performance overall and without fatigue like some V-shaped IEM.

Midrange: While not a Mid centered IEM the Midrange particularly lower Midrange has some warmth but not a lot and vocals and instruments present with good clarity and separation. Upper mids and female vocals are not overly stressed and therefore no shouty or spiciness is heard just nice, pleasant mids, vocals are forward just a little and midrange can be a little recessed depending on the music and source.

Treble: The Highs present with an open and airy brilliance, they are bright and have a good extension. I found the sparkle of the highs to be very pleasant without any over emphasis. There is details and brightness but for the most part the Treble is well controlled.

Soundstage: The Stage is well done with aa nice expansive width and great depth; imaging is precise, and I do think this one is great for games and movies on the go.

The new KZ ZSN pro-2 is definitely an improvement of the original in many ways. A fun Vshaped IEM with great Bass, good midrange and treble and wide soundstage. combined with a quality build and cool retro looks this one is a winner.

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i have same iem - like it

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Previously known as Wretched Stare
Misunderstood IEM
Pros: Bass, cool looks
Cons: unique tuning lends itself to very few kinds of music. Shape can be uncomfortable for long use.

Drive unit: Composite Electrostatic Dynamic Driver Frequency response range: frequency response 20Hz-20kHz
Impedance: 16Ω
Sensitivity: 105dB/mW
Earphone pin: 2-pin interface
Length:1.2 meters
Plug: 2.5 mm (3.5 mm adapter included)

Lets stare with the packaging simple and effective and typical of LetShuoer. inside is the Tape pro a IEM designed to look like a cassette tape. Unfortunately, while it looks cool it translates into a possible uncomfortable shape with hot spots on the inside of the ear. The case is good but a little small, this is the standard LetSuoer case for most of their line. Inside is a very nice quality cable and some decent tips as well as filters and nozzle caps and a tool.

The sound of the Tape is a subject of much infamy, I admit it's by far the least favorite of my collection and perhaps lesser than the OG tape in many ways. BUT! with certain music it can be an enjoyable surprise.

is deep and impactful with a more emphasized sub-bass and some decent speed and warmth.
presents with a back placement and despite the Bass presence it doesn't have a warm thick presentation, rather its distant and thinner sounding. this IEM is defiantly not for vocal lovers.
The highs are slightly subdued but sound average in details and have okay energy in the lower highs.

In conclusion. Yes the tape is not for most types of music, listening to dubstep some classic rock and Edm I found it not as bad as most say. Would I pick this over say the BQEYZ Spring, no but it's not the worst IEM I've heard. At the very least it's a Bass driven, slightly congested but fun IEM that goes with a few types of music.


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Previously known as Wretched Stare
Improved classic
Pros: wounderful harman tuning, build, cable is great and looks so nice.
Cons: The upper energy may not be for all. tips are just okay. As with all painted IEM care should be taken to prevent chips.

Let's talk about the new Moondrop Starfield 2, it builds upon the already successful and good core sound of the original. The Box is adorned with the beautiful artwork we have come to expect from MoonDrop with good documentation as well. Inside a simple layout showcasing the logo and the IEM and case. The shell very similar to the new Aria 2 and May, gone is the Kato shaped shell in favor of the flat backed shell with little brass vent that looks like a surprised emoji. On the subject of build the case and cable are much more elegant and more robust that the first. I like the look of the faceplate but think the OG was prettier. I found they were of good comfort and seal was average-to above average with good isolation. The cable flexes well but is a bit stiff. The included tips are a bit of a letdown, I would have much liked the spring or softears tips to be included. The case is nicely made but a little cramped for a thick cable.

My equipment used: ifi Diablo-2 , TempoTec V6, Questyle M15, Simgot DEW4X, Hidizs S9 PRO+, ifi Gryphon and Fosi audio sk01.

Lets talk about the Sound to me.

The MD Starfield-2 presents with a healthy dose of lower-end punch. This is not to say it's a bass driven IEM by any means, but bass is very well tuned here. The SF2 improves upon the original with a faster more agile Bass response.
Bass in general is a few steps north of neutral with decent weight and good clean details. It is not a rich as the EA500LM in presentation but it's very controlled and Mid-Bass is particularly impactful.
The Midrange is the hit or miss for some, while they are detailed and forward, there is a noticeable upper energy to female vocals they may be too much, but it is highly dependent on source, music and tips used. In general, I found the mids very good, upper mids presented bright with lower mids warm enough to give good note weight to them.
Separation and clarity are above average, and midrange is well defined.
The highs sounded very neutral with slight metallic patina similar to the Kato but not as noticed. There is a nice natural roll-off and the sparkle and air of the treble is presented without a harsh edge.

Soundstage: Was wide and had good depth and slightly less height, open and airy with accurate positioning the Starfield-2 can be good for mobile games and media. particularly RPG, it complements the atmosphere quite well.

In Retrospect:
The Moondrop Starfield-2 is a improvement on the original with better accessories, faster punchier Bass and Harman pleasantries. The only downside would be the upper Midrange energy, for some it could be a turnoff. overall, the SF2 is quite good and lends itself well to music of all kinds and casual gaming.

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Previously known as Wretched Stare
Improvement of a good IEM
Pros: Great quality Bass , vocals, and tuning. Built well and nice accessories.
Cons: The upper Mid brightness may be too much for a few.


The EA500LM comes with basic but good accessories, inside the package is the units themselves with their shinny chrome and robust built shell, a case big enough for everything, standard Simgot tips and a lovely cable. The units are built like a tank and while they do have some heft, they aren't overly uncomfortable or heavy. The provided hours of usage with no ear hot spots or pain. The isolation will depend on the individual but for me it was excellent.

The Sound:
The LM presents with spacious sounding lower end with good weight to the bass, the texture is slightly thicker with noticeable mid bass lift. Kick drums sound really good The Bass has very good speed and depth. It is more a deep controlled rumble and less a Bass head IEM.
Mids: are still in front but not too much just in front of the instruments, mids have a noticeable note weight and texture vocals both male and female are well placed, and female vocals do have an increased upper mid energy but nothing too harsh.
Treble: is a little more relaxed but still maintained enough details and smoothly presented them.
Staging: is natural, kind of like listening in a cafe or club, it's nice details and a accurate imaging makes these good for games on the go.
Nozzels the Brass is more expansive and emphasized throughout giving it a well-balanced signature.
The Black is more towards the Neutral tunning with thinner note weight and better details. The Red is my favorite offering an excellent lower end and thicker Mids and vocals while treble remains similar in all three.

The new Lithium and magnesium version of the already liked EA500 is a step forward and a nice evolution of an already good product.

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Thanks for the review.
Received my EA500 LM today and very similar finding as you.
Great review!

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Previously known as Wretched Stare
A must have
Pros: Organic tone and timbre, solid build and great looking. Easy to change pads, cables, and repair.
Cons: Not the most technical of closed backs, treble is average.
20231126_193726 (1).jpg

Starting with the unboxing and packaging in general. The Meze 99 Classic is very well done with a nice simple but stylish box to the very efficient packing of everything inside the hard PU-leather case. You get everything you will need to start listening right away. Opening the very stylish case is the 99 classics with their beautiful walnut wood grained cups and plush pads and metal accents. The included cables are a 1.2m thread Kevlar OFC cable with microphone and remote for on the go, a detachable 3m thread Kevlar OFC cord, 3.5 mm to 6.3mm gold-plated jack adapter, airplane jack adapter, and a soft cable pouch.

The Meze 99 Classics are built and designed extremely well, everything has been carefully designed to be used for years to come and it has also been designed to be easily repaired if necessary, with a modular construction. I found the 99 to be very comfortable and the pads are plush but smaller than others, so larger ears might be touching the corners. Isolation is very good, but the wood might leak sound a little as most wooden headphones do. I t should be noted these are really solid wood, I've noticed being a lover of the wooden aesthetic that some claim to be wood but are just a veneer over a plastic or other type of ear-cup. True wooden like the C99 Classics, Sundara closed and the Sivga Robin are a refreshing sight for the cost.


Transducer size: 40mm
Frequency response: 15Hz – 25KHz
Sensitivity: 103dB at 1KHz, 1mW
Impedance: 32 Ohm
Rated input power: 30mW
Maximum input power: 50mW
Detachable Kevlar OFC cable - 1.2m with microphone and 3m included.
Plug: 3.5mm gold plated
Weight: 260 gr (9.2 ounces) without cables
Ear-cups: walnut wood

My sound interpretations:
The Bass on the Meze 99 classics is full ranged and while powerful it isn't fatiguing or in the way. More of a great textured and deep bass with good weight and speed.
The Mids are rich and have excellent note weight and energy. the lower mids present with mild thickness and texture while the upper are more forward and instruments and Female vocals can be spicy in higher volumes and on brighter equipment. Male vocals are perfect in presentation and so lush. Instruments present well balanced with some neutrality.
The Treble is well extended with good overall details and a smoothed presentation, there was no harshness, and it has decent air and sparkle. The relaxed highs are definitely perfect for treble sensitive people.
The Soundstage is surprisingly wide with depth being just a little less in size. The field is very organic and has accurate imaging that handles most recording well. I could see these working well for casual gaming and movies.

Starting from the Bottom to the top the Classics give a fun and smooth performance I find enjoyable. they have just enough details and technical abilities to set them above the rest as really unique and pleasant to my ears. The accessories and build quality are just the icing on the cake with this great set of wooden headphones.

Headphones and Coffee

Previously known as Wretched Stare
My favorite Planar
Pros: Rich, lush, and enjoyable
Cons: Nothing

Lets talk about the Lestshuoer S15 successor, replacement or evolution of the very well accepted S12, s12 Pro, Z12 line of IEM. It come in a medium sized box with a large array of very nice accessories. Let's start with the 3D printed case it is similar to the DZ4 made from hard plastic with a soft feel to it, it should provide adequate protection and storage of the S15. Personally, I would have liked a case they use more often but I can't fault it as it fits everything well. The unboxing presentation was very enjoyable and unique. The cable is very well made, looks good and is modular. Honestly, I couldn't ask for better. Comfort wise the fit will depend on the tips that are included you get two sets with three sizes and wide and normal bore. Isolation and comfort for me were excellent. Build is lightweight due to the 3D printed body. In all honesty these do not look the price, but performance is the draw here. That said I think they look cool, and the color is pretty.



Model: S15 Wired In-Ear Monitor

Sensitivity: 106dB

Frequency Response: 20Hz〜40kHz

Impedance: 30Ω

Chassis Material: 3D printed resin

Cable: 1.2m 216-strands silver-plated monocrystalline copper

Driver: 14.8mm Planar Driver + 6mm Passive Filtering Module

Sound Impressions: The S15 is a smooth and rich almost U-shaped planar IEM.


The lower end is more Mid-Bass focused but Sub-Bass has excellent texture and a natural roll-off with a notable rumble but only as a footnote to the details as the majority of the bass is mostly neutral. Bass in general has a fine punch with an above average dexterity, and it is also well controlled with minimal leakage. It present warm and with a fine smooth detail.


The lower Mids are as smooth and rich as honey, such a lavish tone so pleasant with whatever I was listening to. The upper Mids present with good clarity and vocals both male and female are lush and smooth without missing important details. This S15 is far and so much different than its siblings the S12 and S12 pro.


The highs will not impress the treble-head, but the sensitive will rejoice with glee. The Treble is relaxed and still presents with minimal sparkle and air, but it just avoids darkness and yet still manages to push out a fair amount of details that sound natural and clear.

Soundstage: is wide, I found it to be precise in imaging and with clear positioning where instruments were, congestion was not heard, and I do thin while not as huge as some others it would work well for gaming and movies on the go.


The S15 is a quintessential example of a smooth and pleasant tuned IEM done right its warm lush tone goes well with all genres of music and compliments Jazz, LoFi and rock amazingly. It should be noted details are not missing just kept natural and not in your face. The separation, and placement are near perfect. Compared to other planar like the much brighter S12, the more balanced and rounded AS-one, and the more V-shaped MP145, the S15 has a unique take on the planar experience.
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I also own the S12 and previously owned the Hook X. The S15 is by far my favorite planar IEM, sound so musical with bass and mids to die for.

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Previously known as Wretched Stare
Pros: Looks good, comfortable nice cable for the cost and a pouch.
Cons: not the most detailed, recessed treble, weird tips


The packaging of the Q1 is simple and understated and has good documentation. Inside one finds the Q1, two kinds of tips one shallow and the other a stubby dual flange and an adequate cable. The build of the Q1 looks fantastic and I personally think its so pretty. I found them comfortable but only after using the tips from the EPZ G10. isolation will be good if you find the right tips and the elongated nozzles aren't a problem.

Item model number: Q1
Plug type: 0.78mm double pin
Mini Jack: 3.5mm
Matching method: wear around the ear
Type: Dynamic Headphones
Conductor: Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) Silver Plated
Drive unit: 13mm dual cavity composite dynamic driver
Diaphragm: Polymer titanium-coated composite diaphragm
Frequency Response: 20Hz-40KHz
Sensitivity: ≥115dB
Rated impedance: 32Q


Bass: presents powerful, Bass details are very smooth and enjoyable. Mid-Bass is snappy and fast and does bleed a little into the Mids. Sub-Bass is more Prominet. The overall texture is average.
Mids: Present with a slight hint of warmth but overall are neutral. Instead of forwarding they are laid-back and not centered, separation and clarity are fair. In general, they sound warm with smoothness and a little recessed with average texture.
Treble: The highs are veiled; they are somewhere behind the stage with smooth details heard.
Soundstage has width depth and height lesser. It is average in imaging for the price.

Conclusion: I really wanted to like these, I've heard good things about the Q5 and I love the G10 but this one is definitely not my thing, I honestly think these are for specific music, maybe not western style music. More for casual listening maybe of eastern music. it took around 4 days to burn in

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Previously known as Wretched Stare
An amazing budget planar!

Model: ARTTI T10

Driver Configuration: 14.2mm Dual Magnetic Circuit Planar Driver

Acoustic Duct: Carefully Selected Acoustic Damping System

Cavity Material: PC Engineering Plastic + UV handling Technique

Faceplate: 6063 Aviation Aluminum Alloy CNC Carved Decorative Plate

Cable Material: 4-Core 216 Strands * 0.05mm High-Purity Copper Silver-Plated Wire

Cable Length: 1.2m

Cable Connector: Standard 0.78mm 2-Pin

Cable Plug: 3.5mm/4.4mm Plug (depends)

Storage Box: Hard Bulletproof Cloth Velvety Storage Box

Ear Tips: Silicone Tips

Impedance: 16.5Ω±1% (@1kHz)

Distortion: ≤1.5% (@1kHz)

Sensitivity: 96dB/mW (@1kHz)

Frequency: 20Hz-20kHz

The ARTTI (Letshuoer) T10 is a entry level planar IEM. So far I'm liking the companies two models the R1 triple dynamic and T10 planar. Inside the box you will find the T10, a cable that comes in either 3.5mm and 4.4mm, the cable itself is pretty good for its price range. You also find a case and some very decent letShuoer tips in narrow and wide bore.
The body of the T10 is 3D printed resin of the matte variety with an aluminum circular faceplate. It doesn't look amazing, but it also doesn't look bad either. Its lightweight and unique circular shape might not fit everyone perfectly but as for me I found it comfortable for hours. The ARTTI T10's isolation will depend on how good a seal you can achieve but it should be average and above.

Sound Impressions:
The 14.2mm driver of the T10 is similar if not the same as the S12 but the tuning is different.
The Bass: Is very deep and impactful, while not the speediest Bass it retains good speed and control in both the Sub and Mid Bass. The Bass is more impactful with the narrow tips, I recommend the wide ones with this its better but still so enjoyable.
Mids: There is bleed into the Mids themselves giving the lower Mids warmth and thickness but not overly so. Mids present warm and smooth with average details, there is a lift in the upper mids giving them a slightly brighter presentation. Vocals have forward but not in your face positioning and mids in general have decent separation and clarity with details being average and smooth.
Treble: I extended well and has good air and sparkle to compliment the lower end, details are also smoothed but natural in sound and no harshness was heard using my equipment.
Soundstage: Is above average, imaging is good with average accuracy, this still would work for most casual games and movies sounded great.

The ARTTI / Letshuoer T10 is a mazing performer while not the most detailed IEM it gives an amazing blend of warm, musical, and smooth details in a wonderful, fun and engaging V-shaped sound that Is sure to be loved for casual listening. I personal love this IEM.

What is that red headphone amp /dac?
indeed amazing...damn, it need more review.
will work on this! i own like 15 planars....
its a bit sad here sound graph W and then you its more a video review so...
man, life is unfair!

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Previously known as Wretched Stare
Excellent value



The EPZ G10 comes in an informative box, simple in design but it does the trick.
Inside the box is:
1 x Pair IEM
1 x Detachable 4-core single crystal copper silver plated (no mic)
1 x User Manual
1 x Purple Light Torch
1 x Warranty Card
6 x Pair spare tips (3 x wide bore SML, 3 x double flange SML)
1 x Headphone Splitter for PC Gaming
1 x Carry Pouch
The resin build seems well made and it was comfortable in my ears moving from music to games for a long time.
I found all the included accessories to be of good quality and the black light included was a nice touch. Honestly, I was amazed with the value of this under $30 IEM made for gaming. The included cable has a built-in microphone that was clear for calls and had acceptable volume. The isolation on the G10 was good and stock tips worked well.
Model: EPZ G10
Material: Silica gel
Sound Isolating:YES
With Microphone: Yes
Magnet Type:Neodymium
Impedance Range: up to 32 Ω
Frequency Response Range: 20 - 20000Hz
Cable Length:1.2m
Plug Type:2Pin 0.78
Cable Jack: 3.5mm

Sound Impressions:
The G10 has a lower end that has a nice wide dynamic range, the kind you would hear from a good set of speakers placed at optimal distance. The Sub-bass has a deep rumble when called upon but a fast roll off. The Mid-Bass is nimble and has a decent texture to its punchy response. Bass in general has warmth and with good control and clarity. The Bass does bleed into the lower Mids but its minimal and welcomed.
Midrange is typical Harman tuning with the Mids being more neutral with a minor warmth on the lower mids and upper mids brighter and thinner. There is a nice clarity in the vocals, and they are pushed forward but I didn't hear any shouty or aggressive spikes. The Mids have a surprising amount separation for an IEM of this price range, with good details as well.
The highs present with a reserved amount of sparkle and good air to them. they have a smoothed detail but come across natural with no sibilance or spikes.
The Staging is wide and very accurate, placement it excellent and it is hard to believe how well this unit is for gaming and music. The soundstage does not suffer and congestion and has a decent depth and height as well.

The EPZ G10 is exceptional value offering a large amount of accessories and good build quality. Not just good by its price standards, it offers good Harman tuning with quality Bass, nice defined Mids and smooth treble with an open and detailed soundstage.
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Previously known as Wretched Stare
Pros: The build is light and colorful. Sound is very enjoyable.
Cons: The cable could be better.


ARTTI is a sub brand of Letshuoer, the R1 has a unique acoustic setup, featuring two 6mm titanium dome dynamic driver, combined with an 8mm custom composite beryllium diaphragm dynamic driver. Three-Way Sound Separation: With a physical and electronic three-way sound separation system, you'll enjoy crystal-clear audio across all frequencies. The PCB crossover board enhances precision and minimizes phase interference.

Iside the small but appropriate box is the R1 triple dynamic monitor a set of ear tips, a cable in either 3.5mm or 4.4mm configuration and a cloth case similar to the kind KBear and HZ used to give. The R1 unit itself is well made and while it feels solid it is light enough to be comfortable for most ears, but the unique shape may not be for all ears.
Product Specs:
Model: ARTTI R1

Driver Unit: 2* 6mm titanium dome dynamic driver+ 1* 8mm beryllium-plated low-frequency dynamic driver

Impedance: 20.4Ω±1% (@1kHz)

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): ≤3% (@1kHz)

Sensitivity: 102dB/mW (@1kHz)

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz

Cable Length: 1.2M±0.1M

Plug: 3.5mm/4.4mm-0.78PIN

Cable: Four-strand 216-core * 0.05mm Australian high-purity copper wire

Sound Impressions:
The R1 has amazing lower end prowess the Bass has a powerful attack and with good speed and clarity. Sub-Bass presents deep and yet very balanced, with Mid-Bass just above the neutral point and both have some really good texture and warmth. Bleed is minimal with only the lower Mids having coloration. Upper mids are rich with a thickness to them. Male vocals sound very well defined. The positioning of the vocals is centered and slightly forward with little to no recession or harshness. Female vocals are decent with a more laid-back energy. Details are average and smooth. This by no means negates the richness of the Midrange.
The upper frequencies are airy and extended enough to sound natural but are more towards the smooth side, there is enough details and energy to match the Bass.
Soundstage: There is good separation and Staging has a wide and equally deep and high presentation. Imaging is average. This IEM would do well with movies and some games particularly open world.

Afterthoughts: If you are looking for a well-made, pleasant, and very fun sounding IEM with good dynamics and smoothness the R1 should be on your list as a good value.