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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Great Sounding Flathead Earbuds for a Low Price
Cons: None whatsoever

The Vido is just your budget earbuds which can be found for only $1 if you can find it and in an unassuming typical MX500s Sennheiser Type Designed DIY Shells.

The below image features its pricier predecessor The Sennheiser MX500,
which has been taken over by miles in terms of sound quality and high fidelity!

Vido has been around for more than 5 years now, if you don’t know about them, Which Rock have you been hiding under?

Apparently, The hype still continues today, with its Mega Punchy Bass and micro-detailed Treble, even now, there are still some who may not know that they have multiple sound signatures to boot, what is magical is on the inside.

Well, it has 4-5 colors variants, WHITE, BLACK, BLUE, RED &

Now also in Clear BLUE/RED, with a slightly differently tuned driver

Same Driver, Different Sounding

Why you may ask is how is it able to create a different sound signature and still maintain the same driver, well it’s the various different thickness of their internal tunning foams which are being used in the Vido color variants, White being the thinnest to Black being the thickest.

A Quick Break Down of the Sound Signatures based on their Color Variant.
Below image showcasing the inside of a White with a Thinner Tunning Foam compared to the Thicker tunning foam in the Blue Vido.


To me, the Vido has always been the closest to what I would call a natural tonality out of all the Headgears I owned and I do own a fair bit ( 100+ units, Flathead Earbuds) and have been using it as my main drivers for commuting through the years

It's a no-brainer for anyone to place this piece of Audio Fidelity into their collection and I must say its a valuable asset, an affordable "TOTL" for everyone to own with its low low low price..also now a legend in the annals of the Flathead Earbuds History due to its popularity.
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AT Khan
AT Khan
The issue is – Audiophilia is a money market. Marketing. Promotions. Every new day someone pops with some new crap, charging you money, again, and saying this new Z product will crap on the X product you already have. Then it’s us. Contant itch to get something new. They want us to keep buying. We want us to keep buying. I’ve since stopped upgrading now ever-since my Focal Elex+EMU+Hifiman XS. The itch does come, but I contain it now. I already am content and satisfied with what I have. But the industry doesn’t want you to stop. That is their death sentence. They want you to keep buying. Tell me, what can any other company even do with a $1.5 product? So they won’t talk a lot about it. Why should you skip their hundred-dollar offerings for a $2 alternative? The whole hi-fi market will choke and die off then.
AT Khan
AT Khan
Of course, you’re not gonna talk about this cheap as a pack of peanuts solution. Where’s the money in that? Everyone’s here to make money, and everyday some new alt-tech appears: More Balanced Armatures! Dozen More drivers! Multiple crossovers! Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Cables! Bone Conduction (Mind you, I just bought, out of curiosity, the CVJ Konoka, and yet still, Vido is better and still has harder and lower register bass compared to an IEM which literally has a bone conduction driver)!
These are some reasons why almost free stuff that still holds its own in the current market will not get enough exposure. Those who know Vido – just – know.
Have at it. Spend $2. In doubt? Find out.
Absolutely %$# @AT Khan Go Woke Go Broke, can't go wrong with the Vido's past or present bang for Buck/s, @LaughMoreDaily @vygas 2021-24 Vido?(would be great for a present update, anyone? :) ) don't own them so won't know as I'm just happy with my dozen or so previous Vido purchases that are still durable and serving me well :)


100+ Head-Fier
How to Spot a Fake - Magical Misunderstood Sony MH750/755
Pros: Harmish (Harman Kardon) Sounding IEM with Extremely detailed Treble and Bass ranges for a very low price.
Cons: Too many "Experts" out there who assume they are Fakes due to the different variants through the ages (Circa 2012-2019) And a confusion via the Interweb that the MH750 and MH755 drivers are different but in fact is untrue and is one and the same.

The MH750/755 variants having such a long history have also been investigated by other hardworking mates. I'm deeply appreciative of their advice and humbly give thanks to them too..and many others not named with apologies, those who I would greatly mention are @crinacle @Slater @TheVortex @axhng @eqsOne @Nuclear Reactor @ClieOS @mochill @aspire5550 and finally @Sead (Member of the Trade: Sony Mobile)

Just again to highlight.. Sony's OEM ( They designed, engineered, and make the prototypes but contract out to others for mass mfg) has 2 iterations of their drivers (pop it open yourself, only takes less than 2 mins with a thick pin ) from 2012-2013/4 (13WK-XX) -Off-centered oval vent & their newer 2015/6/7/8/9 (15WK XX onwards) with centered round vent and they do share almost identical sound signatures except the newer versions has a slightly elevated Mid/Sub Bass,

This was also agreed upon and mentioned by @TheVortex & @aspire5550, as I believe Sony had to work with that, due to different factory contracts, product improvements and cost reductions thru the years, but are very strict on their preferred sound signatures to be as close to their prototype as possible.

How to Find/Buy a unit Today :
(They are getting very rare due to the lack of mass production )

Xperia Phones are Bundled with the MH750 , TYPE: AG-0500/AG-0501 (Black/White) , not MH755 (Shorter cable without microphone)

It's practically impossible now to get the older off-center air vent MH755/750 TYPE: AG-050X version made in 2012/13/14 anymore usually with MFG dates 13WKXX - 2013 Week XX. & 14WKXX - 2014 Week XX

MH750/MH755, TYPE: AG-0500/0501/0502/0506 , Mfg 2015-2019 (Center air vent) , can still be purchased from limited sellers, of course, may also be bought together with the Sony Bluetooth Receiver and recently also spotted the 2019 standalone MH750 Sony retail package

There are also reports of the newer MH755 retail packed with Bluetooth with a Straight 3.5 mm jack instead of a L-Jack and discontinued usage of the CE tagging with Product details on the cable for MFG 2017-2019

Did an in-depth 3 different Types and spent 1-week doing A/B/C testing so you don't have to :

1. MH755 AG-503 - MFG 2013 13WK27 - 2013 Week 27
2. MH750 AG-501 - MFG 2017 17WK42 - 2017 Week 42
3. MH750 AG-500 - MFG 2015 15WK52 - 2015 Week 52

Sony has another new variant mfg in 2019/20, with the straight 3.5mm Jack but since I don't own it or able to buy it ..I'm sorry I will not be able to comment on the sound signatures.

Below an image of the MH750 bundled with the Sony Xperia XZ2 Phone MFG 2017, notice it no longer has any CE markings or labels on the cable

The side vent that started all the confusion on the Internet with the MH755 VS MH750:
TYPE: AG-0503-MH755 (Mfg:2013) AG-0500/1-MH750 (Mfg:2014)

The 1 to 1, 100% Identical off-centered air vent MFG 2013-MH755 & MFG 2014-MH750 whereby the MH750 is super rare as you can't just buy them from any online stores as they are bundled only with Xperia Phones thus why @crinacle made an incorrect assessment in 2019 review and comparison of MH755 (MFG 2013, Side Vent) vs MH750 (MFG 2017, Centre Vent) as they are 2 different hardware variants from different manufacturing periods back then.

The centered air vent, MH 750/755 has various TYPE: AG-050X versions.
2 small eyes MH755.jpg

This is how a fake MH750/755 driver looks like, without the 2 small eyelets, also most likely not secured or glued to the shell, thus in some cases, users have complained of a loose driver when the shells are shaken.

Lord of The Vents ;

In relation to 2013/14 side vent and the later & current common center air vent drivers
In my earliest memory, the MH750 model appeared first before the MH755, via the Ericsson-Sony partnership in 2011/12.

And it shouldn't be a surprise as all Sony Corp Comparison Charts use MH750 naming and not MH755 as to Sony they are one and the same product when it came to comparing with other earphones.

Why the air venting system tech, pray tell? Well due to the small form factor of the MH series from Sony, the vent assist in their microstructures and offers superb bass performances and maintaining detailed clarity with the treble,

Thus why there are always 2 x solder dots to secure the driver/shell from vibrations in Sony IEM, dated as far from the beginning (see Image below of Sony Ericsson W800,MH700, etc IEMs), another awesome example is the microscopic MH1 IEM.

This tech alone shows why Sony is legendary and groundbreaking in audio fidelity even today!

A Myth-Busting Recap :

1. MH750/755 shares the same drivers
2. Only differences are the thin short or longer thicker cable with Mic variants
3. 2 different H/W variants verified through the years

2013/14 - Side Vent Drivers
2015-2020 - Newer Centre Vent Drivers

Both versions can be identified as genuine with Sony's trademarked 2 x Solder Dots

An Extremely rare side vent MH750 mfg 2014 taken from a Sony Xperia Z3-- Yes Side Vent Drivers are not exclusive to only the short cabled Sony uses the same exact drivers with the MH750 too


Good Luck to Everyone :) Now go find this hidden Gem Fast as its getting Rarer (Side Vent MH750/755 ) as we speak :)

Edit/ IMHO I actually prefer the newer centre vent variants MFG in 2015-2019 versions, due to its all-rounded MID/SUB Bass and less peaky treble signatures.
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Nes Nes
This helps a lot!
@Nes Nes , glad it did :) , but always beware of fakes, I had too many encounters too, so be warned :)
is there a difference in sound with 3 of all these types?