Aurisonics ASG-1 Generic Fit IEM

General Information

Aurisonics, Inc.™ - “The Critical Difference” a world-wide manufacturer of in-ear products has launched our state-of-the-art Generic Fit Digital-Hybrid In-Ear Monitor™ model ASG-1 that will give you the look and performance of a custom IEM.

The ASG-1 series represents the next generation of generic fit (one size fits most) in-ear monitoring technology which far surpasses the performance capabilities of other single and multiple driver legacy designs which utilize hearing-aid technology.

The bass response is truly legendary driven by a massive 15mm custom designed dynamic driver. The driver is placed in the monitor at an optimal angle and ported for maximum performance from a single driver. Multiple drivers are not necessary due to the full range capabilities and wide-band response of the dynamic driver.

The shape and fit was engineered utilizing digital human ear anthropomorphic data to obtain a greater than 90+% fit. This allows for a one-size fits most solution that stays secure in the ear and performs better than most custom IEMs and perhaps all non-custom IEMs.

Our ASG-1 series IEMs are hand-made with care and tested in the same manner as our custom series monitors in the U.S.A. for unsurpassed quality and performance.

Latest reviews

Pros: Detailed and lush mids, Impactful yet detailed bass, Superb soundstage, Top notch build quality and isolation, Indestructible carrying case, Comfort
Cons: Need EQ to pick up treble, Size might be too big for some, Flimsy eartips


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