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Model Number: ELITE
Time to market: 2017

Vocalism Principle: Dynamic (dual)
Sensitivity: 118±3dB
Frequency Response Range: 5-31000Hz
Resistance: 16Ω

Style: In-Ear
Connection: fixed cable
Connectors: 3.5mm
Line Length: 1.2m
Active Noise-Cancellation: No


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New Head-Fier
Pros: fun sound
energetic mids
relaxed highs
Cons: fixed cable
Bass can overdrive
quite heavy
KZ DT5 are back!
At least you should think so, because not only the case and the number of drivers are shared here, but also the sensitivity and impedance are identical, which leads to the conclusion that the drivers are identical.
Since KZ has decided to ban the DT5 from their product line, their reappearance is a pleasant surprise, because already the DT5 was very good and the ELITE are in no way inferior, albeit at twice the price.

The ELITE is made of full metal and therefore comparatively heavy. This would give them a longer lifespan, but in the end, they rarely fail because of the case, but rather because of the cable, which is not replaceable, or because of a driver defect.
Unfortunately, no version with a microphone is offered, which restricts the use in everyday life.
The isolation is great, but these in-ears are not for small ears, because they could cause ear pain due to their size (sound opening).
A real seat, whether with silicone or foam tips, is essential for a good sound experience.

The sound convinces!
Not necessarily because of the audiophile standard the ELITE has according to the packaging because it is not natural and balanced enough for that.
Much more it can score with its unrestrained joy of playing, especially in the lower range.

This is where the ELITE does its job properly and also ensures the right pressure in the sub-bass. It's not worth talking long about the fact that the bass is clearly preferred and this in Basshead manner.
Every now and then some uncleanliness creeps in and it seems as if the bass can handle some songs better than others in terms of pressure.

The mids are basically slightly reduced, but this is mainly true for the higher range. This means that instruments can seem a bit thin in rare cases. Basically, the mids are pretty clear and get through well, which makes the music very vivid and dynamic in the interaction with the bass. This brings a lot of fun, but the naturalness of the sound is not as good. The ROCK ZIRCON is certainly the keyword here. In the long run, they are a little tiring.

The voices are very present in the highs between 4000 Hz and 6000 Hz due to the peak, without being very exhausting. Sibilants are not emphasized and there is also an appealing stage. But because the voices come out in a positive sense, they are also very centered. For example, the stage is only noticeable in acoustic music as a whole. Depth isn't really there, but it doesn't have to be there for fun tuning. I would wish for a little more brilliance, but then it could quickly go in another direction, through the energetic midrange.

I cannot determine any big, to no difference at all to the KT DT5 sound basically, even if it should concern another product according to the manufacturer.
However, that doesn't change the fact that they are good earphones that offer a very fun sound signature, with bass head potential and relaxed but detailed highs. Only the mids could get a bit tired in the long run, but this is also due to listening habits and volume.

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