Audio-Technica ATH-M50S


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Good sound quality, Sturdy construction, Comfortable
Cons: Poor soundstage, Cable a bit too long, it's 3.5mm connector is a bit awkward
I love the sound quality, one of my first good pairs of headphones for music.
Soundstage is very lacking, don't even try to play a game with it (Could pinpoint enemy footsteps better with a mono speaker haha)
The folding is sort of nice, but annoying at the same time.  I let my friends try them on and they always manage to flip the earcups the wrong way and get confused.
Sometimes the highs are overbearing.  My ears tend to be hurt by some youtube videos and some music.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Good sound, closed, last a lot of drops (both the bass variety and the physical kind), sound good with all sorts of music
Cons: not the most comfortable original earpads, a bit heavier than expected but not terribly
Audio Technica did an outstanding job in this headphone set. They sound really good at all frequencies. When I listen to cds of Beethoven it sounds really proper and when I listen to some old Skream the bass really wobbles my head. If you would not consider yourself an audiophile, but enjoy good sound, what I mean is if you can't distinguish between 440 and 442 Hz but if you like higher fidelity audio and you do not want to pay 500 dollars, these are the headphones for you. They are very good and I think they will last me a long time.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Warm sound, good balanced bass (lots of bass in hiphop, less in jazz), decent soundstage
Cons: I'm not a audiophile really, so i'd say i'm very happy with these!

I've had these headphones for about 6 months now, and i am very happy with the buy!

These costs 80$ more in sweden, so bought them when i was in the US this summer.

I bought the 50 yrs anniversary version (straight cable) in silver instead of black, but they have the same sound so there's no difference really, but they look a little more plastic in silver.


They fit really good on my head.

It's some pressure on my ears, but they mostly hang on my head.

I have big ears, so sometimes after 1,5hrs they can pressureize a little on the outer sides of my ears. Then i just pause for 20min and continue again afterwards.

Build quality

The build quality is great.

First when i saw these headphones online i thought it was aluminum, but it's just plastic.

Even though they're made of plastic, they are really sturdy.

But the best of all is the wonderful cord.

I have run over it with my office chair several times, but it doesn't even seem to get slightly damaged.

I can't even count how many in-ears i have detroyed because of bad cords.

The headband is really smooth and so is the pouch that included with the purchase!


These great headphones does not deserve a smartphone amp.

The difference between using them in my iMac and in my LG Optimus 2x is huge.

Thinking of buying a DAC/amp, i think it would improve these headphones alot!


The bass is good, not too strong, just balanced.

These headphones can go really low if you really want them too.

The lowest frequencies are not always very loud, but when you think about it you can hear them and subconsiously you feel that it makes a more full and complete sound.

The bass is normally balanced and not too strong, but somehow it's very strong when listening to rap like 2pac etc. Maybe that's how they're recorded. This is a pro for me though! :)


Good mids, can't really say anything about them because 


Decent on my smartphone but great in my computer.

Clear and even if the frequencies are really high!

Love the detail on my songs with good audio quality!


Pretty good soundstage, when listening to some trip hop songs it feels like the bass is constant and the highs can feel distant but not quiet which makes the sound detailed. 

I recommend these headphones!

Love em'

EDIT: I forgot to tell you, i was very dissapointed with the sound when i got them. I tried to break them in for 24hrs but still not good. I was dissapointed, felt really sad that payed 140 bucks for a pair of headphones that couldn't even produce non-aching highs but but after a couple of months i wondered why i thought the buy was bad in the beginning and realized that the sound had changed to the better.

I just want to prepare people that you are going to get dissapointed the first month of using them, but are going to be great after breaking them in and getting used to them!

2 YEAR EDIT: I have been using these for a while but they are starting to get old.
The hinges broke last week like in this thread. I did glue it together though with plastic glue which i got for 3$ and it have lasted for a week, and i hope that it stays on for now.

They have survived for a long time and i have liked them, but during the years the filling inside the pads have become more dense and harder and my ears now rest on the drivers which makes the headphones hurt my ears even more.

I have also started using a tube amp which has increased the sound quality greatly, they do not need to be driven by an amp but it does sound much better with one. The cable has also started to tangle itself pretty often now which gets annoying. Since i have used this headphone pretty much every day for over two years (mostly at home, but also on the go), i would say that it has lasted very well. It's a great headphone but it's starting to get a little worn out.
Interesting how you see the soundstage, personally I'm not a big fan of the m50's soundstage its kind of flat and lacks depth (as some other members have noted too) but sound is purely subjective so I'm glad that you like them. Welcome to Head-fi!
Lurked around alot when i bought my ATH50s, and just came back! :)

About the soundstage, it depends alot on what kind of music you listen to.
The soundstage is at its best when theres a frequency difference between the instruments (obviously)
And sometimes when it's lots of constant bass (like a really low electric guitar(for example plush - stone temple pilots)) it can feel like the bass is just at your head which makes the rest less detailed.
But i'd still say that the sound is surrounding.

Btw, are you a part of darknet or is it just your nickname? :p
Bleh just looked up Darknet ... never even realized they had such a thing... Darknet has just been my standard go to username for like 7 years now.


New Head-Fier
Pros: price, sound,comfort, design and that other stuff
They are a pair of great headphones for a great price and I love them. Everything is perfect and as a pair of starting headphones I think they're something thats worth trying out. Everything is pretty well balanced and I use them for about 9-ish hours a day on average and my ears dont get tired at all. They are very comfortable too. I have no problems with these headphones


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Gorgeous bass, built like a tank, attractive, value
Cons: Recessed mids, slight sibilance, comfort, cable spring
The M50's have developed a reputation as "the starter headphone" for aspiring audiophiles and they deliver for their price.


These headphones are built like a tank. Solid construction is always a plus. They do have the famous AT clamp and without some stretching, can be a bit too much. The cable is not detachable, and there is a small spring near the jack that without special care, becomes dislodged and eventually comes off. Aesthetically, and cosmetically, these cans are gorgeous IMO.

Sound Quality: For their price, these headphones are amazing, there are definitely others out there that can compete at the price range though.

Highs: I am torn by the highs on these headphones. They come across clearly, slightly grainy, with minor sibilance when handling female vocals. When listening to Propane Nightmares-Pendulum, it was difficult to listen at an elevated volume as the cymbals and synth were slightly harsh, overall I'd rate them at a 7/10.

Mids: Slightly recessed, but present and IMO forward. Vocals a clear and present, guitars sound wonderful, and instruments across the spectrum sound great. Male vocals sound decent at best, and female vocals can be sharp. 7/10

Lows: The M50's shine with their bass response. Punchy, tight and fast. Extension is decent, but sub-bass is entirely present. When listening to electronic with a large dependence on mid-bass, these cans deliver wonderfully without bleeding entirely into the midrange. 10/10

Soundstage: Great soundstage for a pair of closed cans, instrument separation is average at best. 7/10

Detail: I would describe these headphones as fast. Detailed nicely, but forgiving. You won't notice imperfections on a 128kbps track I compared directly with an mp3 file greatly, if at all. 9/10

Overall these cans are great for the price, if you are looking for a slight bass-emphasis, by all means grab these. But don't immediately reach for these without some research. These headphones run around the same price and will satisfy other tastes.

M-Audio Q40 - Bass, and lot of it. Fun sound signature. ($100~)
Beyerdynamic DT770/80ohm - Basshead's delight! With a clear SS, recessed mids ($140~)
Shure SRH-840 - Slightly bassy, neutral SS. ($125~)



New Head-Fier
Pros: Looks Cool, Sounds Great, Best headphones I have ever owned.
Cons: Overwhelming bass sometimes, not open backed.
I got these headphones after my Audio Technica ATH-M30s get stepped on at my cabin (baby brother pulled them off the counter...) Let me say. Best dumb luck ever. These headphones make you hear everything from quiet breathing to every crashing cymbal. I am a fan of a lot of classic rock (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Boston, Journey, The Animals, The Who and some newerish rock like Pearl Jam,Nirvana,Audioslave,Alice in Chains). I also have modded them taken out the white foam disk behind the driver (forgot what it's called :p) and removing the foam piece on the ear pad itself and it sounds better to me. The only downside I have is that I like the sound of open back headphones preferably the Grado SR-60i and that the bass sometimes drowns out a lot of the other sounds. Other than that these headphones are great! :D (With mod bass calms a little. There is still a little too much though. :mad: )


New Head-Fier
Pros: Affordable, Spacious, Compact, Lightweight, Amazing Quality
Cons: Uncomfortable if you are wearing glasses
I love these headphones. They are extremely worth the price, and the balance of sound they offer is outstanding. The bass is just at the perfect level for the majority of the music I listen to (my tastes range from 1960-2011) and in no way do they take away from the overall quality of sound. The perfect balance of power and quality. The only complaint I have is that they are uncomfortable for me because the padding presses my glasses against my head, which after 2 hours is really uncomfortable.
spacious as in spacious around your ears ? cause the soundstage on these suck


New Head-Fier
Pros: good sound, comfortable, portable.
Cons: slight lack of mids.
ive had them for a few months. the had a short burn in period, they are comfy, stylish and sound good. the only thing is that the mids are a little lacking. other than that though, they are fantastic.


Pros: Great value, bass is authoritative, foldable. Quite stylish,
Cons: Mids feel recessed due to the bass. Soundstage isn't very large.
I'll admit I used to think that these were really 'overrated'. 
Then I bought them, just to see what the fuss was about. I figured that if I didn't like them, I could return them. 
At first, I found them pretty underwhelming. 
10 hours later, I realized that these were worth every dollar. I'm not sure if it's really because of the 'burn-in', or if it's just my ears getting used to it. But either way, I fell in love with these. 
It's been a while since I've had them, and I still enjoy listening to them. Sometimes I like them more than the K701s. They don't sound as amazing, but you know - it's something that I'm not afraid to carry around. They're closed, they're foldable, they're stylish, and not so expensive that I need to worry about breaking them. 
In the end, I don't really think they're as overrated as people say. Maybe it is overrated since these are commonly the first pair of good headphones people buy. But even owning the K701, HD598, and the SR325i, I still find these a worthy addition to my collection. 
They're so........decent.
Decent isn't polar enough of a word for Head-Fi. You're not a true audiophile unless it sucks or it's awesome ^_^


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Bass, Clarity, Definition
Cons: Sub Bass, Midrange presence
I wanted a closed set of cans for work-- and I like to show off new headgear every so often because I live in headphones at work.  The flashy white pair of ATH-M50s fit the bill.  Take that Beat lovers!
First impressions when plugging them into my WA6 was -- "Are you certain they're not Beats-- relabeled?"  Wow the bass thumps!  Fun.  I was also pleasantly surprised by the amount of detail and clarity through the upper frequencies.
Not a very open sound-- The HD800 is wide and airy-- these are definitely about a closed in, personal experience.  This isn't a knock-- I like headphones with a point of view-- and these ATs favor a direct approach-- deliver the music.  
They're supremely efficient.  Not much power needed here.  They can easily be driven by an iPod, iPhone or any player, though amplification improves the sound, without question. 
They are a snug fit-- and barely qualify as an "over ear".  Again-- this is a part of that personal delivery of sound.  You are aware they are on your head-- it's a snug fit, but not overly clamped.  Decent sound isolation-- they should-- given that they are closed.  Pleather covers mean sweaty ears, but they are comfortable.
Negatives-- way too much midrange.  A quick trip to EQ window on iTunes fixed that, but they are mid-rangy out of the box.  It's a metallic mid range that without correction would wear on my ears.  There's not much in the way of detail and transients that the higher end headphones deliver.  They don't kill the reverb, but it's not that open feeling you get with higher end models.  While the bass thumps-- the deep deep bass trails off.  
The cable is coiled-- It's like a trip back to the '70s.  I scratched my head over that one.  But they do build both 1/4 and 1/8 jacks into the non-detachable cable.  
I'm going to hang on to these for a while-- they're fun, they thump nicely.  If I were a DJ, I'd think these were pretty much an ideal pair.  Not going to break the bank-- I can afford to break them-- and they sound nice.  The ATH-M50s are a forward, fast sounding set of cans.  
Comparison:  Jumping between the B&W P5 and the M50s-- immediately-- The 50's deliver much more bass-- the P5 is even more mid-rangy- but the mid range is much smoother than the 50s.  More upper end detail on the P5-- and the P5 wins on transients, but the M50s provide a better overall upper end experience-- it feels more balanced.  The P5 is more sensitive to adjustments on your ear.  A slight move changes the entire sonic signature.  The lack of bass and sub bass on the P5 and the over mid-range put the 50's much higher on my sonic scale over the P5 and the construction is better.  The P5 wins on comfort and looks.  If given the choice-- I'd take the ATH-M50 -- if given the choice at gunpoint.
Good review, The prices of these are $120 now
Keep in mind prices are not the same around the world.
It's not uncommon to see them for 160-180 here in Canada.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Used it for listening to pop, orchestral, jazz and trance, came out on a very great. Portable design is a great ++
Cons: The clamping mechanism makes it uncomfortable to wear on neck. Long, undetachable cables inhibits portability. Middle range doesn't seem quite crisp.
My first "expensive" headphones, so to speak. I-It's not like I'm that much into headphones or anything but, this headphone is the best pair I've ever listened to. I listen to all kind of music, though less often, even drum and bass (I'm not that much of a basshead). The sounds I hear in songs when using these are mostly crystal clear and very rich, but I couldn't help to overlook the lacking in crisp-ness over the mids. The bass response is, overall, good. Not too hard, neither too soft. The design is very ergonomic and the appearance is more than enough to do me good, but it's not like I'll bring it outdoors very often.
On the bad side, the mechanism clamps too much, making it unable for me to wear it on my neck. Kinda put off by how long the cables were, and that they were undetachable. It's not very significant of a con though as I rarely plan to bring it elsewhere.
Overall, I'm more than happy with these headphones. Just what I'd expect from Audio-Technica.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Overall great, good mids, highs, and lows its also very, very well built, respond well to eq
Cons: ear pads, doesn't come with an actual case. Needs to be burnt in
These headphones are great, i listen from to a lot of different genres of music and these sound great in all of them. They are built very well, and don't seem like i have to worry about them breaking. At first they sounded decent, but now they have about 400 or more hours of burn in and they sound amazing now!!
They have great bass that can be eq'd and amped to satisfy almost any basshead!
I can also easily hear every little detail in a song,it is an absolutely amazing music experience!
+great all rounder
+good bass
+can be made either really bassy or really non bassy through eq
+Very well built
-needs an amp
-earpads get hot
- poor soundstage
- recessed mids
- average highs
- clamp force
Hey, it's all in the eyes of the reviewer. Not everyone values soundstage as much as you (and I) do, and many people like a V-shaped signature. The highs of the M50 are passable and not all that worthy of criticism unless doing a direct head-to-head with similarly-priced rivals, and clamping force may not be an issue for this reviewer.
I rated the ATH-M50 at 3.5 stars and agree with many of your criticisms, but it's Asdfqwerty's review.
@ssrock64 I hear you


Pros: Bass is quite good, headphone seals well
Cons: Harsh and grating highs, high clamping force.
A friend picked up the ATH-M50s as his first decent headphone, and we spent a couple of days swapping back and forth between them and my DT770 Pro 80ohm.
- Build
I found the M50s to be quite well built considering how much plastic was on them. They felt solid, and the folding mechanisms were smooth and felt quite good.
The pads were very soft, and the pleather felt rather nice and sealed very well. The headband, however, was not padded very well, and along with the high clamping force of the M50s, lead to comfort issues.
- Sound
I would describe the M50s as having a very V-shaped sound signature.
The bass extension, quality and quantity easily competes with my DT770s (although this could be because the M50s seal better, I think if I put (p)leather pads on my Beyers they would get a fairly significant bass increase).
The mids are quite recessed, and maybe a bit thin sounding. Very detailed though, when not overshadowed by the other two ends of the spectrum.
The highs are what ruined this headphone for me. Listening to Pendulum's "Showdown", the cymbals in the first 30 seconds as well as any S sound from the singer made me cringe. They came off as very harsh, especially in combination with the lack of mids. I may just be more susceptible to highs than most people, but I really couldn't enjoy much of my electronica or any music with a lot of high frequencies without a pretty significant EQ.
- Conclusion
After a week, my friend brought the M50s back and got some DT770 Pro 250ohm instead, which we both preferred much more. These could be decent headphone for around $100-$120, especially in regards to build quality, but certainly not for their current price of ~$150, in my opinion.
Well, sound professionals is selling the M50s for $100 now...
When I tried my friend's M50s, they didn't have these harsh highs, though he has the older version.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Sweet design, nice pads, Great quality
Cons: Too tight around head, annoying jack, expensive
I'll try to keep this short 

I'm very impressed with this set of cans. As other reviews say: The quality is awesome. They have nice, strong bass, nice highs, and nice mids (not sure why eveyone says they're recessive. They sound fine to me, but I'm not quite yet an audiophile.

These headphones do have a downside, though (from my experience, at least). They really clamp on your head. Hopefully they will start to feel better over time, but as of now: they are tight. Next, the damn jack. That thing had me freaked out at first. First, try to just put it in your computer. See if it works fine. If it doesn't, do not worry: you just didn't jam that ******* in. On my laptop, I had to seriously push that thing in. Then it performed very well. 
I can't tell you if you should purchase these, because they are my first serious cans. I think they are on the expensive side, but it's not terrible. For $150, I'm enjoying the hell out of these M50s. I definitely made the right choice.

EDIT: The clamp is easily fixed. I have been stretching them out and it worked like a charm! They fit amazingly now.
lol im pretty sure being an audiophile is analyzing music with the best **** u cant get and then telling people about it
They do start to feel better over time. I've had mine for 5 years. They are super durable so I often take them places. I need to replace the pads as they started to crack over time.
I got lucky with my purchase, though. I got them before the redesign when they were cheaper - $90 brand new on Ebay. At the new price, many audiophiles are saying you can do better than M50s.


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Still decent bang for buck
Cons: Better alternatives
EDIT: The M50x update now fixes quite a few issues actually. Do check that out. This review is about the old version.
The age-old flagship "bang-for-buck" all rounder closed back ATH M50s are a good, but not great headphone. If this was years ago, it would be great. But today it struggles to compete with less expensive alternatives.
Build Quality, Design, Comfort
Heavy plastics make up a sturdy, well-built, and heavy duty headphone with a solid feel. Albeit chunky, it somehow looks both professional and fun with the "dj style" factor mixed in. 
The leather pads are very soft be designed for smaller ears considering how shallow they are. Great for using em for two hours at a time, not much more than that.
The included cable is quite excellent for a stock cable. Thicker than average. The plug is top-notch standard for a stock, just like most of Audio Technica's headphones.
Overall well built and designed, but comfort may vary.
Sound - Highs, Mids, Lows, Soundstage
The overall feel is a v-shaped signature that blends the imaging and detail retrieval of a studio monitor with the fun, punchy dynamics of a mainstream headphone. Albeit muddy and/or fatiguing at times, it is packed with fun and is my comparison standard for budget closed backs.
For this price level, the sparkle and detail of the M50s is excellent. It extends well, but can be over-sibilant and harsh at times. The highs have almost the "wow" factor; it gives off lots of mid-high energy, but is not very backed up by the lower-highs. In tracks, male voices sound sometimes thin and as a drummer myself, cymbals are unrealistic. 
A vacuumed feeling or almost sucked up feeling in this region. It is clear and feels somewhat neutral, but is severely lacking as compared to the rest of the range. 
Fantastic extension into the sub-bass region as well as a good mid-bass feel to it. Attack sometimes is slow, but the body is very detailed. In no way is it delicate; the bass is upfront. The upper bass can get muddy sometimes, but that can be ignored for such excellent extension and body at this price range.
Above-average for a closed back at this price range.
Has some width, but no real depth of any sorts.
Not much to say here.
The position of the M50s as the King of Budget is slowly fading; the series needs to be refreshed and refined. Overall it can be muddy, "raw," conjested, and harsh, but the fun-factor and its great extension in both sides still puts the M50 at a good position. No, this isn't the best for the money, but as a whole, it's still up there with the best.
El Pino
El Pino
little bit misleading, fe about sparkling highs :D
lol good review, over-recommended and overrated, sennheiser HD 449 ftw
The M50x update now fixes quite a few issues actually. Do check that out.


New Head-Fier
Pros: price with studio sound
Cons: cable 1/4 jack screws apart to 1/8
I was somewhat  leery of headphones that have been given such a high rating in the Head-Fi rankings as #3 (#2 last month) especially when they don't cost a king's ransom, surely something doesn't seem right. What the hell, I decided to take a chance as for spending $134 at Amazon I couldn't' t be too disappointed if I had to return them. When UPS dropped them at the front door around 7 PM, I immediately hooked them up to a Total BitHead running off a desktop in my back office. Activated a massive MP3  file totaling of several thousand songs and closed the door letting them run around the clock for two days before bring them to my listening station. Surprisly they really aren't bad - clean sound without any obvious issues playing consistently from their tight bass, showing a pleasant  mid range on both male and female artists with an extended but well balanced high end. They are very efficient and didn't strain my Teac UDH01-S allowing them to play loudly at moderate volume settings. The only minor complaint was the 1/4 phone plug unscrews to yield the 1/8 nini plug which wouldn't have been my choice as well they have a fixed cable but I forget they are a $134 headphone.  They are comfortable to wear and only have a slight tendency to cause some ear issues when they are on for 2-3 hours.  Regarding the sound quality the only fair comparison I could make was with my Sennheiser HD600s which have a somewhat laid back sound when compared to the Audio Technica phones.  To more specifically describe the difference between the two besides a significant cost, is the M50S have more of a raw quality  like your listening inside the recording studio with the artists vs. being in the recording engineers chair when listening through the Sennheiser HD600 headphones.  I can strongly recommend the ATH-M50S to any audiophile on a budget.  I haven't heard anything even close for $134 green backs.
Have you heard the sennheiser hd 449?


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: the bass, value, built like a tank, thick and strong cable
Cons: the mids
Its hard to find a headphone that can match this headphones performance at a mere $140. I really can't complain at this price, but if I am to find any fault in it, it is its mids. The mids are not bad by any means but are ever so slightly recessed and sound a bit thin to my ears. Wonderful build quality, you can abuse them, but I dont. Nice long, sturdy, and thick cable. These headphones will clamp very tight when you first get them, but that is very easily fixed. All you have to do is stretch them over a tissue box as you burn them in and viola! Can't beat it for the price. If you want an IEM that is on par with these for about the same price get the Vsonic GR07's, they are like the m50s but with better mids.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Gorgeous design, sparkly highs, strong lows
Cons: Weak mids, weak build quality
[size=9pt]After using the ATH-M50s (also known as the M50's) for about two months, I have only one way to describe them. The M50s are the Swiss Army Knife of headphones. They are extremely portable, and will do absolutely everything that you need them to do.[/size][size=9pt][/size]

[size=9pt]                               [/size]

[size=9pt]DESIGN AND BUILD:[/size][size=9pt][/size]

[size=9pt]The design of the M50s screams “expensive!” People are often shocked to find out that they don’t cost more than $200. Everything from the chrome rings on the ear cups to the large white Audio Technica logo on the top of the headband is gorgeous. It was designed to fold in every way you could want it to, and that makes them very easy to fit in the smallest of laptop bags. Unfortunately, this does mean the cups rotate, and they’re slightly difficult to put on. The beautiful design of the M50 is not reflected in the build quality, however. The design is all plastic, and the plastic is fairly cheap feeling. The pleather on the band and cups feel like they could tear easily, if I wanted to pull on them. If your laptop bag or backpack is over 15 pounds (34 Kilograms), you may want to wear them around your neck.[/size][size=9pt][/size]

[size=9pt] [/size]


[size=9pt]The first characteristic I noticed in the M50s were the incredible highs. Vocals, crash cymbals, hi-hats, and guitar screams were all remarkably clear. The highs coming from the M50s were never painful, and rarely out-of-control.[/size][size=9pt][/size]

[size=9pt] [/size]

[size=9pt]The bass and lows in the M50s were very strong, and had a lot of oomph. In jazz and classical, the lows were very calm, much like a cello. If you love hard rock or dubstep, the bass will never disappoint. It will hide behind the highs most of the time, but the bass will come out in to the light and shake your eardrums when it needs to.[/size][size=9pt][/size]

[size=9pt] [/size]

[size=9pt]The mids are the only disappointing part of the M50s’ sound. While you’ll still hear the guitarist’s fingers sliding down the strings and every beautiful chord from the orchestra, the midrange will always be hiding behind the lows and the highs.[/size][size=9pt][/size]

[size=9pt] [/size]

[size=9pt]The M50s have a very fun listening experience that audio enthusiasts and audio novices can respect and appreciate. They can be driven directly out of an iPod, but a small amp will bring out the full power of those huge drivers. I use mine on a PA2V2 (thanks to my friend over at Audio Excursions), and it powers them perfectly.[/size][size=9pt][/size]

[size=9pt] [/size]

[size=9pt]FINAL THOUGHTS:[/size][size=9pt][/size]

[size=9pt]The M50s are a beautiful pair of headphones that are durable, but not indestructible. The highs and lows are incredible, but the mids are a little lacking. For $150, these headphones are a must-buy.[/size][size=9pt][/size]


New Head-Fier
Pros: Great sound, good bass, balanced lows, mids, and highs
Cons: Long Cable
These things are amazing! After about two hours on burn in these really shined. I own a 1500 dollar pair of Grado's and the Seinheiser 650 (both great brands), and these M50s compete with them. I honestly would of never spent that much money on headphones if I tried these out first. Very durable.
Wth? You started a thread where you asked which one to get: these headphones or Logitech G35's. Now you bought these and say they are better than 1500$ grados you never owned. troll much?
If you listen to bass heavy electronic music out of your i-device with crappy bitrate these are really good. Better choice than say PS1000 and GS1000 for sure.

El Pino

New Head-Fier
Pros: sound, portability
Cons: leather pads are not suited for longtime listening, internal conections leading to slight channel imbalance
Im not used in review writing, but since I am so happy with these cans, I have to write something

I bought used M50S (six months old) for very good price and in really nice condition. I've decided so because of lot of traveling around the world. And these are solid and nicely portable.
Together with Mini3 (wall connected) and uDAC2 fed through ASIO with FLAC files the sound is quite decent. Stage is there, instruments are not as detailed or revealing as on RE0 - but only at first sight. In fact, I found lot more details in soundstage, instruments or sound sources are separated, also there is really nice slight echo in the stage when it should be there. After modding (OXOOOXO mod on lower holes), mid bass is more polite, better behaved, not that disturbing like out of the box but still very low. But this is a question of taste. Overall sound is good balanced, higher mids and highs are good recognizable, enjoyable and it sounds like they have something to offer, even they are not that mouth-opening like in RE0 at first sight, but they are still clear (wait man! these cans are closed!
Definitely worth the money!
EDIT: After few months with these on a head, I found it better to add an extra supply for the uDAC2 (f.e. through USB hub) than applying the mod on cans. Results in details and frequency response are incomparable.