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Audio Technica ATH-ANC700BT

  • ath_anc700bt_bk_1_sq.jpg

    The ATH-ANC700BT QuietPoint® wireless over-ear headphones combine Audio-Technica’s proprietary active noise-cancelling technology with Bluetooth® wireless technology and convenient touch and swipe controls built into the earcup: Tap earcup to answer calls, play/pause music, and increase and decrease volume; swipe to skip to the next or previous music track. The headphones’ noise-cancelling functionality is driven by a four-microphone (two in each earcup) multi-feedback system for wide-range performance that greatly reduces environmental noise.

    The ATH-ANC700BT headphones feature 40 mm drivers that not only supply amazing wireless audio reproduction, but are capable of 5 – 40,000 Hz high-resolution frequency response when used with the included 1.2 m (3.9') standard audio cable with 3.5 mm (1/8") stereo mini-plug. Memory-foam earpads (firm internal layer, soft outer layer) provide excellent sound isolation and amazing comfort, and the earcups fold in to make the headphones more compact and easy to transport.

    An internal lithium polymer rechargeable battery powers the headphones, giving users approximately 25 hours of continuous Bluetooth and ANC use (1,000 hours on standby) on a full charge. The headphones come with a 30 cm (1') USB charging cable and a protective pouch.

Recent Reviews

  1. Mshenay
    Crisp, Clear and Cordless
    Written by Mshenay
    Published Mar 27, 2019
    Pros - Crisp Detailed Sound, Precision and Imaging, Lightweight, Responive Touch Controls, Battery Life
    Cons - Can be very Lean/Cold at Time, EQ Needed
    I figured for my first ever wireless headphone review I'd start out with an Audio Technica Product! I've typically found their products usually meet my criteria in this $150 price point. That said, I did receive the ATH ANC700BT at not cost as a review sample from an indsutry assocaite.

    Build Quality and Function
    The ATH ANC700BT feels good in the hand. Plastic is light weight but not flimsy, gimbals and headphones have a smooth swivel and just enough flex to accommodate larger heads.

    Headphone paired easily with cell phone and seamlessly switched from calls to media within and well beyond a reasonable range of 15 feet or so.


    The Audio Technica ANC 700BT has a looser fit, an I did find the ANC700BT provided more active isolation via it's ANC than passive. So in busier environments it excelled at maintaining clarity at all times.

    Rather than buttons, toggles and switches the ANC700BT features all controls built into the earcup. An often times a lighter more decisive touch allowed for quicker response from this system.

    Overall call quality on the Audio Technica was clearer given the more aggressive noise cancellation. An while it does fold, it does so some what cumbersomely and fits into a very generic draw string bag.

    Sound Quality ________________________________________________
    Overall I found the ATH ANC700BT brighter, more energetic and lean sounding ATH ANC700BT.

    So it has some slight emphasis on macro detail and amibent noise, so you'll find some emphasis to sounds such as the breaths taken by muscians and vocalists as well as string noise, fretting, as well as mechanical noise, foot steps and other sounds more related to the muscians an instruments themselvs.

    You'll also notice some emphasis on higher frequcanies with percussion being the most noticeable, such as high hats and tom drums. An while the mid range is a bit drier, I didn't find it too distant in relation to the highs and lows.

    Finally, the low end was failry taut with a mild mid bass hump which gives the headphone a punchy presentation.

    This presentation works really well for electronic music and a lot of modern pop, rock and country. I did fine with some mild EQ I was able to correct the presentation in such a way that it presented genres like classical, orchestral symphonies, jazz and folk more naturally.

    Though how do they compared to similarly tuned wired headphones.

    I found that the ATH ANC700BT did compare favorably to Sony MDR V6. Both offer a brighter, leaner more clarity focused presentation. An while the MDR V6 is ever so slightly more resolving and more precise with less emphasis overall in it's presentation, I did feel that ultimately with EQ the ANC700BT was a happy middle ground of both sound quality and convenience. Plus the Active isolation on the ATH ANC 700BT is much better than the passive isolation of the MDR V6! An while it's no giant killer I did feel over all given it's price point and feature set the ATH ANC700BT met my expectaions.

    So in conclusion, if your in need of a wireless headset, limited to big box brands and your not opposed to using some EQ I can recommend the Audio Technica ANC700BT for it's exceptional clarity, isolation and overall ease of use.

    As always, your experience my vary and please leave any additional questions and comments you have below!


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