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Audeze proudly presents a new take on our classic LCD2 design. The new LCD2 Classic headphone comes with a lightweight suspension headband, special crystal-infused nylon rings, remodeled audio jacks, and features the warm sound signature of the original LCD2 driver. Made right here in our Southern California facility.

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New Head-Fier
A great, rich sounding headphone
Pros: - full bodied and extremely musical
- responds brilliantly to EQ
- good soundstage
- well built
- very comfortable
- imaging
- definition
- not very difficult to drive
Cons: - heavy (but it's very comfortable)
- warm sounding (but honestly not that much at the the end of the day)
I get bored writing long reviews. I just want to say that these headphones are suitable for all music genres, but they absolutely shine with rock and metal. For these two genres I even prefer them to my Hifiman Arya Stealth and Sennheiser HD800S. The highs are not recessed as someone wrote, but the bass is strong. Very precise and defined, but strong. If, for any reason, you need to EQ it by 2 or 3 db either in the highs or the mids, they will respond magnificently to equalization.

I also had the similarly priced Ananda v2 in the past and the differences are substantial. Not necessarily better or worse, but I must say they are two different headphones. In short, the Anandas have a wider soundstage, while the lcd-2c have a richer and perhaps more musical sound. I'd say the Anandas have the edge if extreme neutrality is sought after, but both are top tier cans in their price range.


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New Head-Fier
For bass lovers (may need EQing)
Pros: - Huge quantity of bass (a plus for bass lovers)
- Pretty comfortable compared to LCD2 or LCD3, can be worn over a long time easily
- Not that hard to drive, an entry desktop amp or a portable amp can drive LCD2 sufficiently
- Metal build, no wood ring -> unlikely to break over years
Cons: - A bit too dark and dull for me (darker and slower than LCD3)
- Timbre is not great. Instruments do NOT sound very realistic (much less life-like than LCD3)
- Bass can sometimes be too slow and a bit muddy
- Mid is not bad but not very detailed either
- Treble is rolled off (more than HD650 imo)
With EQing, maybe this headphone may work well. I personally prefer not to use EQ so I had to let LCD2C go..

LCD2C is not great for classical, jazz, folk and acoustic music in general but good for genres that require big bass (think EDM, some types of rock, pop, etc.)
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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Great Bass Response
Comfortable for long sessions
Low impedence and easy to drive
Shines in R+B, Hip-hop, EDM, Pop
Price (in Aus at least)
Cons: Don't buy if you listen to classical music
- Small preamble: bought with my own money, complete unbiased opinion.
- I bought these headphones due to their FR, knowning they were somewhat bass heavy (which is what i was after).For open-planars, they have an exceptional amount of slam in the sub-bass with fast decay and a decent amount of rumble. Mids sound nice, with the high-mids not sounding shouty. Treble is crsip, no harhness and no silibance.
- Use case: People who like R+B, Hip-hop, EDM and Pop. I think the reviewer who gave them 3 stars was being unfair (it'd be like rating CA andromedas a 1/5 because it has , these headphones were never marketted as being neutral or harmon target. These are warm headphones with an emphasis on bass - which i think is the exact reason they are excellent. They do what they do very well.


Testing Gear:
- JDS Atom
- Topping D30
- Hiby R5

- Hip-hop
- Pop
- R+B

Build Quality:
- Other than the plastic rings, metal, metal and more metal. These are built well. Sure there are some cost cutting pleather cups and band) but overall it's a 8/10.
- Cable is very nice, thick and well braided - you won't need any after market cable unless you're after a balanced output
- Lack of case is of note, however a headphone stand works fine and these can sit nicely on a mouse pad without getting damaged

Sound Quality:
- Bass: The big reason to by these, I've listened to 2 - 3 open planars and these had the best bass response by far. That's not to say they are muddy or massively emphasized. Good slam with fast decay. Doesn't spill into the mid range and there is clear seperation between mids and bass. It should be noted, the bass even though exceptional, isn't anything like a closed-back counter part (i.e. CA cascade), though sacrificing a bit of slam results in great staging, clarity and a far superior listenability.

- Mids: They are there. Not the most pronounced. Male and female vocals sound nice. Not shouty. Not much else to say really.

- Highs: Crystal clear. No silibance. No harshness. I'm extremely treble sensisitive and can listen to these for hours with no issues.

- Soundstage: Very good for the price. Depending on the genre they can sound intimate at times, but not at anypoint congested.

- Another thing to note, these work really when given plenty of juice. I noticed that even though they will run of a Hiby R5, to get the best sound you need to really pump some amps in - they are wonderful to listen to from the atom.
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How does this sound with Cayin N6ii? A01 Module.
What are you talking about? All over-ear Audeze headphones have dead neutral bass down to 20Hz.