Astell & Kern AK240

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High end Dual-DAC, Native DSD Player.

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Pros: UI, storage capacity, streaming capability, native DSD playback
Cons: Expensive, runs warm after some time, battery life
When I first got this player through the mail I was amazed at the amount of power this device holds. Works great as a DAP or as a DAC with my mac since I have more of my music on there. The large storage was a huge plus for me since I have a large library. One of my favorite features though is that these players recently got the capability to stream Tidal from the device. With my Shure se846 I was further impressed when I paired it up with the player because the bass was significantly improved and when I play DSOTM in DSD I can really hear the difference from when I used to play it in FLAC. Overall, I think this player is one great device the battery life isn't as great as I'd like it to be when I play in higher resolution formats and after some time I have to stop listening when I feel the player is getting a bit warm. This player goes everywhere with me and I would highly recommend if you're willing to spend the money for the quality you're going to be getting with this DAP.
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What i did w/ my multi channel DSOTM was q.convert to FLAC, for the Battery's sake. i still keep the DSD files, Play them @ home esp. when i need to drain the batt. before sleeping. i always drain it up to @ 3 - 4 % remaining, then charging whilst device turned OFF
Pros: Almost everything you want in a player. Fabulous design, great sound, good UI.
Cons: Expensive.
I purchased this player to upgrade my Fiio X3 and the Colorfly C4. Both good players in their own rights, but out-shined greatly by the AK240. As one of the most powerful player at the time of purchase (2015) and maybe today (2017), the AK240 packs punch, quality and great UI into a relatively small package--at a price. 
Of course, Iriver products are known to be quite costly, but the 2,500 price tag will probably shy off most listeners. Is it worth it? I would say so. The sound quality and UI are both fabulous, and the battery life will last you for the day unless your earphones are glued to your ears. 
At the time of this review, however, AK have already launched their new flagship--the AK380, which comes at an even heftier price tag. For now, the "budget" AK240 still holds its own as one of the best players in the market. 
Bottom Line
The AK240 is a luxury product and doesn't disguise as otherwise. Then again, all Audiophile products are somewhat luxury products. If you love audio and price is (somewhat) an object, then go for the AK240. If you have really deep pockets, the AK380 is just waiting for you in some Amazon warehouse.
Pros: SQ, Excellent UI, Form factor
Cons: Battery life, price

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