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Aoso M16 Bluetooth Headphone with Adjustable Eaband

  • I was happy with the carry case, it was quite hard and robust, made from quality materials and strong zipper. I suspect this will offer very good long term protection for the earphones. It also has a small pocket inside the carry case, great for storing the earbuds and USB cable.We all know you buy headphones for sound quality, and I was extremely impressed with the clarity of these with clear lyrics with great high and lows.

    The best innovation with these would have to be the stiff, bendable cable near the earphones, it gives you the chance to adjust the cable to perfectly fit your ears, so no more off the shelf uncomfortable ear hooks! Even after hours they felt fantastic with no slippage or movement, yet still perfectly comfortable. Genius!

    Innovate bendable cable near earphone
    Very good sound quality, better than my Sony exercise earphones
    Comfortable ear buds even when sweaty from working out
    Long play time (not had them run out yet after a good couple of exercise sessions)
    Impressive volume (careful of your hearing!)
    Responsive buttons with LED information light
    Cord clip to hold cable in place
    Good value for money


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