AmbiCom WST-KIT Wireless Stereo Headphone Kit

General Information

The AmbiCom Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphone Kit (WST-KIT) allows you to listen to your Mp3 device freely without the cable. The kit includes a Bluetooth Stereo Headphone and a Bluetooth Audio Transmitter. Simply plug the standard 3.5mm earphone jack into your Mp3 device and you are ready to enjoy your music. It can also use on a TV set or other devices that has the standard 3.5mm earphone jack. WSK-KIT can also act as a handsfree headset when paired with a compatible Bluetooth mobile phone. An optional Bluetooth USB adapter will provides the Online Chat features such as Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and others on a PC/Laptop. Beside, the Bluetooth USB Adapter allows you to communicate and transfer data 4 times faster than older Bluetooth Version devices.


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