Actionpie BS1

General Information

Actionpie BS1 specs
Ohms- 8
Driver units- 6.0mm dual drivers
Sensitivity- 110 dB
Frequency response- 20-24,000 hz
Max power- 20mw
Distortion- 1%
Channel balance- 2 dB
Outlet- 3.5mn gold plated jack

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New Head-Fier
Pros: Bass very well represented
Comfortable ear tips
Wide variety of tips to choose from
1 year warranty no questions asked
Cons: Delicate cord
Atrocious English translation on manual
Ear tips can pop off and get stuck in your ears
Treble not too detailed
The Actionpie BS1 is a budget in ear headphone from China that can easily be purchased on Amazon in the United States for under $20 with free shipping. For the price they are quite impressive; the bass is greatly enhanced but it doesn’t lose track of the rest of the sound. The mids are present and the highs are quite good. It comes with inline controls to use with your phone/MP3 player. I can’t say how the microphone works as I never use my phone to play music; I use my DAP player for that. The controls on my DAP is pretty responsive. As soon as I press the button the player can play/pause/skip tracks. So that’s good.
I will say that the BS1 is very delicate; at least the cord feels that way. If you’re not careful in handling these in ear headphones, I can see the cord splitting or even breaking apart. There is a one year warranty that Actionpie has on these earbuds, from what I’ve heard they will replace your broken headphones with a new pair no questions asked. I thankfully have not had this problem yet as I try to take very good care of all my audio equipment.

The fit is very comfortable and I can wear these for prolonged periods of time without a problem. These in ear headphones come with 6 pairs of silicone tips; as well as a pair of foam ear tips for noise isolation. I was very surprised to see foam tips come with a budget pair of earphones. However, when I first put these buds in my ears; when I went to take them out one of the silicone tips came off the set and got stuck in my ear. Thankfully I was able to get that out and swapped the original tips placed on the BS1 for a pair of medium sized tips. I think the pair that came on the BS1 was the small sized ones.
Now on to the sound quality. While the bass is well represented, it does not overshadow the rest of the sound. The sound is very rich for $20 headphones. I listen to a variety of music, from rock to punk to electronic. These are great for electronic music, but they also work incredibly well with rock and punk music as well. I can hear the guitars, drums and other various instruments along with the bass. Highs are quite well punctuated but not piercing. Mids are showcased quite fine and dandy. The treble I’ll say is there but not too detailed.
The one thing that I found aggravating was the instructions. The English translation of the instructions is extremely atrocious. They had a section about burn in time; but it’s impossible to understand what they’re trying to say because the translation is very choppy at best; completely ineligible at worst. I really wished they took more time to translate the instructions; but hey, what do you expect from a pair of budget level in ear headphones.
Overall, I’d recommend these for those wanting a cheap headset that won’t be too rough with them and don’t mind skewed translation on the instructions. They have good sound overall, a one year warranty if they break and are cheap. Also they can be worn for long periods of time. Worth the $20.
Hmmmm, I wonder what BS stands for...


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