2020 Kennerton Thekk (Version W or 1.2) - Reviews
Kennerton Thekk version W (1.2 latest version) 2020
Pros: Full bodied, revealing, not especially warm but more warm than bright- while still being extremely revealing, unbeatable dynamics of any planar in attack and decay, beating most of what people call the best dynamic drivers with all the benefits of planar technology; the air of electrostatics and attack like dynamics-best of both worlds finally! the combination of PURE SOLID WOOD BLOCKS CARVED & Carbon Fiber integrated with the Planar here simply defies what is possible in any other headphone design, redefines state of the art in 2020, sublime vocals, neutral, accurate sound, nearly beats the pants off the best electrostatic-certainly better with perfect meaningful tuned bass, revealing of source always maintaining composure, the most drop dead gorgeous looks I ever seen bar none of any headphone, 30 day money back, comfortable, light on the head, ear pads do not need upgrades at all, comes with very useful eco leather bag, 3 year warranty
Cons: Cups do not swivel- but they don't really need to since they sit perfectly on my head, same headband as other Kennerton Models (but it works- with expandable leather headband, comfort is spot on), cable is same as other lesser models like Magni and GH50 stock but again- the cable sounds great
Kennerton Thekk version W (1.2 latest version) 2020

Thekk Indigo Stabilized Maple

(NOTE: I am from New York with no affiliation to Kennerton, the KGB or CIA or similar agencies - I made my own purchase here without motivation or compensation. What I say is truthful and sincere)
Let me start with... My headphones are now finally warmed up after some 100+ hours of break in. For NAY SAYERS out there who think the need for drivers to break in or "warm up" is questionable let me put that to rest right now - you just don't know how important break in/warm up is for drivers, planar or electrostatics ... case in point...

My door bell rings, I open the package very carefully- my Thekks have arrived! (which only took 5 days to arrive from Russia to NY by the way-pretty awesome). I was like a kid in a candy store... or a teenager receiving his first kiss... I was like... well you get the point. I was excited. So excited I didn't think...I didn't think or wait for them to acclimate to my room. Upon removing them from the box and within the first 1 min of me hooking the cold Thekks in I freaked out! The planar drivers were certainly cold from being outside and in the UPS delivery truck and I thought something was wrong with the planar film as it crinkled when I turned up the volume! "OH MY GAD I GOT A BROKEN PAIR!" I THOUGHT...
At this point I was talking out loud really.... "CR&P!...how can they be broken? but they are so pretty! oh no please don't be broken! " but alas after just five minutes of playing music nervously- the planar drivers stretched out or stretched in and sounded perfect- no weird noises what so ever- even when turned up- I was freaking but then figured it out. I realized they really do need to flex when they are cold. I surmised it’s like the strings on a guitar and then tuning it up. The sound initially after some play time- they hit me with all the musicality and oomph I expect at this price range.
NOW I AM SAYING "Oh WOW" .. but for different reasons- "THESE SOUND SUBLIME. HOW THE HECK DOES KENNERTON NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME!" and then in my inner voice... I am thinking to myself... "Why isn't he (owner of Kennerton - Valentin Kazanzhi) a gazillionaire by now! or world wide famous?? he still answers my emails... who is this nutty professor and where did he come from? I hope he/Kennerton never changes or sells out!" I am thinking all this pretty much at the same time.
As I am exploring the contents of the soft eco-leather matterial zip carry case- looking for Russian Rubels but all I see inside are the cables, headphones and carry strap - better than rubels I think... I'M SMITTEN ALL OVER AGAIN LIKE THE FIRST DAY I BOUGHT MY KENNERTON MAGNI and opened the box... and yes I still very much think Kennerton is the best thing out right now- best looks, best prices and best custom heirloom quality - nothing like the mass produced "plastic" or "heirloom type quality" headphones... these go beyond heirloom headphones- they are a statement in what and how people decide to live and buy with their dollars/ruble /euros etc...'I like bespoke hand made one at a time stuff with out being taken to the cleaners price wise, and I want cutting edge technology.' That's what I think Kennerton offers beyond other brands.

As I type I am thinking.... 'How the heck didn't I ever hear of this brand before,' what if I never tried my first Russian made Kennerton some nearly 9 moths ago when CoVID-19 just started- what if CoVID19 never was around (wouldn't that be a better world), would I have found Kennerton at all? I'm not sure and I do not want to think of it other than I am ever grateful and thankful I did find Kennerton- I digress...

These Thekks are coming close to exceeding anything I have heard to date in this range ... I think I covet them already (less than half a week old). I can tell I don't think I would part with these at any price unless absolutely necessary. I see these THEKKS staying put as my go to headphone for listening and when I am not using them; proudly display them in my home on the fireplace mantel for all to see. They are like a TROPHY of excellence and great engineering with remarkable good looks. I feel like these were made just for me and fit me perfectly both in appearance, and in sound. How can I put a price on that achievement so few things I buy fail to do?

Like fine food you do want to share with family- at least that would be my upbringing as an Italian. So share and let others in my family listen I did- my daughter listened, my mom and my wife... all of them said the same kind of thing I am thinking- "I like these best" daddy, son and honey (you try and figure out who said what to me)... and this at only at 20 hours in...

I do prefer the Thekks without EQ since they are balanced and I like the stock sound but some people may want to know how the Thekks handle EQ. I experimented with the PEACE APO plug in EQ - and unlike my cherished Sennheiser HD600 (paired with the very necessary Bottlehead Crack OTL w/sb) or Stax SR-Lambdas w/ The SRM1Mk2 - which can handle only a little bit of push or pull of EQ - the THEKKS can handle very good amounts of EQ I would say similar to dynamic headphones or even speakers if one so desired- sometimes I like to EQ poorly recorded songs or news/pod casts and the Thekks will let you eq as much as necessary without a problem in high medium and low regions- remarkable.

NOT ALL IS ROSEY: I will say I do not particularly love the cable- I may plan on buying a new one that is more flexible- ask Kennerton which cable would fit the bill if you felt the need for more flexibility. I cannot however, recommend a better sounding cable at this time- as the included cable that come with the Kennerton is very musical and I see no need to change or alter the sound right now since they sound fine stock. The headband is microphonic IF you touch it or play with it while they are on your head- so don't try to play your headphone band instead play the headphones through your amp and stop touching the metal headband- unless that's your thing. My wife clinks on it to get my attention - so there is that feature. Comfort- I can easily wear these for many many hours without any part of my head, neck or ears hurting at all- its balanced and light, easy to wear and comfortable.

I do my research before I buy anything. I am never the first in to a trend (remember Google glasses or 3-d TVs- not for me). I still have mostly 1080p TVs in my home because Pioneer Kuro Elites still can not be beat by most TVs today- and I don't like 4K on many programs I watch- way too much detail- I do not want to see all the wrinkles/blemishes and hair on actors faces, nor do I want to see the FX they applied in post that somehow look so fake on 4K but not on 1080p. Am I alone in that?

Before I buy- I wait, I read and I study before I plunk down my cash. And in doing so I managed to collect some of the must have classics audio and video products of their time and somehow remain classic and desirable for years to come way after they went into production, and I wouldn't sell them unless I really had to... Why? I don’t like buyers remorse. Some examples are my Magnepan 3.6r speakers with special sound anchors that hold the speakers in place so their is zero rear-front flex and ultimate control. I bought the Vandersteen speakers that still have the most sweet sound I ever heard for the money-even today.

I proudly own the Sennheiser HD600 and when I pair them with the Bottledead Crack OTL w/ SB- it really is heaven for the money. The Stax SR-Lambdas are classics and a must hear if you never did - considered by many as the best Stax ever made- unless you buy the original Stax SR-Omegas (without any extensions on that name)- those may be better than the SR-Lambda original- but good luck finding one in great shape and pray it really was well taken care of and remember you just bought a Gremlin to take care of and occasionally use when you take it out of the "hermetically" sealed bag with moisture sponge and static discharge ball-bearings. I also put the Modded GH-50s in that league of never going to part with headphones and now I have a special place for the Thekks in there as well.
The problem with electrostatics ear speakers is the care you need to give them- they are almost like having a gremlin- you can't perspire (sweat) or get them at all moist or leave in a humid environment or they could be ruined. You can't have pets any where near them- as the fur/hair will distort and cause issues if not somehow surgically removed carefully once fully discharged and so long as they aren't caught inside the mesh and the stat driver. Don’t try blowing the fur/hair away- you could wet the driver and maybe crack it by blowing on it. Electrostatic headphones attract dust and hair like a hair salon pre-covid. Electrostatics need special amps and you may not like the amps you can afford with those electrostatics - the amps for electrostatics have always been their weakest link in the chain. A decent amp for electrostatics these days new is like $2.5-6K. And they only work with electrostatics. Or you could buy old used and worry about out of print stock items when they fail. If my SR-Lambdas fail on one side they are toast. Do not get me wrong I love my Sr-Lambdas. I was lucky to have found one pair in pristine like new condition- but they are very needy and demand the ultimate care when using and storing them. Way too much work. The Thekks are nearly as transparent and airy with all the other areas I look for in a headphone being met or succeed over the electrostatic conundrum


My Thekks are straightforward to own and are my top of the line end game headphone- I don’t see a need for much else in my stable at any price - at least by looking at other headphones on the market at present. They may not have as much bass as the Meze EMPYREAN but they are very close to their bass yet beat them in nearly all other criteria. The THEKKS may not be the stark crazy detailed of a Focal Utopia - and thank goodness for that - these are much better at listenability and sounding like pure music at its best. You do hear the details nearly as clearly as the Focal but you don’t focus on that alone and you definitely don’t get any listener fatigue at all with the Thekks- you just sit back and listen- and know it really doesn’t get much better than this- very satisfying.
For me- The Rubel aka "the buck" stops here.
(Для меня.... доллар здесь останавливается)

Lastly: I get it if some people think I am a bit too amorous - but I stand behind my every word- if you ever get a chance to experience Kennerton even just the Magni's to put your feet (ummm ear) in and test the waters- you may just get it - other wise you are taking my and others who have tried and expressed their views on what it is like to own a Kennerton.


Recommended Devices/Amps To Drive Thekks

Thekks are easy to drive with phones or daps, portable dac/amp, or solid state home amp/ dac, extremely revealing of source but easy to drive- exactly why I acclaim these so highly.
These will work with single ended connectors but are balanced headphones by nature so they should sound best with balanced power. The wire that comes standard is a TRS single ended and works just fine. I hear no real difference if both TRS and Balanced amps are of equal quality and similar matched outputs. Save your money- these headphones are easy and don't require much to sound good.


"For all those who would think that the Thekk may lacks bass and extension in the sub-bass, here are measurements of the Kennerton Thekk versus the Thror and the Odin mk2 (credit eric65)
(click to enlarge)


For Months- I Read What I Needed And Researched What Made Me Feel Comfortable
And Now I Knew What Was Going To Be My Next Purchase...The Thekks
But I Still Had To Choose....
Shown below the Karelian birch (red with yellow) and Indigo Stabilized Birch


Choices Choices- A Few Weeks Ago I Had To Make A Color Choice...
The Indigo Blue Over The Red Yellow Seen Below In This Picture...
Originally When I Seen This Picture I Asked If They Would Make Me A Red And Blue One (You Know The Red Cup For Right And Blue For Left-
But They Said....

thumbnail (3).jpg

" I could do that if I bought two pairs"- lmao, i said, "ok I think blue suits me fine...."
and I absolutely... love that color its like a chameleon... always changing colors of deep ocean blue and a bit of yellow and deep purple then dark blue again- it depends on how the light shines and reflects on it- did i make the right choice in color- yea I think so...
Classic styled Laser Engraved Kennertron Logo On Leather Headband
Premium Genuine real leather/ lambs skin (CLICK TO ENLARGE IMAGE)
No Need for rolling pads for me here but the ECL-02 will give you a bit more bass at the expense

of stage width and depth. The ECL-01 have plenty of bass with the Thekks.


The frequency response of Abyss and Focal Stellia
vs Thekk ECL-01 (standard pad) Thekk ECL02



Russians are known for sending the first man to outer space


Russian's are Known for their Vodka



Russians are known for their very pretty woman

I think Russians will now be known for creating heirloom quality and cutting edge sound with Kennerton Headphones... there really is nothing else like them in the world. We live in a time and are witnessing the growth and shift in the headphone world... not mass produced, not rushed or compromised in anyway...

Thanks for reading my review on this headphone. If you couldn't tell to sum up-
This is my personal end game headphone- you could spend more but you will not get more.
Peace and be safe. Message me anytime.


-John M

Headphone user, music lover and professional video and audio producer
I wasn't paid by anyone to write this - so honesty for me is the best policy!

UPDATE: I just ordered Ray Samuels Emmeline The Apache REVIEW HERE (LINK) with dual balanced dual mono Class A Design and that is all because I want to extract the most from my modded Gh50 & 2020 Thekks Version W - they both deserve the best I can afford- and since my search for headphones is pretty much over for now...
this is where it counts for me next...
I will update if there is a huge change or not- but like I mentioned these headphones are both easy to live with and easy to drive....
we will see if I can squeeze more from them (10/9/20)
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John Massaria
John Massaria
Pierre Paya the Kennerton french importer said that the GH50 is on many points as good as the TEKK and sometimes even better...
John Massaria
John Massaria
and modified GH50 is my go to bar price no object